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May 30, 2006

About A Boy...Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult was born in Wokingham , Berkshire , UK in 1989. He is best known for the part in About a Boy next to Hugh Grant. Well we are not the huge fans either of that movie or Nicholas. He was an annoying boy in the movie. But today we saw him all grow up and transformed in to a prince charming we completely changed our minds...
We know he's still not legally edible ;) but hey we can wait one more year!As far as we can see from imdb , he's in the showbiz for almost ten years. Also he's modelling in some ads for huge companies such as Piaget.
Also he's on the cover of AXM magazine's June 2006 issue with some hot basketball shots inside. No more words are needed. Here's all of him...enjoy!


May 19, 2006

Joe Dallessandro-The Valentino fo the Underground

One of the 10 most beautiful men Scavullo said he ever photographed. The "Little Joe" of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side." The Valentino of the Underground. The crotch on the Sticky Fingers album cover. The only guy at the party willing to return a punch from Norman Mailer. The actor whose performance made George Cukor understand what it meant to be a drug addict. The beauty wily enough to catch a fainting Tennessee Williams and then get out of the hotel bedroom while the going was good.
He’s more than just a body, though. If that were his only appeal, his legacy would be a footnote. Dallesandro was an innately charismatic and sincere presence on screen. Audiences could project their fantasies onto him. They not only wanted him physically, they wanted to take care of him. Fans wrote letters offering to help him out, naturally assuming that the young man named Joe who played young men named Joe in all his movies—movies that were improvised, no less—had to really be the person they saw up there on the screen.

Ambivalent about his fame as a Warhol Superstar, he cannot escape the power of his allure in those films, nor the power his image has wielded over each succeeding generation to discover him during the last 40 years. As the first openly eroticized male sex symbol of the movies to walk naked across the screen, he not only transcended the convention of being an actor, but he spoke to our fantasies and liberated the male nude as an object of beauty in the cinema. He likes to tell interviewers that all he ever had to do in a Warhol/Morrissey film was show up. He’s right. He’s a natural.


Source:: Little Joe , Superstar - The Official Joe Dallesandro Webpage

April 15, 2006

Magical, mystical, demure but sexy, funny, touching, and ever so crazy...
December 25, 1960: Zachary Beaulieu comes into the world, fourth in a family of five boys. An ordinary suburban family with a loving mother and a dad who's a bit gruff, but proud of his sons. The beginning of a beautiful childhood, where Christmases and birthdays follow one after the other to the ubiquitous solo of the elder Beaulieu singing Aznavour's Emmène-moi au bout de la terre, washing the car in the fresh air and trips to the snack-bar for Zac, his father's favourite. But not for long, alas!
That's the lead-in to C.R.A.Z.Y., the story of a special little boy who grows into young manhood and ends up even denying his inner self to attract his father's attention.
A portrait of a family that depicts the often-extraordinary lives of ordinary people in search of happiness.
From 1960 to 1980, surrounded by his brothers, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, between motorbike escapades to impress the girls, cigarettes smoked in secret, minor and not-so-minor disagreements and, particularly, a father that he searches desperately to find, Zac relates his story. Through music and rebellion, and also with humour, down to a mystical voyage to Jerusalem–"to the ends of the earth" as his father was always singing–where perhaps in such a far-away place he finally succeeds in finding him...
A gripping tale from the creator of "Liste noire", Jean-Marc Vallée, starring Michel Côté, one of Quebec's leading actors ("Le Dernier tunnel", "Sur le seuil", "Cruising Bar"). Also starring Danielle Proulx and Marc-André Grondin, and introducing Émile Vallée.
C.R.A.Z.Y. A love story between a father and a son. A mystical and whimsical fable on the human soul, beautiful, foolish and lyrical.
Well this is the synopsis and as you can notice it's a bit formal!!We saw the movie tonight at Istanbul Film Festival and it was really good. Marc-André Grondin is a real hottie! A 22 years old actor from
Crazy02 Quebec.He's playing a gay character in the movie. The encounters between all the characters is sweet but especially the ones between Zach and his father are delightful. We highly recommend this movie to all of you guys...


