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April 28, 2006


April 25, 2006

The Real Big Brother...Kristian!

Most of you probably remember Kristian from Big Brother Norway/Sweden and from here.Yesterday we receieved an e-mail about him and his girlfriend. Actually it was in our spam box and generally we don't pay attention to that kind of e-mails but this time , after we saw the footage we decided to share with you. This is a video which has been probably shot by Kristian himself during a vacation with his girlfriend. It's obvious that he still has that bad perfect habit of showing every single detail of his body from BB house...well after the jump is only for adults...

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Back For Good?!

We know , this just looks like Steph & Alek's Mysterious Butt posts but hey , this is oldies but really goldies!!These pics brought back the memoires how we had a huge crush on Take That. The caps are from Take That's Do What You Like video. A very meaningful video for a very meaningful title!! LOL...And look what the naughty music channel has done...they've put the title just on the right frame...
We just wish to do what we like...and we have too much on our minds. Nowadays the boybands don't have the balls to do that kind of videos. Surely Take That had the balls especially Howard! Don't believe us?? See with your own eyes after the jump!

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April 21, 2006

Chad W.

Yes , he's everywhere nowadays...on the cover of ReFresh Magazine , in a photoshoot with Mischa Barton , on the recent posts of our webmates...Chad is the new hottie around. He's 6'2" with 12 size shoes!!wow!He has a very characteristic and the cutest face ever and should we mention about his body??Probably not , you guys can see with your own eyes.
You can see all of his stats here and his photos everywhere...just enjoy it!
Via Pink is the New Blog

April 18, 2006

James Houston

James Houston is a former model who began shooting photos in 1992 as a hobby. Now he's one of the most succesful international commercial photographers. We love his work as much as we love water sports ;) You can see more of his works here.
A praise to beautiful male bodies...perfect light and texture...

April 17, 2006


Generally don't have time to make posts from the office , and was not sure if it's possible because of  the limitations of the secure network. I couldn't resist after seeing these photos a friend has sent. This is totally an "office-safe post".Spring time in Istanbul : The City located on a place where continents meet , the city where all ethnic groups live together in peace...our city...we are enjoying the perfect weather and the blossoms nowadays.

Crosscrescent Galata

We always think that we are really lucky to be born and live in Istanbul.That's how we're so familiar with different cultures , people and more...


Beautiful Leandros Tower (above)located on a tiny island in Bosphorus. You can read about its history right here.You can have a meal and drinks while watching the best view of Bosphorus shores.

When Sultan Mehmed II captured Constantinople in 1453, he found the palaces of the Byzantine Emperors in such ruins as to be uninhabitable. He chose a large area on the broad peak of the Third Hill as the site of his first imperial residence. He constructed a great complex of buildings and gardens here and they came to be known as "Eski Saray" which means "The Old Palace". A few years later, he decided to have his palace on the N side of the First Hill which had been the acropolis of the ancient Byzantium. He constructed a massive wall surrounding the area along the Sea of Marmara to the Golden Horn. This took place during the period 1459-65 after the Sultan left the former palace to women of his father's harem. The Harem in Topkapi Palace in its present state dates back to the reign of Murat III(1574-95), Mehmed IV(1648-87) and Osman III(1754-57).Topkapi Palace was more than just the private residence of the Sultan and his court. It was the seat of the supreme executive and judiciary council, the Divan and the training school, the Palace School. In the First Courtyard, there were a hospital, bakery,arsenal, a state mint, a part of the treasury and the Outer Service. It was open to public. The Second Courtyard was open to people who had business with the council. The Third Courtyard was reserved to the Sultan's household and palace children. The Fourth Courtyard was exclusively reserved for the Sultan's use.Topkapi Palace continued to be the principal residence for four centuries until in 1853, Sultan Abdul Mecid I moved into the new palace of Dolmabahce on the Bosphorus. The old palace was used as house for the women of the departed sultans and their servants until the Harem was officially disbanded in 1909. In 1924, Topkapi Palace (below)was converted to a museum with the order of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The final step was the opening of the Harem to the public in 1960.


And for the last here's a night view from the new city...


