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August 31, 2006


"Swimsuit Models Wrestling" is a hot name for a website!Well if you add a sentence like "Looking for two Speedo models who wrestled in highschool for a filmed speedo wrestling match" under that title the temperature will rise a bit more...
Ok , still not enough?? Add some pictures of a hot twink in your attention?Come on people you still want more???Eat this!
It seems that someone is trying to start a new video series with young wrestlers who will fight in speedos. Maybe we have to check back in a few weeks to see what will be there.
Via Wrestling Blog

August 25, 2006

Part 2

They came with their ship and enslaved us...that was the best slavery ever :P Here are Pirates of Mediterranean from Russia...
Two brothers...they look very innocent but if you guys were there with us and saw how they acted in the sea...all that wrestling , fighting and stuff with their hot and wet bodies...OMG ,even just remembering them is not good for our old hearts!!!LOL.There are more of them...
Here and after the jump!
And this one...he was a real piece of art! You guys should appreciate that how hard it was for us to take these photos without taking a bite :P There is one more of him....a seductive should definitely take a look at!
And have you missed Part 1??? It's still HERE

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August 24, 2006

Part 1

Our summer vacations are always good for relaxing , tanning , partying and stuff...but they are also a nice source for Casual in Istanbul. Our destination was the southern part of our country : Mediterranean shores where tons of hot guys from Russia and from eastern European countries lay down on the beach.On our first days we generally just look around and explore , finding some targets(lol...sounds like safari).Then the harder part comes...time for shooting. With cameras and sometimes with cell phones...
Here is Part One : Hidden or not...for your viewing pleasure ;)
Wetandhot01 Wetandhot02
This one was a tough work...he is a Russian boy in his early as hell!But always around with his family and a very protective older brother. We waited and waited till our last day then Mehmet lost all his patience and took those photos of him by the pool...
Wetandhot03 Wetandhot04 Wetandhot05
This is P. We became friends with him. He is a really nice guy from Switzerland. He is working as a bartender/model! A big guy with a hot body and a very warm smile. He had some naked photos of himself in his cell phone and he promised to send the hi-res ones to us via e-mail...
Wetandhot06 Wetandhot07
And some random can see the larger ones by clicking on them.
Wait for Part Two...very soon...

August 02, 2006

One More Time with Jason

Jason has a special place on Casual in Istanbul , we couldn't help ourselves to make a post about him when we saw something new...After two motion pictures(Starsky& Hutch and A Cinderella Story)where he played a hot dancer as well and Kylie's Showgirl Tour he was vanished. Now the announcement of Kylie's coming back with Showgirl Homecomig Tour  , he is back on the track!These photos are shocking...male strippers...
We have no idea what is this for ?Anyone has any idea? All we know is every single stripper except Jason doesn't care to take off everything. Besides we think he doesn't have to...he is extremely hot already and our hearts aren't strong enough to see him without his clothes!
Related::Jason...not so casual this time :: Jason Beitel...casual this time

July 27, 2006

Hugo Vieira

We've seen this guy months ago in GQ Magazine.Unfortunately there wasn't any information about the model in the mag not even his name...So we kept GQ for further investigations ;) Ta daa: here he is...Hugo Vieira.We still have no idea where he is from but his stats are delightful as you can see in the photos.185 cm height with dark brown hair , brown eyes and a breath taking body.
I won't tell anything more(actually these are the only things i know about him)just look at the photos they tell everything ;)

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July 08, 2006

Edgar Javier by Terry George

This fine looking specimen of man is Edgar Javier , our dear friend Terry George spotted him whilst at Gran Canaria Pride earlier this year.Edgar works as a dancer.Recently he won Mr. Gay Gran Canaria which means he will compete in the European final hoping to win Mr. Gay Europe.
Edgar01 Edgar02 Edgar03 Edgar04
Terry is one of the best photographers in Europe and he's very sweet to send these pictures of Edgar for us to post. He is also Editor-In-Chief of British Gay Magazine Bent. And Edgar is on the cover of the magazine. Oh!One more thing : almost one year ago , when we decided to begin Casual in Istanbul , first thing we did was creating a header for the blog...and the infamous "kissing couple"on the header is a Terry George photography.Thank you Terry for being such a sweetheart...
Related :: Hayda Bre Terry George!

June 26, 2006

Hi-Tech Fetish

We have no idea what his nipple is capable of playing , only thing we know is we really like that fetish : a cool electronic gadget on a hot man's nipple. Click on the image above to see more fetishes...
Hitec01 Hitec02
Via Gayya Kuyusu

June 19, 2006

Height: 6'0" - 184cm ; Chest: 40" - 102cm; Waist: 31" - 80cm; Hips: 35" - 91cm; Hair: darkbrown; Eyes: green-blue; Size: 40R - 50.
Eugen Bauder was born in 1986 in Alma Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan with German heritage, for those who have never heard of it. He grew up in a city close to Basel and attended school there.Eugen spreads unlimited charms, and – which is more important- his photogene is so stunning. His photos speak for themselves: not only with his flawless body and a six-pack, thanks to 14 years swimming; but also with his excessive talent, once being innocent and shy, at the other time being lascivious and passionate.
His very first photos were not even published, yet famous international model agencies have showed their interests. In his still-short modelling career, he has already worked with some famous photographers, such as Bruce Weber (for Brutus, VMan, Arena Homme Plus+ and Abercrombie),Mario Testino, Tony Duran, and Karl Simone (12 page editorial for Genre Magazine). He has the cover shot  and an editorial story in Hommes Uomo Magazine.
Eugen01 Eugen02 Eugen03 Eugen04
He currently resides in Los Angeles to work and collect some new exciting experiences. Eugen, who has played theatre passionately during his high-school years, was also hoping to meet someone who can help him on building his career in theatrical community. After his two month stay in LA,he will soon be seen in fashion shows in Milan and Paris.
Regardless of what he has been achieving, he is still a normal 20 year-old boy. He goes to movies, hooks up with some friends, goes to house parties, and listens to R&B.
It's been almost one yeat that we've first mentioned about him and almost six months that we've removed that post due to demand of the photographer(after a really weird and an unpleasent e-mail from him we decided to remove everything about him from Casual in Istanbul). Eugen is one of the most successful male model in the business nowadays. And probably the hottest!
We really enjoyed ourselves again while making this post and the designs...Hope you enjoy it too.
All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners:Michael Wiehle,Mike Georg,Tony Duran,Mark Squire and Doug Inglish.

