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June 29, 2006

El Conejo...Javier Pedro Saviola


Javier Pedro Saviola (born December 11.1981 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine football player.
Nicknamed El Conejo ("The Rabbit"), he made his debut for Argentine side River Plate at the age of 16, and went on to be a prolific goalscorer and develop a reputation as a phenomenal prospect, being named South American Footballer of the Year in 1999.

Saviola has been called up to represent Argentina at the 2006 Fifa World Cup , alongside  Hernan Crespo, Lionel Messi, Carlos Tévez and Julio Cruz. Luciano Figueroa and Luciano Galletti were in contention for a place on the roster but Saviola's excellent form towards the end of the 2005-06 season secured his place in the squad. He then rewarded Pekerman's confidence in him with a goal against  Côte d'Ivoire in the country's opening game, and two assists in the 6-0 victory against Serbia and Montenegro.
On the field he's a hardworker ; you can see the aggression on his face and on every single muscle of his hot body! He's 168 cm and yes he's like a rabbit...but definitely a hot one! Saviola02

June 27, 2006

2006 Paris Gay Pride by Steph & Alek

Gay Prides everywhere !We are trying to catch up every single one around the world via internet and saw tons of pics and videos but this one rocks!! Well after all this is Paris.Steph & Alek are now intercontinental bloggers and after breath taking LA Pride , they're back in Paris for the pride...

June 26, 2006

Loveball 2006 - Barcelona

The best gay clubs and parites together : Loveball European Gay Clubbing Festival. This is the second edition , the first one was in Brussels in November. 11 different events including parties , brunches , pool parties and more in our favorite city Barcelona. We hope we can be there too(sigh).And after seeing the cute little bartender in the photos from Brussels , we felt really sorry for missing the first one also...
Loveballbt01 Loveballbt03

Hi-Tech Fetish

We have no idea what his nipple is capable of playing , only thing we know is we really like that fetish : a cool electronic gadget on a hot man's nipple. Click on the image above to see more fetishes...
Hitec01 Hitec02
Via Gayya Kuyusu


Click on the image to check Jasper Goodall's goodies on his website...brilliant! (Via Gayya Kuyusu)

June 22, 2006


Hola guys! Let us introduce you the newest and the hottest midfielder of AC Fiorentina : Antonio Luis Jimenez Garces...or as most of the people call him : EL MAGO ( the magician).
Luis is 22 , 178 cm , 76 kg from Santiago , Chile. He plays for AC Fiorentino for almost a year.He's one of the rising stars in Italian Football League.
As most of the South American hotties he has that good looks , nice body and "eat me , bite me" impression(lol).We're sure that he'l be the next star of the fields...Eat enjoy him!!

June 20, 2006

Song of the Moment : Fernando

There was something in the air that night
the stars were bright, Fernando
they were shining there for you and me
for liberty, Fernando...

Andersson -  Ulvaeus


June 19, 2006

Height: 6'0" - 184cm ; Chest: 40" - 102cm; Waist: 31" - 80cm; Hips: 35" - 91cm; Hair: darkbrown; Eyes: green-blue; Size: 40R - 50.
Eugen Bauder was born in 1986 in Alma Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan with German heritage, for those who have never heard of it. He grew up in a city close to Basel and attended school there.Eugen spreads unlimited charms, and – which is more important- his photogene is so stunning. His photos speak for themselves: not only with his flawless body and a six-pack, thanks to 14 years swimming; but also with his excessive talent, once being innocent and shy, at the other time being lascivious and passionate.
His very first photos were not even published, yet famous international model agencies have showed their interests. In his still-short modelling career, he has already worked with some famous photographers, such as Bruce Weber (for Brutus, VMan, Arena Homme Plus+ and Abercrombie),Mario Testino, Tony Duran, and Karl Simone (12 page editorial for Genre Magazine). He has the cover shot  and an editorial story in Hommes Uomo Magazine.
Eugen01 Eugen02 Eugen03 Eugen04
He currently resides in Los Angeles to work and collect some new exciting experiences. Eugen, who has played theatre passionately during his high-school years, was also hoping to meet someone who can help him on building his career in theatrical community. After his two month stay in LA,he will soon be seen in fashion shows in Milan and Paris.
Regardless of what he has been achieving, he is still a normal 20 year-old boy. He goes to movies, hooks up with some friends, goes to house parties, and listens to R&B.
It's been almost one yeat that we've first mentioned about him and almost six months that we've removed that post due to demand of the photographer(after a really weird and an unpleasent e-mail from him we decided to remove everything about him from Casual in Istanbul). Eugen is one of the most successful male model in the business nowadays. And probably the hottest!
We really enjoyed ourselves again while making this post and the designs...Hope you enjoy it too.
All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners:Michael Wiehle,Mike Georg,Tony Duran,Mark Squire and Doug Inglish.

