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May 30, 2006

About A Boy...Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult was born in Wokingham , Berkshire , UK in 1989. He is best known for the part in About a Boy next to Hugh Grant. Well we are not the huge fans either of that movie or Nicholas. He was an annoying boy in the movie. But today we saw him all grow up and transformed in to a prince charming we completely changed our minds...
We know he's still not legally edible ;) but hey we can wait one more year!As far as we can see from imdb , he's in the showbiz for almost ten years. Also he's modelling in some ads for huge companies such as Piaget.
Also he's on the cover of AXM magazine's June 2006 issue with some hot basketball shots inside. No more words are needed. Here's all of him...enjoy!


Happy Birthday Frank


Army Beckons for Boys of the Bolshoi


It survived the revolution. It shrugged off the Cold War defections of some of its biggest stars. It emerged unscathed from the Soviet repression of the performing arts.Yet Russian ballet today is facing perhaps the biggest threat of its 300-year history thanks to planned government legislation that would force young male dancers into the army for the first time.The move has prompted an unprecedented confrontation between the Kremlin and the country's most famous dance companies, the Bolshoi and the Kirov, who say that the bill will rob them of all their up-and-coming male dancers - forever.

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May 29, 2006

So Slowly


May 27, 2006

Frameline30 - San Francisco International GLBT Film Festival


Frameline30: SF Intl LGBT Film Festival
Celebrating thirty years of revolutionary film, June 15-25, 2006. The longest running, largest and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world. 

Frameline’s Persistent Vision Conference: Envisioning the future of queer media arts, June 19-22, 2006.

We'd really love to be there for the festival and for the beautiful San Francisco!Only we can do for now is to say "have fun" to the people around the area who could make it...

May 26, 2006

What Are You Waiting For?

Johan Lindeberg , creative director of 21st Century lifestyle brand J.Lindeberg has designed Dave Gahan's stage clothing which Dave is wearing throughout Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel World Tour , music videos and press appearences.The designs include sharp suits , waistcoats , t-shirts , shirts and belts and feature exclusive graphic prints inspired by Dave Gahan's tattoos.
In addition , Dave together with Alison Mosshart of The Kills are the new faces of the J.Lindeberg 21st Century Statements campaign for spring-summer 2006 , shot by photographer Steven Klein.
Dave has recently celebrated his 45th birthday and he's still one of the hottest guys on the planet. We're hoping to see him in(and hopefully out of) his J.Lindebergs at the end of July in Istanbul...

May 19, 2006

SanDisk Boyz!

Whatever your life's passion may be(hot boys probably), SanDisk has the right memory product to suit your style.Store your world in ours...
Well we want to store the SanDisk boys at home if it's possible...Hot Ad Campaign!

Joe Dallessandro-The Valentino fo the Underground

One of the 10 most beautiful men Scavullo said he ever photographed. The "Little Joe" of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side." The Valentino of the Underground. The crotch on the Sticky Fingers album cover. The only guy at the party willing to return a punch from Norman Mailer. The actor whose performance made George Cukor understand what it meant to be a drug addict. The beauty wily enough to catch a fainting Tennessee Williams and then get out of the hotel bedroom while the going was good.
He’s more than just a body, though. If that were his only appeal, his legacy would be a footnote. Dallesandro was an innately charismatic and sincere presence on screen. Audiences could project their fantasies onto him. They not only wanted him physically, they wanted to take care of him. Fans wrote letters offering to help him out, naturally assuming that the young man named Joe who played young men named Joe in all his movies—movies that were improvised, no less—had to really be the person they saw up there on the screen.

Ambivalent about his fame as a Warhol Superstar, he cannot escape the power of his allure in those films, nor the power his image has wielded over each succeeding generation to discover him during the last 40 years. As the first openly eroticized male sex symbol of the movies to walk naked across the screen, he not only transcended the convention of being an actor, but he spoke to our fantasies and liberated the male nude as an object of beauty in the cinema. He likes to tell interviewers that all he ever had to do in a Warhol/Morrissey film was show up. He’s right. He’s a natural.


Source:: Little Joe , Superstar - The Official Joe Dallesandro Webpage

Jan Stary Photography

Taking pictures of people gives me a great opportunity to express my perception of and feelings about them, about their lives. My camera has taught me to perceive the beauty of a human body. I never fully understood what eroticism and erotic really meant until I started looking at nudity through the view-finder of my camera.

Self Artist Jan Stary has a really good point of view to young male. He likes casual boys doing casual stuff(fortunately with less clothes on!)

Nudity itself is not erotic. Nudity is not even beautiful. It is the bundle of light and shadows and angles, a tempting mixture of passion and smiles and innocence, a truly mysterious hodge-podge of innumerable "Elements of Creation" huddled into a split of a second that make nudity erotic and the erotic beautiful.


Happy Birthday Kay

Kay of Story of Jay Kay celebrated his birthday yesterday.Dear K , we wish you a very happy birthday. Hope this year will be full of joy and happiness unlike last year. Remember we're always here(on the other side of the planet) for you...
Ali & Mehmet

May 14, 2006

Hot in da House!

Finally Commander in Chief on Turkish television...After reading lots of stuff from internet about the series , we watched the pilot and then the first episode on TV last week. And not surprisingly we had a crush on President's son Horace(Matt Lanter). Unfortunately we never had such a a first kid in our presidential palace in Turkey. We've first paid attention to him on Bravo's Manhunt. Now he's back with all his charm on TV...
One more thing...we've read about the forthcoming episodes and surprised that we'll able to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the series. We were kids while watching Saved by the Bell on TV , and didn't have any ideas why trembling when we saw Zach?!Now it makes sense ;)


Steven Kneff is a boy who's attending college at the University of Michigan, dreaming of becoming an attorney in New York City.We got an e-mail from him about re-launching his weblog! Wannabeleader is about politics and stuff...and just look at him , isn't he hot or what ;)

May 10, 2006

Confessions on My...