April 15, 2006

Magical, mystical, demure but sexy, funny, touching, and ever so crazy...
December 25, 1960: Zachary Beaulieu comes into the world, fourth in a family of five boys. An ordinary suburban family with a loving mother and a dad who's a bit gruff, but proud of his sons. The beginning of a beautiful childhood, where Christmases and birthdays follow one after the other to the ubiquitous solo of the elder Beaulieu singing Aznavour's Emmène-moi au bout de la terre, washing the car in the fresh air and trips to the snack-bar for Zac, his father's favourite. But not for long, alas!
That's the lead-in to C.R.A.Z.Y., the story of a special little boy who grows into young manhood and ends up even denying his inner self to attract his father's attention.
A portrait of a family that depicts the often-extraordinary lives of ordinary people in search of happiness.
From 1960 to 1980, surrounded by his brothers, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, between motorbike escapades to impress the girls, cigarettes smoked in secret, minor and not-so-minor disagreements and, particularly, a father that he searches desperately to find, Zac relates his story. Through music and rebellion, and also with humour, down to a mystical voyage to Jerusalem–"to the ends of the earth" as his father was always singing–where perhaps in such a far-away place he finally succeeds in finding him...
A gripping tale from the creator of "Liste noire", Jean-Marc Vallée, starring Michel Côté, one of Quebec's leading actors ("Le Dernier tunnel", "Sur le seuil", "Cruising Bar"). Also starring Danielle Proulx and Marc-André Grondin, and introducing Émile Vallée.
C.R.A.Z.Y. A love story between a father and a son. A mystical and whimsical fable on the human soul, beautiful, foolish and lyrical.
Well this is the synopsis and as you can notice it's a bit formal!!We saw the movie tonight at Istanbul Film Festival and it was really good. Marc-André Grondin is a real hottie! A 22 years old actor from
Crazy02 Quebec.He's playing a gay character in the movie. The encounters between all the characters is sweet but especially the ones between Zach and his father are delightful. We highly recommend this movie to all of you guys...


April 12, 2006

Here's Mr.April ;)

Ok , ok we admit he's a bit young...but he's old enough to expose himself on the beach (no complains) This is Calvin Goldspink...a former member of Brit pop band S Club and now he's an actor at TV. The UK lads are very lucky for what they have on  their  TV Set! Only we have is crap!
Wake up guys...summer is close ;)

April 10, 2006

Jason...not so casual this time...

Jason_new01 After four months , Jason is here with us again , but not so casual this time as he was last time. Kylie has announced that she will be back with Showgirl tour on December 2006 and hopefully Jason will be on that again. Until we see him in his speedos on the stage here are some few really hot pics of him. The one with the chrome ball is absolutely gorgeous. That's our favorite one. But hey , take a closer look to the ones below ; you can easily have an idea about the color of his pubes ;))Enjoy it...

April 06, 2006


This is Ax , a 19 yo student/swimmer who wants to be a model. We met him couple weeks ago on the internet. He is sweet and hot , has a nice swimmer's body(look at his stats!) and a natural ability to strike poses on camera.
"Well i really don't know what you guys will think of this pic but in all reality this is a pic of me hoping somebody out there viewing this blog is a model scout. I really woud like to be a model i think i would enjoy being with all the hot model girls ;)"
Ax02 Ax03

A straight teen boy with lots of ambition. And as you can see he likes to take off his clothes fortunately :P We are hoping to see him in the photos taken by world-famous photographers.


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  • On March 1, Justin Cole of Meet started out on a great adventure , following LGBT issues and movements across the USA by conducting video interviews with people in their communities...for more click here

April 02, 2006

Horror Everywhere

Just imagine ; you wanna make a have a bunch of hot boys and the producer ask you to pick some locations to shoot this movie. Well we'd definitely pick a sports field , then a locker room and a frat house. And begin shooting with a very low costume budget. Remember we have hot boys as the cast and surely we'd want to see more of their bodies!
Director David DeCoteau has done exactly the same. Killer Bash is a low-budget horror movie with lots of cute boys.(Source)Let's feel the fear and the horror more then you can imagine...And ACTION...
Horror Scene#1 A hot boy half nekkid after a football game. He's sweaty with a ball and only his shorts on...brrrr...scary
Horror Scene#2 All the "hot boy" cast together on the grass , do we need to mention they're half naked again? , working out , helping each other , giggling ...this is too much , isn't it horrifying?
Horror Scene#3 After sports , in locker room , please don't yell , they're all in their white briefs and about to get rid of room is dark and shady...getting scarier huh?
Still not scared? So get ready , for the next part...please don't jump to the next part if you have serious problems with your health...

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NouvellestarAfter 3 years we've lost all hope about seeing a new hottie on French Nouvelle Star. We had a crush on Charles Cattaert in 2003 Nouvelle Star. Nothing for two whole years. Then one day we saw a post about Nouvelle Star 2006 auditions and Gael on Oh La La Paris.We asked our friends Steph & Alek if he still has a chance to participate , then he did it and voted out on the first night! Such a shame :( Next day they called him back because of a tele-voting system error and he'll be back on the show next week :)He's 18 and he's the second hot Gael we know after Gael Garcia...hopefully he'll be on the show for a long time and we'll be able to see his performances!
Via Oh La La Paris