June 17, 2006

Happy Hour-A Summer Welcome Party

Hmmmm...just take your drinks and leave us alone! Drinks from Tom , Elsewhere

The Infamous Ryan Wood Campaign!!

While surfing the internet we found this very hot model from Silver Model Management. His name is Ryan Wood , he's 6'1" with blue eyes and brown hair.There were some pictures of him which includes the ones below. We decided to google him...for more info and pics!
And we found out that there are almost 30.000 unique Ryan Wood(s) on internet!Writer , actor , director , hockey player , college football player , poet , antique dealer , designer , UFO Analyst ,  wrestler...etc.Besides "the model" Ryan Wood , we picked another one : "Red Hot" Ryan Wood , a pro wrestler.
We're really curious about how many HOT Ryan Wood(s) on the field?? Find your own hot Ryan Wood and send the pictures of him to us ;)

Duda and Caua via Made in Brazil

We have a huge crush on two top crushes of Made in Brazil!Both of them are soap stars from Brazil and both of them are incredibly HOT!Duda is 23 , he's one of the stars of Brazilian daytime soap Páginas da Vida ; the photos above are from that show...this is so unfair that lots of TV Channels in Turkey air some Brazilian soaps but none of them have this!
Cauã is 26 and at the pictures above he is trying to seduce an actress in the soap "Belissima".


  • We spend a lifetime putting up day a boy walks by , touches the stone , the walls come tumbling down! Is Cameron the one for Ethan? Read this from the greatest writer of the blogs...Shades of Gray
  • I love my parents very much, and I am thrilled that they are now a part of my real life!Don't be afraid the length of the post once you begin to read , you'll forget about everything!Coming out to parents?!Our friend Matt of Debriefing the Boys did it!
  • David of A Coffee House Migraine is finally back!YAY!We've missed him and his posts a lot.He's back with a sad story , a story that made us remember the most important thing in life is health!
  • Tom was only in Paris but now he is everywhere! A bit late notice but he's also now available at "Mates" section besides "18+". Tom @ Elsewhere
  • Queen Elizabeth celebrates 80th Birthday surrounded by men...well with her sons and grandsons.The interesting part is the preparations of the Topless British Troops for the military pageant as a treat for her!Towleroad
  • One of our newest blogmates ; Gaytrix introduces a game about American History...a naughty one!I spent almost an hour to be able to pass the class and surely learned a lot about the basics of the American History...well the teacher was very good at teaching!!I got an A and a cigar?!

Rolling Stone Türkiye

Finally , Rolling Stone Magazine in Turkish! Yes there are too many music magazines in Turkey but they are far from being satisfactory. Rolling Stone Turkiye on the shelves with three different covers as a collectors' issue. We picked the one with Mor ve Otesi(our favorite alternative rock band from Turkey) on the cover. The magazine has exactly the same quality with the US version. Tons of interesting articles , interviews with the bands and breath-taking photos...
Rollingstone01 Well , while writing about photos and Mor ve Otesi , the lead singer of the group : Harun is really hot , he has a nice voice and a certain point of the view to the world we live in. We love their songs ; there are very few bands here that the lyrics and the melody match together perfectly and combining with the high musical levels of the members.Their latest album Buyuk Dusler just hit the market and one of the best selling alt. rock albums ever...

June 15, 2006

Return of Kaká!

Worldcup We were waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2006 impatiently to be able to see Kaká back to work.As a team Brazil was not that good on its first match but he was! He was the hero of the match and Croatia's poor goalie had nothing to do on the 44th was Kaká with his great style. He was everywhere on the field and surely he was the hottest.We think he's the best and the cutest player in entire World Cup 2006(yes he's even hotter then Cristiano!!).Now we're hardly waiting for the next match of Brazil and you should wait for that too...while waiting take a look at how great he was on the field...

Look , how much fun he has while training...and that leads to...
Also he's still doing some modelling in his spare time : AFTER THE JUMP


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June 13, 2006

He's Still Debriefing the Boys...


Matt of Debriefing The Boys is back with two huge posts...Both of them are about the L.A. Gay Pride Parade. Well actually the first one is a real shock and we're sure that most of you guys (including us) will read the post with envy!! And the second one rocks!!Tons of breath-taking guys photos from the parade. You better go and check them.As we always say ; you have a great taste and eye Matt...

June 08, 2006


What's new at Brent Corrigan Online?


YMB Models

Most of you have probably heard about YMB-Models , such a shame we just found it!And loved it by the first time we saw it. Lots of hot and casual guys with muscles and pretty faces and some of them even has videos. If you're not aware of the site you better go and check...