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July 31, 2005

The original T-box from Istanbul


It all began with a t-shirt squeezed into a tiny cube.This t-shirt gave T-box its name.Then T-box became the owner of our hearts and the meaning of our lives.T-box with its squeezed and therefore wrinkled but ergonomic packaging , is a practical , fun and absolutely fabulous brand that perfectly fits the I-buy-fast-and-I-consume-fast attitude.

3medialarge_1  Those little things are real life-savers when you need something to wear , something to do(!) instantly and don't have anything with you. You can find them everywhere; in a gas station , a grocery store , a mall , even when you're in a boat trip , there's a mobile sail-boat which sells them! T-shirts , boxers , towels , flip-flaps , bags , swimming gear even condoms!!!All of them squeezed and packed carefully with really funny names and using instructions inside.Donquixote

And now they're available in different countries like France , Italy , Spain , Russia , Australia...You can buy T-box online from Bascuda , e-Store , Boyner

Go and check out T-box site and play Condom Game...

July 29, 2005

Viva España !

Nachoozalla02 Nachoozalla05 Nachoozalla04

This is Nacho Ozalla...5'11" tall with green eyes and chestnut hair...a spanish model from Group Model Management. What else could we say but Viva España ?! We are planning to go to Spain on September for holiday. Hope we could see lots of those hot spanish guys around in Barcelona. Just Can't Get Enough of them...go and check the site.Thanks to Peter Pan from Gayya Kuyusu


July 28, 2005

Mr.Gay International 2006


Hot guys from Germany, Norway, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark are coming to Palm Springs over Columbus Day Weekend, October 7-9, 2005, to compete with Mr.Gay 2006 USA winner in the Mr. Gay International Competition. Finalist from Germany is actually from Turkey!! Suat Bahceci ; a 19 years-old student who is also a model , dancer , spinning instructor and a waiter is going to represent Germany and show everything(!) he has to win the competition! Via OhLaLaParis


July 27, 2005

Gaspard Ulliel


Well not only from Turkey ; the world also has adorable guys like Gaspard. We first saw him in "Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles" , he was playing next to Audrey Tatou and he was fabulous! We love his charm and his innocence .Yesterday we saw "Les Egarés/Strayed" ,he was playing next to Emmanuelle Beart and he was hot with that shaved head and very good at kissing!!We're hoping to see "Le Dernier Jour" and also "Paris , je t'aime"(which is still in production and we don't know what is it about but the title includes both Paris and Love which sounds kinky!!)

Gaspardaffiche_1 Strayed2_2

Gaspard1_1 Gaspard2_1



Scan0024 Kivanc_tatlitug_5_max

Kivanc Tatlitug is 2002 Best Model of the World from Turkey. He's a nice and totally straight guy from Adana. But as you can see he's hot and already has a good career in fashion. You can see him in Fall Winter 2003 ads of Morgan.He began his acting career recently in a Turkish TV series called "Gumus(Silver)".




July 24, 2005

Something Wicked!


Tonight unfortunately we saw The Crow : Wicked Prayer on DVD...what a waste of time!If it's gonna be like that please don't make more Crow movies. Brandon(RIP)was the best Crow ever ,well Vincent was good enough. But Eric Mabius on The Crow:Salvation...untill today i was thinking he was the worst choice to play Crow(actually we love Eric since we saw him on Cruel Intensions.Eric plays Greg McConnell, a gay in-the-closet football player.It was a short , but a good part).But tonight...shame on you Eddie. We're huge fans since first time we saw you on T2. You look like Helena-Bonham Carter in Fight Club with that make-up!

July 23, 2005

Hayda Bre* Terry George!

* A Turkish oil-wrestler exclamatory word to begin wrestle!

Omerkalender_2 According to Turkish daily newspapers ; A Turkish oil-wrestler, Omer Kalender is going to sue Terry George for publishing and selling his pictures on internet under the title "Turkish Gays". A group of experts(probably with no english and lots of prejudice) from Corum Law Court  has studied carefully on the site and decided that Terry George denigrated our traditional sport event.

We checked but couldn't find any phrase like "Turkish Gays" or something like that.