June 17, 2006

The Infamous Ryan Wood Campaign!!

While surfing the internet we found this very hot model from Silver Model Management. His name is Ryan Wood , he's 6'1" with blue eyes and brown hair.There were some pictures of him which includes the ones below. We decided to google him...for more info and pics!
And we found out that there are almost 30.000 unique Ryan Wood(s) on internet!Writer , actor , director , hockey player , college football player , poet , antique dealer , designer , UFO Analyst ,  wrestler...etc.Besides "the model" Ryan Wood , we picked another one : "Red Hot" Ryan Wood , a pro wrestler.
We're really curious about how many HOT Ryan Wood(s) on the field?? Find your own hot Ryan Wood and send the pictures of him to us ;)

Duda and Caua via Made in Brazil

We have a huge crush on two top crushes of Made in Brazil!Both of them are soap stars from Brazil and both of them are incredibly HOT!Duda is 23 , he's one of the stars of Brazilian daytime soap Páginas da Vida ; the photos above are from that show...this is so unfair that lots of TV Channels in Turkey air some Brazilian soaps but none of them have this!
Cauã is 26 and at the pictures above he is trying to seduce an actress in the soap "Belissima".

June 08, 2006


YMB Models

Most of you have probably heard about YMB-Models , such a shame we just found it!And loved it by the first time we saw it. Lots of hot and casual guys with muscles and pretty faces and some of them even has videos. If you're not aware of the site you better go and check...

May 30, 2006

About A Boy...Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult was born in Wokingham , Berkshire , UK in 1989. He is best known for the part in About a Boy next to Hugh Grant. Well we are not the huge fans either of that movie or Nicholas. He was an annoying boy in the movie. But today we saw him all grow up and transformed in to a prince charming we completely changed our minds...
We know he's still not legally edible ;) but hey we can wait one more year!As far as we can see from imdb , he's in the showbiz for almost ten years. Also he's modelling in some ads for huge companies such as Piaget.
Also he's on the cover of AXM magazine's June 2006 issue with some hot basketball shots inside. No more words are needed. Here's all of him...enjoy!


May 19, 2006

Joe Dallessandro-The Valentino fo the Underground

One of the 10 most beautiful men Scavullo said he ever photographed. The "Little Joe" of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side." The Valentino of the Underground. The crotch on the Sticky Fingers album cover. The only guy at the party willing to return a punch from Norman Mailer. The actor whose performance made George Cukor understand what it meant to be a drug addict. The beauty wily enough to catch a fainting Tennessee Williams and then get out of the hotel bedroom while the going was good.
He’s more than just a body, though. If that were his only appeal, his legacy would be a footnote. Dallesandro was an innately charismatic and sincere presence on screen. Audiences could project their fantasies onto him. They not only wanted him physically, they wanted to take care of him. Fans wrote letters offering to help him out, naturally assuming that the young man named Joe who played young men named Joe in all his movies—movies that were improvised, no less—had to really be the person they saw up there on the screen.

Ambivalent about his fame as a Warhol Superstar, he cannot escape the power of his allure in those films, nor the power his image has wielded over each succeeding generation to discover him during the last 40 years. As the first openly eroticized male sex symbol of the movies to walk naked across the screen, he not only transcended the convention of being an actor, but he spoke to our fantasies and liberated the male nude as an object of beauty in the cinema. He likes to tell interviewers that all he ever had to do in a Warhol/Morrissey film was show up. He’s right. He’s a natural.


Source:: Little Joe , Superstar - The Official Joe Dallesandro Webpage

May 14, 2006

Hot in da House!

Finally Commander in Chief on Turkish television...After reading lots of stuff from internet about the series , we watched the pilot and then the first episode on TV last week. And not surprisingly we had a crush on President's son Horace(Matt Lanter). Unfortunately we never had such a a first kid in our presidential palace in Turkey. We've first paid attention to him on Bravo's Manhunt. Now he's back with all his charm on TV...
One more thing...we've read about the forthcoming episodes and surprised that we'll able to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the series. We were kids while watching Saved by the Bell on TV , and didn't have any ideas why trembling when we saw Zach?!Now it makes sense ;)

May 08, 2006

After 18 months of Survivor 9 finished , John Kenney who was the hottest at the show is back as a model. Well he used to be a Mechanical Bull Engineer and a model before the show(it's been said that he was a former A&F model but we're not sure about that) and now fortunately an underwear model. He looks hotter now with all that looks and underwear. Also with that handy-man gadgets. We really have some much stuff to be taking care of , to be fixed at you know his phone number?? ;)
Jk01 Jk02
Jk03 Jk04

April 25, 2006

The Real Big Brother...Kristian!

Most of you probably remember Kristian from Big Brother Norway/Sweden and from here.Yesterday we receieved an e-mail about him and his girlfriend. Actually it was in our spam box and generally we don't pay attention to that kind of e-mails but this time , after we saw the footage we decided to share with you. This is a video which has been probably shot by Kristian himself during a vacation with his girlfriend. It's obvious that he still has that bad perfect habit of showing every single detail of his body from BB house...well after the jump is only for adults...

