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September 29, 2005

Dutch Boy!


A 3-0 victory for Fenerbahce over 10-man PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday in Champions League Group E. The result lifted Fenerbahce to second in the group, level with PSV on three points, behind AC Milan who lead on four after their 2-2 draw with Schalke 04.

One of that 10-man of PSV was very hot...Ibrahim Afellay. Born in 1986 in Utrecht. 181 cm , 68 kg who plays in PSV Eindhoven since 2004. A 19 year-old beauty with very good skills. He's an excellent player in the field and probably a breath-taking view in the locker room and in showers.


He has that marvellous long-muscled legs to die for. And he has the cutest face. Some sources on the internet mention that he's half Turkish-half Dutch. If that's true he might have some relatives in Turkey which means he can be seen in Turkey any minute(hopefully)!He's the rising star of PSV and we hope to see him being a world-wide star in several years. Also he's a very loving kid who always share his happiness in games with his elder brothers from their behind ;)


Well who can blame you for that joyful face?!I could cry if a hottie like that holds me from my back...

September 28, 2005

And Our Hot Guy from Port Vell - Barcelona


That was one of the last shots from Barcelona...he was enjoying the view so did i!!I pointed the camera to him and he noticed. It was one of the shoot and run moments...LOL. But he was really cute. Than we saw him walking around while we were having lunch in Pans&Co.


Hot Guys from the Streets


We found this blog tonight and loved it. We love the hot guys from the streets and we love to take pictures of them. No information about the blogmasters and all of the street guys are dressed but Photographs of Hot Guys from the Streets is a really tasty photoblog. Go and check German , French and Czech boys...

September 27, 2005

Cristiano's Health!


Seeing news about our favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo on the internet always makes us happy. Not only because he's a very good player , he's also the hottest man in soccer industry. Thanks to Steph&Alek for showing us something we could never have...LOL...damn it we only have Men's Health U.S. and U.K. here ; no Portugal one :(( And Men's Health Portugal doesn't even has a website.

Related Post WHY???!!!


10.000 Kisses :)


September 26, 2005

Priceless on eBay!

As a seller and buyer on eBay , we've heard about "reflection" stories but always think them as "eBay legends". Thanks to Jason of Midnight Lounge we now know that they're all true.


I know you can't take your eyes off of that ugly table but just for a minute look at the reflection on the mirror...LOL

September 25, 2005

Thank You Guys

We're really flattered...two of our blogmates A Guy Site and Holligay honored Casual in Istanbul in their blogs and made us their featured sites!


A Guy Site

Thank You Nate .And also we're really happy to hear that no danger for TX from Rita !



And thank you Holger. We really have similar tastes. We'd pick those pics too...LOL

Looking for a Personal Trainer!


Well our plan for tonight was order something to eat and watch DVDs but while checking Belami Online we found out that the final episode of "Personal Trainers" is out. The movie called "A+" . Our favorite personel trainer Sebastian Bonnet grades his top students in a final exam with his colleague Dano Sulik. He is always hot and we think he is already a Belami legend like Johan , Ion and Lukas.


Again we worshipped George Duroy as a beauty explorer. The trailer itself is very good , go and watch it.Highly recomended! Sebastian is like out of this world , he's like a fresh baked cookie :)


Sebastiantour Sebastian is the best personal trainer ever and with his training we have Danny Saradon , Tim Hamilton , Matt Philippe and Tommy Hansen :)Damn ,we missed him when he was in Antalya,Turkey for a vacation in 1998...Bad Luck.

September 23, 2005

Playa del Gurugú


After exhausting Barcelona walks we found peace and fresh and naked bodies in Castellón beach : Playa del Gurugú...At first there were kids and families but then here came the Español hotties!!Tanned , healthy and yummy :P


Then while walking towards the shore as a favour of Neptune a group of swimmers came out of the water and took our breath away...



We went back home with speedos on our minds and sand in our ears :)


September 21, 2005

Who Wanna Play Tic-Tac-Toe?!


Nowadays on Istanbul streets we have eye candies everywhere. Thanks to Diesel , their 2005 Ad Campaign took us back to our childhood :) Tic-Tac-Toe , Matrushka , Pinball...such a shame we didn't have that kind of buddies to play...these bitches are very lucky


September 18, 2005

Goal Keeper from Behind!


While walking back from Port Olympic(after seeing bunch of hot guys on the beach) ,trying to find some shortcuts to Port Vell ,we found the stadium of C.F.Barceloneta...the final match of Torneig Ciutat Vella between C.F.Barceloneta and C.E.Pubilla Casas. We decided to take a short break and watch the game(good decision :). Trying to find a good place to seat , then we saw a holy light that was coming from Pubilla Casas' goal keeper and we went directly to that light. He was young , firm with red cheeks.And surely he seems very delicious(yummy).Although Pubilla Casas couldn't won the game but their goal keeper won our hearts. Unfortunately no information about him or the team in the internet , we just have these photos of him. If there are any visitors of us from Barcelona have any info about him , for god's sake please let us know(LOL)


La Noche Del Hermano

This movie poster was the first thing we saw when we left the airport and waiting for the train to Pl.Catalunya.Actually it was everywhere...everywhere but movie theatres!!We wanted to see that and asked every single movie theatre in Barcelona we saw. But it seems like American Cinema Industry has won the fight in Barcelona. In Port Vell , Cineplex the girl who was selling tickets had no idea even about the name of the movie!!Well we're waiting for its DVD release.