Conf_1Australian fashion designers MAK & MULVANY have released a limited edition range of mens underwear , celebrating Madonna's 2006 Confessions World Tour.Available exclusively online at their site. The Y-Front briefs are available in two sizes. Wearing their designs themselves at an Australian stop on the tour is now looking unlikely with no dates being announced.

Revealed Secrets!

A Cloth manifacturer called "Stori" s new ad campaign is on. We couldn't find their website but the ads are really cool(1pointsize agency). It seems like Mary-Jane , Vicki and Lois will have too much ironing job :)

May 08, 2006

After 18 months of Survivor 9 finished , John Kenney who was the hottest at the show is back as a model. Well he used to be a Mechanical Bull Engineer and a model before the show(it's been said that he was a former A&F model but we're not sure about that) and now fortunately an underwear model. He looks hotter now with all that looks and underwear. Also with that handy-man gadgets. We really have some much stuff to be taking care of , to be fixed at you know his phone number?? ;)
Jk01 Jk02
Jk03 Jk04

Hello to David!


Performance artist and magician David Blaine interacts with spectators of all ages on day three of his challenge to live underwater for a week in an eight-foot acrylic sphere in New York City's Lincoln Center.Blaine, 33, plans to culminate his stunt at 8 p.m. Monday by attempting to break the world record for breath-holding underwater without a breathing apparatus, which is currently 8 minutes, 58 seconds.He will also try to escape from 150 pounds of chains and handcuffs during the breath-holding finale.His friend who's also his doctor for this experience Dr.Murat Gunel(from Yale-New Haven Hospital)is always there for him to make daily health-care.David said "hi" from the sphere to Turkey on last Wednesday. Hello David , and good luck!



May 06, 2006

Our Favorite Colombian!

Oscar is the goalie of Besiktas F.C. for 3 years. He's one of the two Colombian goalkeepers in Turkey(the other one is Mondragon from Galatasaray). He's a big guy with a baby face and a hot body. Also he's the best goal keeper in Turkish Premiere Football League. He began his football career as a midfielder in Colombia. Then became a goalie and won the American Cup with Colombia National Team. He thinks that the best thing about being a goalie is the outfits!! We totally agree , he looks stunning in his yellow outfits and watching him during a game is fun.
He is 35 , can speak English and Italian fluently. 185 cm height and 83 kg s. He's happily married and has a beautiful wife. Hope he stays in Turkey more and we can enjoy his play next year too...

May 04, 2006

Crustacés et Coquillages (2005)
Poster_2 Synopsis:For summer vacation, Marc (Melki) and Béatrix (Tedeschi) take their two kids to the seaside house of Marc's youth, where their daughter takes up with a biker and their sons roams the beach with his best friend, who is in love with him. Things get steamier when Béatrix's lover Mathieu shows up, and Marc's old flame appears.
Now this is what summer movies should be! As perfect as the best chocolate soufflé, light and airy on your tongue, with a taste that lingers only as long as it's in your mouth. The best part is that once consumed, you will even respect yourself in the morning. And like all good French films, you will suddenly find yourself forgetting that it even has subtitles!

Release Date : 2005

Director : Olivier Ducastel - Jacques Martineau

Screenplay and dialogue : Olivier Ducastel - Jacques Martineau

Cast : Valeria Bruni Tedeschi , Gilbert Merki , Jean-Marc Barr , Jacques Bonaffé

Cinematographer : Antoine Héberlé - Matthieu Poirot-Delpech

Producer : Nicolas Blanc


Watch the trailer

Crustacés et Coquillages is a very sweet and funny French coming out , coming in , coming out , Actually we've seen it with Tunic two weeks ago but we were really busy to make a post about it. If you want to have a really good time , we certainly recommend this. The perfect actors with a really nice script. Especially Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (sister of Carla Bruni) was amazing. Also lots of eye candies with Edouard Collin and Romain Torres.

03_1 04_1 05_1

06_1 07 08_1

Don't be shy! :D Click them to see bigger size...

May 02, 2006

Helmut Berger...Visconti's Widow

A real hunk from the past...Helmut Austrian actor. At the age of 18 , he was a waiter , then he learned Italian and met Luchino Visconti in Rome and three months later they were in a relationship.
Hb_01 Hb_02
By this love relation, Berger became to act in the movies of Visconti, playing the small part at first in"THE WITCHES", then the impressive part in "THE DAMNED", the leading part in "LUDWIG", and then played the important role in "CONVERSATION PEACE".He was said that he was the only one who won a Visconti's favor. Really, Berger's features as "demoniac", "insanity " and "sexual perversion" were what Visconti found in him and realized in the movies.
But there came the time they had to part away. Besides, their last terms were very unfortunate.On 24 July 1972, when Visconti broke down from cerebral thrombosis, Berger stayed in Paris to take the movie of "LES VORACES", And on 17 March 1976 when Visconti died, Berger was on the airplane for Rio where Visconti encouraged him to go.After then Berger's life corrupted, indulged in drug and alcohol, and on 17 March in 1977, the day just one year later of Visconti's death, he tried to suicide by sleeping drug, though he was helped fortunately.His dissolute life with drug and alcohol lasted for a long time, but at last he could stop it. He recovered again his career as an actor, appearing on screen and TV.Helmut Berger believes that the relation with Luchino Visconti over 12years was the life of marriage, so he grieves that he has become widow at 32years old.
Berger thinks his own life in two parts, one is the days with Visconti, and another is the days of "Visconti's widow".
Well as far as we can see from his few movies and surely from these photos he's been hot! And again we are sure about Visconti's mouth taste.