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April 21, 2006

Chad W.

Yes , he's everywhere nowadays...on the cover of ReFresh Magazine , in a photoshoot with Mischa Barton , on the recent posts of our webmates...Chad is the new hottie around. He's 6'2" with 12 size shoes!!wow!He has a very characteristic and the cutest face ever and should we mention about his body??Probably not , you guys can see with your own eyes.
You can see all of his stats here and his photos everywhere...just enjoy it!
Via Pink is the New Blog

April 10, 2006

Jason...not so casual this time...

Jason_new01 After four months , Jason is here with us again , but not so casual this time as he was last time. Kylie has announced that she will be back with Showgirl tour on December 2006 and hopefully Jason will be on that again. Until we see him in his speedos on the stage here are some few really hot pics of him. The one with the chrome ball is absolutely gorgeous. That's our favorite one. But hey , take a closer look to the ones below ; you can easily have an idea about the color of his pubes ;))Enjoy it...

April 06, 2006


This is Ax , a 19 yo student/swimmer who wants to be a model. We met him couple weeks ago on the internet. He is sweet and hot , has a nice swimmer's body(look at his stats!) and a natural ability to strike poses on camera.
"Well i really don't know what you guys will think of this pic but in all reality this is a pic of me hoping somebody out there viewing this blog is a model scout. I really woud like to be a model i think i would enjoy being with all the hot model girls ;)"
Ax02 Ax03

A straight teen boy with lots of ambition. And as you can see he likes to take off his clothes fortunately :P We are hoping to see him in the photos taken by world-famous photographers.

April 02, 2006

Horror Everywhere

Just imagine ; you wanna make a have a bunch of hot boys and the producer ask you to pick some locations to shoot this movie. Well we'd definitely pick a sports field , then a locker room and a frat house. And begin shooting with a very low costume budget. Remember we have hot boys as the cast and surely we'd want to see more of their bodies!
Director David DeCoteau has done exactly the same. Killer Bash is a low-budget horror movie with lots of cute boys.(Source)Let's feel the fear and the horror more then you can imagine...And ACTION...
Horror Scene#1 A hot boy half nekkid after a football game. He's sweaty with a ball and only his shorts on...brrrr...scary
Horror Scene#2 All the "hot boy" cast together on the grass , do we need to mention they're half naked again? , working out , helping each other , giggling ...this is too much , isn't it horrifying?
Horror Scene#3 After sports , in locker room , please don't yell , they're all in their white briefs and about to get rid of room is dark and shady...getting scarier huh?
Still not scared? So get ready , for the next part...please don't jump to the next part if you have serious problems with your health...

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NouvellestarAfter 3 years we've lost all hope about seeing a new hottie on French Nouvelle Star. We had a crush on Charles Cattaert in 2003 Nouvelle Star. Nothing for two whole years. Then one day we saw a post about Nouvelle Star 2006 auditions and Gael on Oh La La Paris.We asked our friends Steph & Alek if he still has a chance to participate , then he did it and voted out on the first night! Such a shame :( Next day they called him back because of a tele-voting system error and he'll be back on the show next week :)He's 18 and he's the second hot Gael we know after Gael Garcia...hopefully he'll be on the show for a long time and we'll be able to see his performances!
Via Oh La La Paris

March 27, 2006

Señor Barcelona

After our trip to Barcelona people keep asking us what is so nice about the city!?Besides it's one of the best cities in the world , there are hot Catalan guys all over...proof?? Here is Sergi. He's Mr.Barcelona of  2006 Mr.Espana. He's 22 , 184 cm , a mechanical engineer. He has that sweet eyes and a very very nice body. We can give you tons of proofs if you ask. Just appreciate the beauties of Catalunya...

March 20, 2006

12 Points to Dima!

24 years old Dima Bilan will represent Russia at the next Eurovision Song contest in Athens.Actually we saw him for the first time and never heard any songs of him.But does that matter?! We saw him and as far as we can see , that's enough:P He's gonna sing the song called "Never Let You Go". That's right baby , if we have you once , we'll never let you go....
Well both of the costumes are OK for the stage , tell us in which one do you guys prefer to see him on stage in Athens??!

March 19, 2006


Last Night ,while most of the city was sleeping , something amazing happened just out of sight.People were climbing onto the rooftops of their apartments , stripping down to their jeans and basking in the moonlight...
Moonbathe01 Moonbathe02
A handsome young man(Ricardo Santos) lies on his bed , waiting until the time is right to go out.He gets up and pulls on his Levi's Jeans...
Moonbathe03  Moonbathe04
And while he's pulling on his jeans you can enjoy his cute ass and tasty bulge...
Moonbathe05 Moonbathe06
It makes you think , what other things do people get up to at night??!!Do you wanna know and do you also wanna see the "hottest ever" Levi's commercial?? Click here

March 14, 2006

Rafael Navarro Duran : El Toreador

Cenk Gencdis is a 33 year-old photographer from Istanbul. He has several National/International awards in photography. His latest project was Rafael : Matador...He took photos of an 18 year old Catalan boy/Torreador. The photos are breath-taking so the boy is.
"...i go upstairs to room 104 , the door is open.Two young matadors are dressing up for an hour later fight.Rafael's coming out of the shower...fully naked..."OMG sounds really kinky!
Well if you're a frequent reader from a long time you must know how we love everything about Spain , especially about Barcelona. And this boy really rocks.
We'd love to be his "ayudante" *!!
Ayudante is a personal dresser for the matadors who helps for everything(!!) while they're getting dress.