September 16, 2005

What Would Us Like To Have For Lunch?


Here are some Valencia stuff...After walking everywhere , did some shopping we were exhausted and hungry , so we decided to have something to eat and we found that nice place called " La Taberna de Marisa". Very well decorated with perfect food and a cute waiter(again??).He had that "i'm ice-cold" look with a girly attitude. He served the best meal with his provocative arms and cute face with that "fuck you" looks(LOL).God knows when he asked if we have some dessert , we'd almost tell "you":)


September 15, 2005

2nd Night in Barcelona


After enjoying the guy next window ; we had a very good day in Barcelona.We saw lots of places and had dinner , then we called Edu and met him on Pl.Catalunya. He took us a gay bar , we had couple of drinks with lots of curious eyes who were staring each other :), then after a long walk in gay town(LOL) we found the "G Cafe" which was very quiet and peaceful. While walking back to the hotel we saw Sauna Buenos Aires , we decided to go there the day after...and what happened the next day?!well that's our little secret :)

September 12, 2005

1st Day , next window...


We woke up early on our first day. Our friends from Castellón were going to come to show us around. I went to the window to see how is the weather and what's up out there and found out that the building across the street is a youth hostel!! A hot guy was sleeping on the bed , shirtless with a hot body. Here are some digital close-ups for your viewing pleasure (LOL)


Click on the images to see him closer(am i a pervert or what!?)


The Arrival


Our plane landed on Barcelona International Airport at 7.40 p.m.(local time) , got our luggages very quick and took the train from airport to Pl.Catalunya , got off the train and walked with our heavy bags throughr La Rambla to find our hotel "Husa Oriente". The building was very nice (i couldn't tell the same for the rooms but who cares?!) and the location was perfect. We checked in the hotel , took shower and walked directly to Port Vell to MareMagnum to eat something.


We found the Tapas Bar which was good. Ordered some beer  , patata bravas and chicken wings with paprika. The waiter was really cute with dark skin , tall and hot body (damn it , it's very bad to be on vacation with some friends who have no idea that we're gay) , we just stared at him a lot and that's it .(the story about him will be on our last day in Barcelona).Sat there almost two hours and enjoyed the perfect weather and the port view(i called Edu ,he was at a party , we decided to meet on Saturday night) , planned our next day. Then we walked through La Rambla again and took a short preview of Pl. Reial which was packed with people. Coffe on Ramblas and got back to our hotel...It was love at first sight we fell in love with Barcelona from the moment we saw it.


Cuándo Quedaremos Otra Vez ?


We're back yesterday night! With some sadness but with lots of good memories , photos and stories. We're in love with Barcelona and left some pieces of our hearts in La Rambla. Spain is a very nice country with very nice people. We really had a wonderful Saturday night with Edu , he is a good friend with a warm heart. Muchos gracias Amigo!We're going to share every detail about our Spain vacation with you patient :)

And a last note for the cute waiter in Tapas Bar in MareMagnum , if he could be able to read it(well that's another story we're going to tell you): me gustarìa conocerte mejor , escríbanos por favor...

September 01, 2005

Stay Tuned Guys!


We're leaving tomorrow for Spain for 10 days.Be back on September 11th.

Take Care you guys. We'll be back soon with lots of photos and news.


Rock'n Coke

Rockncokelogo Turkey’s biggest open air festival Rock’n Coke Music Festival takes place at Hezarfen Airfield on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th by the support of The Coca-Cola Company as the main sponsor.
With its content, musical vision and its structuring, Rock’n Coke stands alone among the other events in Turkey.Open air music events have become an integral part of many cultures in the world and the main field of attraction for the majority of population, especially for the younger population Bearing this simple fact in mind, Rock’n Coke Music Festival’s prior goal is to stimulate this “global” tradition in Turkey and provide a common platform for a wide range of people. Rock’n Coke Music Festival, where music is the basic motivation, aims to offer an alternative life experience to 50.000 people for two full days and to build a cultural and artistic town.

This is the 2nd Rock'n Coke in Istanbul.This year the program is very nice...powerful bands such as The Cure , Apocalyptica , Offspring and Skin is gonna rock the festival area...but again we'll be in España...LOL!

Festival_hk1 Festival_hk2 Festival_hk3

Mi Soledad


World's most famoust flamenco dancer and choreographer Joaquin Cortes will be in Harbiye Open Air Theatre in Istanbul on 10 September, 2005. Cortes will perform his new show called "Mi Soledad - My Loneliness".

We are sorry , we couldn't see your show this time...but we have a good excuse ; we'll be in España!

Surely that doesn't change the fact that you're pure adrenaline and extremely hot. We'll catch you up next time hunk.