April 02, 2006

Horror Everywhere

Just imagine ; you wanna make a have a bunch of hot boys and the producer ask you to pick some locations to shoot this movie. Well we'd definitely pick a sports field , then a locker room and a frat house. And begin shooting with a very low costume budget. Remember we have hot boys as the cast and surely we'd want to see more of their bodies!
Director David DeCoteau has done exactly the same. Killer Bash is a low-budget horror movie with lots of cute boys.(Source)Let's feel the fear and the horror more then you can imagine...And ACTION...
Horror Scene#1 A hot boy half nekkid after a football game. He's sweaty with a ball and only his shorts on...brrrr...scary
Horror Scene#2 All the "hot boy" cast together on the grass , do we need to mention they're half naked again? , working out , helping each other , giggling ...this is too much , isn't it horrifying?
Horror Scene#3 After sports , in locker room , please don't yell , they're all in their white briefs and about to get rid of room is dark and shady...getting scarier huh?
Still not scared? So get ready , for the next part...please don't jump to the next part if you have serious problems with your health...

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March 31, 2006

Alain Delon in Istanbul

Tonight is the night! We'll be at the opening ceremony of 25th International Istanbul Film Festival.And the guest of honour is Alain Delon and he'll be awarded with a special Lifetime Accomplishment Award!We are really excited to see him in person finally. This will be his first time in Turkey. Especially Mehmet is extremely excited because of his obsession to Alain Delon since his childhood(by the way , he's one of the best Alain Delon collectors in the world...yes we have a room almost filled with AD stuff!).Well we need to go now , we have a date with the most beautiful man on the world tonite...See you guys ;)
Related :: The Most Beautiful Man of the World

March 10, 2006

A Year Loaded with Gael!

It's gonna be a year which will be filled with Gael Garcia...we don't have any complains about that :) cause we love his acting and also himself very much. After seeing him in "The King" and "The Science of Sleep" , guys get ready for his upcoming movie "Babel". Again with Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu after huge hit "Amores Perros".Then a second feature film with Carlos Cuaron(director of Y Tu Mama Tambien) ; "Toto".Also according to Allocine ; he's going to direct his first movie which will be inspired by a Mexican Series called "Ruta 32". Waiting for all these projects will be a tough time for us. And as for his "almost" all movies we are expecting to see him naked ;)

March 06, 2006

Less then 3 hours to the ceremony...Our hearts go with Brokeback Mountain , Transamerica and Crash...We'll see...
Our blogmates Josh and Josh will blog the awards live!...don't miss that!



Well guys , it's over and here is what we think about the winners...


Gustavo Santaolalla's great music  , Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana's screenplay and Ang Lee's fabulous directing got what they deserve...How about Jake's phenomenal performence?? We think he should also get an Oscar! And the speech of Ang Lee...he thanked everyone , even every single Chinese on this planet , but not a single word for Heath and Jake?!


Crash was one of the best movies we've seen last year and our second choice for the Best Motion Picture award.And the moment Jack Nicholson annonced the winner the happiness on cute Ryan Phillippe's face was worth everything.We almost forgot about how much we wanted to see the statuette in BBM Producers' hand!


We don't see the movie yet so no idea if Philip Seymour Hoffman was that good. But we read lots of good reviews from the critics...


No idea about this one either...if Reese was half good as Felicity Huffmann then she deserved the Oscar.


This was Jake' comment.


Rachel is beautiful and a very good actress.We first saw her in I Want You and adored her.


What the...?! We hated the song or whatever it is...


February 21, 2006

Four More!


"Brokeback Mountain"won four more awards at the British Academy Film & Television Awards  Sunday night, boosting even more its hopes for the Oscars on March 5.

More on OhLaLaParis

February 13, 2006

Melissa P.