March 13, 2006

Jamie Goes West!

Jamie Dornan is an Irish Model and Keira Knightley's ex. You guys probably remeber him from this CK ad.(if you see the ad it's impossible not to remember him!!).He is also a musician, he has a really nice voice. He is in a band called "Sons of Jim".
After spending some quality time on the beach side , he headed to the west.And we think that was a good idea!! What do you think??
If there will be a sequel of BBM , he is definitely on our list!!!

March 11, 2006

What If ?

What if these photos were real? The hottest and distinguished couple of all times , don't you think so?? We saw these for the first time and loved it.Enjoy...


March 10, 2006

A Year Loaded with Gael!

It's gonna be a year which will be filled with Gael Garcia...we don't have any complains about that :) cause we love his acting and also himself very much. After seeing him in "The King" and "The Science of Sleep" , guys get ready for his upcoming movie "Babel". Again with Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu after huge hit "Amores Perros".Then a second feature film with Carlos Cuaron(director of Y Tu Mama Tambien) ; "Toto".Also according to Allocine ; he's going to direct his first movie which will be inspired by a Mexican Series called "Ruta 32". Waiting for all these projects will be a tough time for us. And as for his "almost" all movies we are expecting to see him naked ;)

March 01, 2006

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Jonathan is on the cover of Italian L'Uomo Vogue's February issue in giorgio Armani outfits. I don't know who the photographer was but these photos are the best ones of Jonathan's i think.
Jonathan_cover Jonathan_luomo
He's beautiful as always and stylish and very good at striking a pose...
Lower the pants are better. Just one word...he's gorgeous.
Jonathan_yumm02 Jonathan_yumm03

An Old Friend's Return!

Xy_coverWe love it by the time we have it our own copy from eBay...It was young , independent and fresh. So we decided to subscribe it and did it...then?? nothing happened! Even my credit card hasn't charged for the subscription and surely couldn't get a single issue. We thought there was something wrong for subscribing it from Turkey and meantime forgot about it. Yesterday i found a huge envelope in my mailbox and thought the new issue of Préf is in it. And i got home , put the envelope on the table with the other ones and bills...Suddenly i noticed that it's from California and got excited about the content and opened it is...our very own issue of XY Magazine , 1 year delayed with an apology note from the editor about the problems they've dealed with during 2005.YAY!
Hopes+Dreams is the theme for this issue and we love every single page...So here are the pictures of Danny by Sean Bentz.
Enjoy them...

February 25, 2006

Shady People

I know i've made a post about Brent very soon but i couldn't resist those shadow pics of him. The guys at Brent Corrigan Online are very kind to reply our last post about him and they added a link to Casual in Istanbul.
  21gun_2 If you've ever visited Turkey (especially the southern parts , mediterranean shores)as a tourist probably you've noticed the statue in the left picture. This is god bess , an ancient god of plenty. As you can see he is a small guy with a WOW gadget...after seeing Brent's shadow pics i remembered God Bess...i don't know why? Honestly ;))

February 21, 2006

Big Brother Rulez!

This is Kristian from Big Brother Norway/Sweden. We've watched lots of BB versions but this one rules! Never saw that much action and frontal nudity in any of them. Unfortunately this week Kristian has been eliminated from the show. But here are some caps of him that'd never been forget...
A BJ on TV??Wow! Wanna see the caps without logo , jump to the next part...

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These are from One Tree Hill...Chad Michael Murray is adorable.After we saw these we thought about our highschool days. Damn no memories like that! There were lots of hotties around but all of them in their uniforms and couldn't see any balls like these wandering around...
Wanna see "the balls" ???

Continue reading "" »

February 19, 2006

We really like Ewan Mac Gregor as a good actor and a beautiful man. While googling we found a really interesting website about his clan , his family back in Scotland. Gregor Clan is a huge and old clan. And nowadays they're trying to contact all the mac/Mc Gregors all around the world. And it's weird that their website has more information that Ewan's has! But the best part of the site is the part about "How to Measure for a Kilt?"...Let's see...
You can choose from the tartans below the instructions. All of the patterns are belong to Clan Gregor. And after your kiltmaker finishes your kilt ;you first need to get rid of those bloody trousers
Then wear it proudly. Like Rob Roy Mac Gregor did before , and his grand grand son Ewan does it too...

February 18, 2006

Going On A Manhunt!

Kevin Peake is the star of U.S. TV. show Manhunt. Aside from staring in Manhunt on US tv Kevin has a rather successful career on the side as an underwear model in catalogues which is a very good idea. Cause he has the perfect body for a pair of Speedos.Well actually he has the perfect body for nothing also...
Enjoy him...hmm you want some more ? Just jump to the next part...

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February 06, 2006

He's Back...Still Tasty :P

Here we are presenting you our other favorite Brent...he's the second of two. First we've presented you his former colleague Brent Everett , now here's Brent Corrigan...When we first saw the xxx gay movie "Schoolboy Crush" we've almost had an heart-attack by seeing two hot and cute Brents on action. They were both breath taking and they know how to make you hard!;) We saw every single movie of Brent E. but nothing new from Brent C.?! Until today we found out he has a website that includes a brief info about him , a blog and a gallery page...
Stats: 19, 5'8", 128 lb,s Brown hair/eyes 7.5"
College: soon to attend Arizona State, major undecided
Hobbies: skateboarding, four-wheeling in the desert, dirtbiking,
Likes: Being outdoors and being naked, big dick, getting wasted with friends, Coronas, muscles, fast things, summer parties, summer heat (cuz no one seems to wear very much in the Arizona summer heat ;0)
Dislikes: egotistical idiots, smokers, guys looking to hook up, dial-up connection (who uses that anymore???), prudes
Go and check his website and also see his movies Schoolboy Crush , Every Poolboy's Dreams and Bareboned Twinks if you can , you won't regret it!