All we can see is an article about warning gay men the violence they could get if they go and see the oil-wrestling event under the title " Gay men are not welcome watch Turkish oil wrestling 2005 " which contains a gallery of Turkish oil-wrestlers.

Adsz Come on guys! You put on that tight leather pants , rub your muscles with olive-oil, wrestle , put your hands inside your rival's pants , grab his ass and call that a MACHO TRADITIONAL SPORT!!??

You have to be thankful to Terry to publish your pics on internet. This is something we called "Publicity".

Oh! By the way i'd like to ask Omer Kalender how could he found Terry's site? Well it's a gay-based site and if you don't know his name you could only find that site by searching "gay pics" in a search engine! We can understand that you have to be in the closet if you're a MACHO ATHLETE in Turkey but at least think twice before you sue him!!


July 21, 2005



Our biggest joy during a soccer match was waiting for a goal from a hot  player .Because after that generally they used to take off their shirts and we can celebrate the score with their abs !! Last year FIFA/UEFA changed their rules and limited that joyous striptease on the field with yellow cards!


Nowadays we wait for the end of the game to see them switching their shirts if the broadcast's still on!!!Thank god there are still some HOT players(like Cristiano Ronaldo)who don't a give a shit to a piece of yellow paper!

Mehmet Gunsur

Mehmet02 Mehmet Gunsur...a former DJ , he's a very well-known actor. He lives in Rome and do some movies and series for T.V. We first saw him on Hamam , a Turkish-Italian co-production. Movie's director Ferzan Ozpetek had discovered Mehmet and thanks to him gave him an in the closet gay part .Hot  water , steam and Mehmet and nothing but a piece of cloth called "pestemal" on his hot body...just imagine!Do yourself a favour and rent/buy this movie on DVD!!Hamam03

Back to the subject ; he's now hotter and a better actor.


July 17, 2005

The nicest thing on the way to Istanbul!!


Recently we've mentioned about how bad our trip from Antalya to Istanbul well there were few good things also...In a place near Istanbul the bus stopped for some rest and we saw that gorgeous waiter who brought us some drinks ; we still had our camera in our back-pack so we decided to take some photos of him.  He seems very HOT and innocent. If one of us had any connections with George Duroy , we'd love to call him and offer that waiter for "Frisky Summer 5 : Waiter"(lol)

Just because of him we had tons of liquid :))

Caddebostan Beach

Pilaj_cadde1 Pilaj_cadde4 After 40 years , Kadikoy Provincial Municipality decided to convert the Caddebostan sea shore to a beach!! There used to be a beach in Caddebostan in 60's but after water pollution in the Sea Marmara it has been shut down. We're not sure if the water is crystal clear right now and after swimming in Mediterranean Sea there's no way for us to  think there as a beach. Besides it's free for public and you can enjoy(!!)watching lots of hairy man trying to swim in their white and loose briefs.

Velvet08_1  They brought truck-loads of sand , some palm trees and famous models.And the title of the day was "Rendéz-vous with Sea , Sand and the Sun".Such a shame that we're not be able to see beauties like that!!!

Damn It !

Kusadasi Three Turks ,a British and an Irish were killed in the explosion, which tore the roof off the minibus as it travelled through the town of Kusadasi on the way to a beach on Saturday morning. Another 13 people were injured, five of them Britons.(photo from NTVMSNBC)

This shit keeps going all over the world and nothing's happening against that but increasing security and bullshit from politicians.

A Week After...

Marti_1 2 Weeks ago we were at that paradise on earth and last Sunday we came back to Istanbul , back to boring work and people...That was our second time in Tekirova-Antalya which means our second "back from holiday syndrome"! Surely we're not sorry just for leaving the nature , perfect location , fabulous food and fun but also leaving the perfect bodies from Russian and European countries...Still had some contacts with some of them ; but having contacts is not as same as seeing them in real like the one below!!All you have to do is looking around and have a camera in you back-pack!!Stanislav_beach01_copy Well...sometimes a cell phone with a built-in camera is OK also.

We meet very nice guys from Switzerland also. We're not sure if they're gay but their friendship was good enough. We really had great time with them and we are really hoping to see them again. The trip from Tekirova to Istanbul was really bad. We hated all the people around and sunday morning in Istanbul was bad also. Still talking about good days in Tekirova and hope to be there next year too!!


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