Melissa Panarello was a 16 year-old teenager when she first published her novel about her very naughty life. We read the book and we really liked it. Then she published her second novel last year. She has a huge fan-base here in Turkey and she visits here frequently for promotional stuff. On 2005 , the movie adaptation of 100 Brush Strokes Before Bed hit the movie theatres.
We're really looking forward to see the movie. Also it has a real catchy soundtrack.
Mp_02 Mp_03

February 08, 2006

!f Istanbul 2006

!f istanbul Unveils Top-Notch Film Line-up for 5th Anniversary in February
From Madonna's latest film to Sundance winners, Oscar nominees and rare visual treasures, the !f Istanbul / AFM International Independent Film Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary with a bang this year between February 16 and 26th, 2006.!f features a total 50 films, grouped into different sections designed to highlight new trends in cinema.
Popular !f themes returning this year include Rainbow Films, a collection of award-winning recent gay and lesbian films; Insomnia serving up the Asian-style horror; and, sponsored by gnçtrkcll, Fantastic, featuring the best of recent animation and genre-breaking fantastic films including the much-awaited Quay Brothers feature The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes and Buffy creator Joss Whedon's debut feature Serenity.
As always, !f maintains a political edge with Insiders/Outsiders, highlighting stories from the centers of power as well as those who are on the margins. The section includes multiple award-winning Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, a jaw-dropping chronicle of the Enron scandal, and the much talked-about portrayal of racism in the UK, A Way of Life.
From acclaimed Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki to pop icon Madonna's latest film, the latest LA dance craze 'krumping' to the Broadway hit Rent,  the brand-new Express Yourself! section seeks to capture the creative process on film. These films will have you dancing and clapping in your seats! To celebrate the festival's fifth anniversary, !f-Cholic is a special one-time selection of films that capture the !f spirit in both form and content. These include the DJ mockumentary Its All Gone Pete Tong,  Mutual Appreciation by Andrew Bujalski, whom critics have called a new Jim Jarmusch, Thailand's answer to Amelie, Citizen Dog, and this year's word-of-mouth sensation What the Bleep do We Know?!. 
The festival's backbone is the Hit Films section, which includes the latest titles from acclaimed independent directors, as well as award-winning recent festival favourites. Films not to miss include Miranda July's Cannes winning debut feature Me and You and Everyone We Know, Duncan Tucker's Transamerica featuring Golden Globe winner Felicity Huffman, Nine Lives with a stellar female cast of Sissy Spacek, Holly Hunter and Robin Wright Penn, Sundance winner The Squid and the Whale, Phil Morrison's American treasure Junebug, the new film version of Mel brooks' much-loved The Producers and many more.
Well wish we could see all of them but unfortunately we're gonna miss most of them during work hours...some of our choices will be : Transamerica , Sugar , SummerStorm , Twelve and Holding , A Different Story , I'm Going to Tell You A Secret...

December 07, 2005

Douches Froides/Cold Shower

Df_affiche_1 Voila! That's why we love French moviemakers a lot. The sexual tension in every single French Movie is very very high!Is it about the language or something else ; we always think(and hope) everybody in that scene is gonna f*ck each other just at the end of their lines. Besides we take off our hats to the unlimited fantasy world of French moviemakers ; lots of showing butts , sex during karate(!!) , sex during cooking , sex during breathing(LOL)...they expand their actors' capability of sex during life. In Douches Froides/Cold Shower(2005) as far as we can see in the trailer , extraits and photos ; both of the young actors Johan Libérau and Pierre Perrier seem very comfortable with nudity  , cuddling each other and stuff. The film will hit the movie theatres in Istanbul soon and we're waiting to see it impatiently.

Df01 Df02 Df03

December 03, 2005



From the first moment of "Heights" we enjoyed beautiful James Marsden. He was good in suit , good in casual and perfect without any clothes!

Jm01 Jm02 Jm03 Jm04

...and at the end he showed us how to kiss a guy tenderly!!

James_jesse01 James_jesse02

Wondering what's next???(OMG , isn't this Jesse Bradford??!!)

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November 23, 2005

Bosphorus View from Rome's Rooftops!