January 26, 2006

Roberto Bolle

Roberto Bolle has been hailed by the Italian media as the "Pride of Milan" and the "most exciting star at La Scala". The dancer was born in Casale Monferrato and entered at La Scala Ballet School when he was just a youngster. The first person to notice his talent was the legendary Rudolf Nureyev who   chose Roberto to perform the role of Tadzio in Flemming Flindt’s opera Death in Venice.
From the beginning of the season 2003-2004 Roberto Bolle is nominated étoile at La Scala.
As a practioner of the Italian style of ballet, one who is as handsome as technical, Roberto uses the magnificent proportions of his body to create perfect placement. 
Apart from being lyrical, graceful and completely expressing, his stage presentation is considered a model of efficiency and economy. 
He is a joy to watch on stage.
Since April 99 Roberto Bolle has been "Goodwill Ambassador" for Unicef.
Thanks to AtomicQueens -our newest webmates- for Roberto...       



January 14, 2006

Jason Behr...No More Mr.Nice Guy!


This is a photoshoot from 2004 by Tony Duran...actually we just saw it. As far as we can see Mr.Max Evans has finally decided to deal with some of his body parts instead of aliens in Roswell! Jason Behr was playing a really "boy next door"type character in Roswell. Photographer Tony Duran has searched and found out that there is an alien living inside Jason and shoot it...

Jb_bulge Jb_butt02 this part the evil alien supposed to be a pair of Calvins...he need to get rid of those ;) Jb_butt01

Hey Jason!We're aliens too...wanna deal with us?! :P

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Mega Model Agency


Mega Model Agency is a place where you can find every single male model you know from ads , commercials , from magazines , etc. We picked "the candies" for you. Click on the image above and explore the's really fun.

January 12, 2006

A Hole in My Nipple!

One more from YouTube...this time a HOT wrestler , after wrestling...what are your priorties after sports? Taking shower , getting dressed , drink some Then what else? Watch and see.

also we'd like to thank to the sportsfan who captured the video...he might have a very good taste :)

Three to Get Ready!

This is the newest version of YMCA...the difference from the old one is ; just one ethnic group and one profession...stripper!!

Enjoy it and visit's lot of fun with various homemade videos ;)

January 08, 2006

The Sun Always Shines on Sebastian


Most of you know about him...he's cute , sweet , hot and funny. We adore him till we first saw him on Personal Trainers...yeah we're talking about Sebastian Bonnet of Bel Ami. While surfing on internet i saw these adorable pics of him at Pink4Boys and couldn't resist to share them with you.


He always has that healthy and "you can eat me like a cookie" looks and speeds up our blood circulation especially in some specific parts of our body ;)

14  20 18  08

December 22, 2005

Natural Heater


Born on April 26 and just turned twenty-four years of age, he stands 6' 1-1/2" tall, and is a true Tauran — "kind of animalistic," as he later confides. Part native American, part Irish and part French, he has all the pride, charm and passion that ancestry implies. What's clear is that he's going places, fast. But it all began where he was born, in a tiny little town just outside of Montgomery, Alabama, called Culman.


Channing has been photographed by Wes Bell, Todd Oldham, Tom Munro, Tony Duran, Richard Phibbs, Mikael Jannsen, Bruce Weber, Arnaldo Anaya Lucca, Dewey Nicks, Walter Chin, Rudy Martinez, Pamela Hanson and Randall Mesdon, for Vogue, Flaunt, Gentlemen's Options, Spoon, Empire Magazine, Out, Contents, l'Uomo Vogue and Citizen K magazines. He's achieved belted status in Kung Fu and Gor-Chor Kung Fu, and has years of experience practicing the ancient art of Wah-lum and Capoeira(maybe we can add bulging between the other experiences!)


He's been featured in campaigns for Nautica, Abercrombie & Fitch, Emporio Armani, Gap, Aeropostale and American Eagle, in addition to television commercials for Pepsi, Mountain Dew and American Eagle, and the sequel to his first 'Dew' spot.

Actually words are very unneccessary ; just look at him. We'll have him as our natural heating system for the winter...

December 13, 2005

Let's go to Ballet!


Roberth Bergly Refling is a dancer in Norwegian National Opera & Ballet and also a model. We think , he's one of the best reasons to go to a Ballet! Just imagine him in white tights in Swan Lake...These breath-taking photos of him shot by Norwegian photographer John Andresen.

Robert_hot01 Robert_hot02

Not satisfied yet?? Then...

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December 10, 2005

Jason Beitel...casual this time!


Most of you know Jason from Kylie's Showgirl DVD...he was the hot dancer in the shower with Galliano underwear. First of all we want to thank our blogmates for introducing him to us with his breath-taking shower pics but hey , we're casual boys and want to see his casual pics as well...Jason_casual

Don't you think he has the cutest smile ever...Kylie we love you , god bless you , get well soon and continue your tour , we want to see you both in Istanbul!


December 07, 2005

Douches Froides/Cold Shower

Df_affiche_1 Voila! That's why we love French moviemakers a lot. The sexual tension in every single French Movie is very very high!Is it about the language or something else ; we always think(and hope) everybody in that scene is gonna f*ck each other just at the end of their lines. Besides we take off our hats to the unlimited fantasy world of French moviemakers ; lots of showing butts , sex during karate(!!) , sex during cooking , sex during breathing(LOL)...they expand their actors' capability of sex during life. In Douches Froides/Cold Shower(2005) as far as we can see in the trailer , extraits and photos ; both of the young actors Johan Libérau and Pierre Perrier seem very comfortable with nudity  , cuddling each other and stuff. The film will hit the movie theatres in Istanbul soon and we're waiting to see it impatiently.

