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May 02, 2006

Helmut Berger...Visconti's Widow

A real hunk from the past...Helmut Austrian actor. At the age of 18 , he was a waiter , then he learned Italian and met Luchino Visconti in Rome and three months later they were in a relationship.
Hb_01 Hb_02
By this love relation, Berger became to act in the movies of Visconti, playing the small part at first in"THE WITCHES", then the impressive part in "THE DAMNED", the leading part in "LUDWIG", and then played the important role in "CONVERSATION PEACE".He was said that he was the only one who won a Visconti's favor. Really, Berger's features as "demoniac", "insanity " and "sexual perversion" were what Visconti found in him and realized in the movies.
But there came the time they had to part away. Besides, their last terms were very unfortunate.On 24 July 1972, when Visconti broke down from cerebral thrombosis, Berger stayed in Paris to take the movie of "LES VORACES", And on 17 March 1976 when Visconti died, Berger was on the airplane for Rio where Visconti encouraged him to go.After then Berger's life corrupted, indulged in drug and alcohol, and on 17 March in 1977, the day just one year later of Visconti's death, he tried to suicide by sleeping drug, though he was helped fortunately.His dissolute life with drug and alcohol lasted for a long time, but at last he could stop it. He recovered again his career as an actor, appearing on screen and TV.Helmut Berger believes that the relation with Luchino Visconti over 12years was the life of marriage, so he grieves that he has become widow at 32years old.
Berger thinks his own life in two parts, one is the days with Visconti, and another is the days of "Visconti's widow".
Well as far as we can see from his few movies and surely from these photos he's been hot! And again we are sure about Visconti's mouth taste.


Helmut berger is a great write up!!

I just want to say that the posts on Casual in Istanbul lately have been beyond hot and wonderfully substantial. I think I almost died reading about Helmut Berger.
Rock on

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