Ferzan Ozpetek is the only Turkish director who can touch people's heart all around the world. His debut movie "Hamam - Il Bagno di Turco" became one of the hit gay movies ever and discussed in Turkey a lot. He lives in Rome and he's the best-known foreign director in Italy. Won tons of awards from National-International Film Festivals. Lately , Madonna-while confessing on the dance floor-told that Ferzan Ozpetek is one of her favorite directors!We don't think Ferzan cares about Madge's words cause he already has his own Madonna...Serra Yilmaz.

Cuore Sacro-his latest movie-will hit the theatres on Friday...


November 15, 2005

Istanbul Tales


Are you ready to watch a fabulous fairytale? Because this is a fairytale all about Istanbul...Istanbul Tales is a film , in which Istanbul , one of the most alluring cities in the world , tells its tales. Audiences will discover that Little Red Riding Hood , The Pied Piper , Snow White , Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are not merely the fairytale heroes of books we once read,  but that tales mirror life in Istanbul itself. Istanbul Tales achieved a first in Turkey in that it was shot as a single story by five directors. They breathed life into five stories making up part of the whole.

Ism1 Mehmet1_1

The Film includes five different stories somehow connected to each other and combined with spectacular Istanbul views. Not only the beauties of the city ; underground life also...And surely two eye candies , Ismail Hacioglu and Mehmet Gunsur for your viewing pleasure...

November 08, 2005



You know him from here as well as in Il Bagno di Turco(Steam Bath/Hamam). Still hot and yummy in an Italian movie called "L'Italiano". A Ennio de Dominicis movie about illegal Albanian immigrants in Italy. We saw the movie last year(not a good movie actually) but it's obvious that we've missed a very important part(!)during a love scene...Just a click away... :P

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November 03, 2005

Lord Vader...RISE!


We have him at home for 2 days. Happy about that but also sad for knowing that this is the last one. No more waiting for May 19th s , no more searching the internet for spoilers and photos , no more heart beats in the opening sequence of the movie...Actually we grew up together , i saw all of them at least three times(ok , i admit that i'm a geek :) , i noticed Luke is hot when i was a teenager , always dreamed of being a Jedi and have a real light-saber...After watching the second DVD the"Making of"stuff , i appreciate their hard working and Lucas' imagination.

Thanks for the universe that you've created for us and for wonderful 28 years...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU...


October 23, 2005

Dark Angel on the Web


She is the dark angel of film industry like her father.She is an actress , a director , a writer , a model, a photographer , an artist...and she can handle these very well. We love every single project she's involved. And now she renewed her webpage


If you like her , just go and check her won't regret it.


October 22, 2005

The Most Beautiful Man in the World


Divine beauty in the form of a man...Everyone says he's the most beautiful and handsome man in sixties; well they're wrong. He's the most beautiful man ever !Monsieur Delon we adore you...


Thanks to Rob&Yann for adding two very important books to our collection...

A Little Bit of Freedom

Baran (Cagdas Bozkurt) is a Kurdish boy from Turkey whose relatives have helped him to come to Germany after the death of his parents. His asylum application was rejected just shy of his sixteenth birthday. No stranger to hard work, he survives by running errands for a Turkish fast-food restaurant, which take him from the finest apartments to the lowest clip joints - confronting him with the district’s many realities.
Not until Baran encounters the seventeen-year old Chernor(Leroy Delmor)- also an illegal and stateless immigrant – does his life gain impetus. The two are drawn together. But while Chernor tries to finance his future by dealing drugs, Baran’s past catches up with him…


Kleine Freiheit/A Little Bit of Freedom(2003) is a very good and a touching movie about two young illegal immigrant boys. It's a very catchy plot and makes you think a lot even after it ended. Besides Cagdas and Leroy are hot as hell. During the film you always want to see them both naked and in same bed...well they don't let you down ;)

Highly Recommended...

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October 20, 2005

The Spy Who Scares Me To Death


We couldn't believe our ears when we first heard the new 007!This is the end of James Bond myth we think. We don't have any problems with Daniel Craig's acting performence ; actually he could be a perfect villain in a Bond Movie...but seeing him as Mr.Bond is beyond our worst nightmare. His look is even worse than George Lazenby. James Bond has to be nice looking , attractive in every way , noble and a bit arrogant. Daniel Craig has none of those qualities so Mr.Bond can sleep with the women just with the help of his gun...:) I think MGM has to change the movie's title from "Casino Royale" to "The Spy Who Scares Me to Death" LOL

All we can say is Oldies are Goldies...