Df01 Df02 Df03

December 06, 2005

Let's do some Laundry!


Thiago Rodrigues is 25 , a South American soap actor/model. We don't have any clue about his acting but one thing we are really sure about is he's good at doing laundry... Thiago_rodrigues01

So get your laundry bag and come with us Thiago_rodrigues03 Thiago_rodrigues04


Still not clean enough??..

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December 03, 2005

Marco : Ragazzo Bello!


Marco is 23 , a MotoGP pilot. Although born and raised in Ravenna, Marco spends the majority of his time between the World MotoGP circuit and his home in Derby, England, where he trains on motocross bikes together with friends . He was in Istanbul on 23rd of October for GP TURKEY but unfortunately we couldn't see him close enough.Marco_desnudo

He's cute and doesn't have any problems with public nudity!!Next year we will be in Istanbul Park for GP TURKEY with a tele-zoom camera and show you guys his beauties under the Istanbul sky ;)


November 27, 2005

Style on Butt!


TV ad for Lacoste Pour Homme is amazing! Ian Lawless(an Aussie model) is neither concerned about being seen nor trying to hide his nakedness.He's totally naked , sitting , holding a cup of tea. His posture and expression are confident but with a provacative sparkle in his eyes.Yeah , that's what "Lacoste guys" said about the ad on their website. He really has that provacative sparkle that makes you want to throw that cup of tea and bite his butt!..

Lacostea Lacosteb Lacostec Lacosted Lacostee Lacostef Lacosteg Lacosteh Lacostei Lacostej Lacostek Lacostel Lacostem Lacosten Lacosteo

Download and watch won't regret it!!


Louis Vuitton Boy

Louisvuitton_splash Lv01

November 24, 2005

Song of the Moment : A Hard Day's Night


It's been a hard day's night, and I'd been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright...

Harddaysnight01_1 Harddaysnight02_1

You know I work all day to get you money to buy you things
And it's worth it just to hear you say you're going to give me everything
So why on earth should I moan, cos when I get you alone
You know I feel OK...

Harddaysnight03_1 Harddaysnight05_1

When I'm home everything seems to be right

When I'm home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah...


Lennon / McCartney

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More Song of the Moment

November 12, 2005

Turkish Eye on Stéphane Rideau


He has come undone to our lives , now he's done! First saw him on Wild Reeds/Les Roseaux Sauvages, then love him in Come undone/Presque Rien and recently adored him in 3 Dancing Slaves/Le Clan.He's a hot piece and a very good actor from France. French Magazine Citizen K hired Turkish photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu for the hot photo session of Stéphane Rideau.Check out the very Turkish eye on him.


Photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu was born in 1978. After a succesful completion of his education in the field of fashion design he started his career by manifesting his own business in 2001.Ca_1

His schooling in fashion design also gave him a valuable insight to creatibg his own style in the industry of fashion photography.With many different approaches as a creative fashion designer he at the same time became reknown as the fashion photographer who knows both sides of the coin.Citizen K Officiel , Elle , Marie Claire , Harper's Bazaar , TBWA , Tequila , YKM and Garize are just some of the names among his clientelle.


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Bravo Boy


Sven (18) from Mettmann in North-Rhine/Westphalia. He is the winner of the Bravo Boy&Girl Contest 2005. The Bravo Boy & Girl Contest is an annual beauty-talent contest of German cheezy teen magazine Bravo. We want to congratulate German teens for voting Sven ; he is really cute and hot. Thanks to Be-Gay


For more pics of sweet Sven...

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November 06, 2005

François Rousseau


Go and check world-famous French photographer François Rousseau's new web site.You'll discover the visual definition of male beauty from his portfolio and his books...Also you can find about his ads , videos and exhibits in there.From January 2006, you will be able to discover in the category Bonus, photographies series exclusively realized for the site.

Via OhLaLaParis

Beautiful Beur

Beur_long_banner Beur (butter) is the name under which Arab and mixed colored men are known in France. In a short time this has become an understanding in the (gay)culture. In addition to organizations like Citebeur, Kelma and BabyBoy Magazine, BEAUTIFUL is going to give you weekly portraits of these most beautiful boys and men.

November 04, 2005

Là où est il??


While having dinner and watching MCM , we suddenly noticed that haven't heard of Charles for a long time...Charles Cattaert was 16 when he participated "Nouvelle Star" in 2003. He was young and sweet with a nice body cause he was also a gymnast.We first saw him on MCM in video of "Au bout de mes rêves" with other participants and bookmarked him!He is 18 now and we haven't heard of him lately...Hope to hear his album and watch his hot videos on MCM again:P

Charles02 Charles03

November 02, 2005

The Sweetest Perfection


...i stop and i stare too much , afraid that i care too much , and i hardly dare to touch , for fear that the spell may be broken...

The Sweetest Perfection/Depeche Mode/Violator1990


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November 01, 2005



Sebastián Castella , a 24 year-old "matador" from Madrid. He's one of the hottest guys on Arena. Casual in Istanbul discovered the secret of his success on Toros! First some regular procedures , then show them what he has! :)You won't believe your eyes...



October 22, 2005

The Most Beautiful Man in the World


Divine beauty in the form of a man...Everyone says he's the most beautiful and handsome man in sixties; well they're wrong. He's the most beautiful man ever !Monsieur Delon we adore you...


Thanks to Rob&Yann for adding two very important books to our collection...

A Little Bit of Freedom

Baran (Cagdas Bozkurt) is a Kurdish boy from Turkey whose relatives have helped him to come to Germany after the death of his parents. His asylum application was rejected just shy of his sixteenth birthday. No stranger to hard work, he survives by running errands for a Turkish fast-food restaurant, which take him from the finest apartments to the lowest clip joints - confronting him with the district’s many realities.
Not until Baran encounters the seventeen-year old Chernor(Leroy Delmor)- also an illegal and stateless immigrant – does his life gain impetus. The two are drawn together. But while Chernor tries to finance his future by dealing drugs, Baran’s past catches up with him…


Kleine Freiheit/A Little Bit of Freedom(2003) is a very good and a touching movie about two young illegal immigrant boys. It's a very catchy plot and makes you think a lot even after it ended. Besides Cagdas and Leroy are hot as hell. During the film you always want to see them both naked and in same bed...well they don't let you down ;)

Highly Recommended...

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October 21, 2005

Casual on a Manhunt!


A Turkish Model; Tolgahan Sayisman has won this year's Manhunt in South Korea. He's 24 , a graduate student and a model in Turkey ,France and Italy. After winning the Manhunt he signed for Mercedes-Benz/Asia add campaign. No more words , just look at the hotties around the world...


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October 14, 2005

Tommy or Filip?


Lots of talk about him nowadays. About his past in Bel Ami , his part in Müller commercial as an acrobat and his participation in Big Brother's Czech version...Not only breaking his contract with Bel Ami , by doing all that things ; he endangered his and his Bel Ami fellow models' privacy.


He confessed that he's ashamed of his porn past but was seen at Pride in San Francisco (June 2005) at the Falcon/Colt booth auctioning off underwear.Some people thinks that he's a bit paranoid and some people supports him...well who knows who's right?!

Tommyswimsuit Come on people...he's just a 23 year-old confused kid. Don't be too hard on him.He's a bit greedy and he really wants to be a celebrity like every kid wants. But that's it , it's not a big deal.After his confession on Big Brother , Müller pulled the spot off the air , and it's been said that Czech people doesn't want to watch a gay porn star on it's quite obvious that he is left with nothing to go back to, unless Bel-Ami want him again. But hey! he's just 23 and he has time to do something else , he has a chance to try , to start from scratch.

More news hotties from Big Brother...

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October 08, 2005

Goal Kuno Goaall!


Tonight , we saw "Goal - the movie" in our favorite movie theatre Sureyya in Kadikoy.WOW! We love the movie as a huge football/soccer fans and also we love Kuno Becker who plays leading role Santiago Muñez in the movie.


He's 27 , a latin TV star from Mexico. His most rememberd role is the traitor boy in "Remembering Argentina" opposite to Antonio Banderas. He has very good skills in football and he really plays the game as an actual player. At first filmmakers has thought to give the part to Diego Luna(we like him a lot )then Kuno got it. We think he deserves it.

Kuno_goal Kuno_onthefield01

He is really breath-taking in lockerroom and shower scenes :) Highly recommended!

Watch trailer and some clips here!


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October 06, 2005

Attitude Annual Porn Issue!


In October 2005 issue , Attitude deserves every penny you pay!Besides lots of gorgeous photos and articles about gay porn , it also includes news and photos about Big Brother , Bruce LaBruce , Dean Phoenix , Patsy Kensit and more...

Lukassebastian_5 Attitude_pic

Actually we love Roman Heart on the cover and also as a centrefold model! Thanks to the editor(and also to Josh Van Gelder the photographer) for the cover with a very nice surprise...!

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October 01, 2005

Benno Thoma Photography


Dutch photographer Benno Thoma regularly travels the globe in order to capture lighting on his subjects, either architecture, interior, landscapes or models.
He started to develop his talent for photography about twenty years ago in Turkey and the Netherlands and continued his photography experience during his travels. Nowadays Benno is well-known for his specialism in hotel an interior photography, as well as his achievements in fashion and model photography.

Benno01 Benno02

Benno03 Benno04

We really adore Benno's work. There are lot more breath-taking photos in Also he had some photo shoots with Belami models which are also incredibly beautiful.Go and check his site...

Benno_belami01_1 Benno_belami02_1 Benno_belami03_1

September 29, 2005

Dutch Boy!


A 3-0 victory for Fenerbahce over 10-man PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday in Champions League Group E. The result lifted Fenerbahce to second in the group, level with PSV on three points, behind AC Milan who lead on four after their 2-2 draw with Schalke 04.

One of that 10-man of PSV was very hot...Ibrahim Afellay. Born in 1986 in Utrecht. 181 cm , 68 kg who plays in PSV Eindhoven since 2004. A 19 year-old beauty with very good skills. He's an excellent player in the field and probably a breath-taking view in the locker room and in showers.


He has that marvellous long-muscled legs to die for. And he has the cutest face. Some sources on the internet mention that he's half Turkish-half Dutch. If that's true he might have some relatives in Turkey which means he can be seen in Turkey any minute(hopefully)!He's the rising star of PSV and we hope to see him being a world-wide star in several years. Also he's a very loving kid who always share his happiness in games with his elder brothers from their behind ;)


Well who can blame you for that joyful face?!I could cry if a hottie like that holds me from my back...

September 28, 2005

And Our Hot Guy from Port Vell - Barcelona


That was one of the last shots from Barcelona...he was enjoying the view so did i!!I pointed the camera to him and he noticed. It was one of the shoot and run moments...LOL. But he was really cute. Than we saw him walking around while we were having lunch in Pans&Co.


Hot Guys from the Streets


We found this blog tonight and loved it. We love the hot guys from the streets and we love to take pictures of them. No information about the blogmasters and all of the street guys are dressed but Photographs of Hot Guys from the Streets is a really tasty photoblog. Go and check German , French and Czech boys...