October 08, 2005

Goal Kuno Goaall!


Tonight , we saw "Goal - the movie" in our favorite movie theatre Sureyya in Kadikoy.WOW! We love the movie as a huge football/soccer fans and also we love Kuno Becker who plays leading role Santiago Muñez in the movie.


He's 27 , a latin TV star from Mexico. His most rememberd role is the traitor boy in "Remembering Argentina" opposite to Antonio Banderas. He has very good skills in football and he really plays the game as an actual player. At first filmmakers has thought to give the part to Diego Luna(we like him a lot )then Kuno got it. We think he deserves it.

Kuno_goal Kuno_onthefield01

He is really breath-taking in lockerroom and shower scenes :) Highly recommended!

Watch trailer and some clips here!


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September 25, 2005

Looking for a Personal Trainer!


Well our plan for tonight was order something to eat and watch DVDs but while checking Belami Online we found out that the final episode of "Personal Trainers" is out. The movie called "A+" . Our favorite personel trainer Sebastian Bonnet grades his top students in a final exam with his colleague Dano Sulik. He is always hot and we think he is already a Belami legend like Johan , Ion and Lukas.


Again we worshipped George Duroy as a beauty explorer. The trailer itself is very good , go and watch it.Highly recomended! Sebastian is like out of this world , he's like a fresh baked cookie :)


Sebastiantour Sebastian is the best personal trainer ever and with his training we have Danny Saradon , Tim Hamilton , Matt Philippe and Tommy Hansen :)Damn ,we missed him when he was in Antalya,Turkey for a vacation in 1998...Bad Luck.

September 18, 2005

La Noche Del Hermano

This movie poster was the first thing we saw when we left the airport and waiting for the train to Pl.Catalunya.Actually it was everywhere...everywhere but movie theatres!!We wanted to see that and asked every single movie theatre in Barcelona we saw. But it seems like American Cinema Industry has won the fight in Barcelona. In Port Vell , Cineplex the girl who was selling tickets had no idea even about the name of the movie!!Well we're waiting for its DVD release.

August 19, 2005

Up up and away...!


Superman finally returns...After almost two decades the first super hero on silver screen will be in theatres on June 2006. First it has been announced that Brandon Routh will be the new Superman and we checked him on the internet , we really had some suspicions. Christopher Reeve was a legend for us and we always think he was the perfect match for Superman. But after we saw Brandon in Superman/Clark Kent costumes made our decision that he's the second best!(Unlike Tobey as Peter Parker...well we like him but not as a Peter Parker. In Spidey comic books , Parker is a hot and a cute guy with long legs and perfect muscles). Bryan Singer (X-Men , X-Men2) is the director and we're sure that he's gonna do it well. We hope the movie is going to be a big hit and we can watch the sequels as well.


In Loving Memory of Christopher Reeve...

August 07, 2005

Out Istanbul 2005...coming soon!


Out Istanbul is the one and only Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Turkey. Last year we saw couple of good movies such as "Eating Out" , "Danny in the Sky" , "Cock and Bull Story". They were all nice.This year's festival has just announced , but still no news about the movies. We'll let you know about all the details in September hopefully.

July 24, 2005

Something Wicked!


Tonight unfortunately we saw The Crow : Wicked Prayer on DVD...what a waste of time!If it's gonna be like that please don't make more Crow movies. Brandon(RIP)was the best Crow ever ,well Vincent was good enough. But Eric Mabius on The Crow:Salvation...untill today i was thinking he was the worst choice to play Crow(actually we love Eric since we saw him on Cruel Intensions.Eric plays Greg McConnell, a gay in-the-closet football player.It was a short , but a good part).But tonight...shame on you Eddie. We're huge fans since first time we saw you on T2. You look like Helena-Bonham Carter in Fight Club with that make-up!