September 27, 2005

Cristiano's Health!


Seeing news about our favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo on the internet always makes us happy. Not only because he's a very good player , he's also the hottest man in soccer industry. Thanks to Steph&Alek for showing us something we could never have...LOL...damn it we only have Men's Health U.S. and U.K. here ; no Portugal one :(( And Men's Health Portugal doesn't even has a website.

Related Post WHY???!!!


September 25, 2005

Looking for a Personal Trainer!


Well our plan for tonight was order something to eat and watch DVDs but while checking Belami Online we found out that the final episode of "Personal Trainers" is out. The movie called "A+" . Our favorite personel trainer Sebastian Bonnet grades his top students in a final exam with his colleague Dano Sulik. He is always hot and we think he is already a Belami legend like Johan , Ion and Lukas.


Again we worshipped George Duroy as a beauty explorer. The trailer itself is very good , go and watch it.Highly recomended! Sebastian is like out of this world , he's like a fresh baked cookie :)


Sebastiantour Sebastian is the best personal trainer ever and with his training we have Danny Saradon , Tim Hamilton , Matt Philippe and Tommy Hansen :)Damn ,we missed him when he was in Antalya,Turkey for a vacation in 1998...Bad Luck.

September 23, 2005

Playa del Gurugú


After exhausting Barcelona walks we found peace and fresh and naked bodies in Castellón beach : Playa del Gurugú...At first there were kids and families but then here came the Español hotties!!Tanned , healthy and yummy :P


Then while walking towards the shore as a favour of Neptune a group of swimmers came out of the water and took our breath away...



We went back home with speedos on our minds and sand in our ears :)


September 18, 2005

Goal Keeper from Behind!


While walking back from Port Olympic(after seeing bunch of hot guys on the beach) ,trying to find some shortcuts to Port Vell ,we found the stadium of C.F.Barceloneta...the final match of Torneig Ciutat Vella between C.F.Barceloneta and C.E.Pubilla Casas. We decided to take a short break and watch the game(good decision :). Trying to find a good place to seat , then we saw a holy light that was coming from Pubilla Casas' goal keeper and we went directly to that light. He was young , firm with red cheeks.And surely he seems very delicious(yummy).Although Pubilla Casas couldn't won the game but their goal keeper won our hearts. Unfortunately no information about him or the team in the internet , we just have these photos of him. If there are any visitors of us from Barcelona have any info about him , for god's sake please let us know(LOL)


September 16, 2005

What Would Us Like To Have For Lunch?


Here are some Valencia stuff...After walking everywhere , did some shopping we were exhausted and hungry , so we decided to have something to eat and we found that nice place called " La Taberna de Marisa". Very well decorated with perfect food and a cute waiter(again??).He had that "i'm ice-cold" look with a girly attitude. He served the best meal with his provocative arms and cute face with that "fuck you" looks(LOL).God knows when he asked if we have some dessert , we'd almost tell "you":)


September 12, 2005

1st Day , next window...


We woke up early on our first day. Our friends from Castellón were going to come to show us around. I went to the window to see how is the weather and what's up out there and found out that the building across the street is a youth hostel!! A hot guy was sleeping on the bed , shirtless with a hot body. Here are some digital close-ups for your viewing pleasure (LOL)


Click on the images to see him closer(am i a pervert or what!?)


September 01, 2005

Mi Soledad


World's most famoust flamenco dancer and choreographer Joaquin Cortes will be in Harbiye Open Air Theatre in Istanbul on 10 September, 2005. Cortes will perform his new show called "Mi Soledad - My Loneliness".

We are sorry , we couldn't see your show this time...but we have a good excuse ; we'll be in España!

Surely that doesn't change the fact that you're pure adrenaline and extremely hot. We'll catch you up next time hunk.

August 23, 2005

WANTED....Robinson Guy....alive


Actually he is everywhere...on the newspapers , magazines , billboards.This is an ad photo of Robinson Club . He's extremely hot. Anyone knows who he is ? We are thinking seriously to travel to Robinson Clubs in Southern Turkey , find him(surely throw that bitch to the sea) and take off that tiny trunk , give him the comfort he wants and...

August 18, 2005

Good or Evil?...who cares...


Rob Matthew is a model from Tampa - FL. He is "the muse " of photographer David Vance for 15 years. Lots of hot shots from David. We couldn't decide if he is a muse or not , the only thing we decide is he is out of this world(nice tail by the way...:P)


August 16, 2005

The Night is Young and Hot!


13l_2 It's a very hot night in Istanbul. The temperature and the humidity is awful...we spent all night in the terrace and had tons of liquid. But we can still look at those pics ; in case if you live in a lower temperature and want some summer heat take a look at those...Yeah they're real , and we're ready to buy an A/C to keep just one those at home(yummm!)

Karl05_1 Karl06_1 Karl03_1

August 12, 2005

Brent to die for...


He's a hybrid of all your fantasies, both a twink and a jock with a straight acting demeanor, a perfectly hung cock(it's really something worths to see but sorry guys no frontal nudity on this site...go and check Brent's site) and lips that seem to go on for days. Brent has become one of the most sought after performers on the scene by both fans and industry alike, but he's also one of the business's best kept secrets.
We just adore him. His looks , lips , everywhere ! He has that boy next door looks also the muscles of a jock. We first saw him on School Boy Crush and then saw almost all of the serie :) (well we think the first one was the best though!his partner in SBC3 was another hot Brent)

August 07, 2005

Iker Casillas


Place of Birth...Madrid - España

Date of Birth...May 20 1981

Weight..........80 kg

Height..........185 cm

His career started in the 7 and 8-year-old Club’s team in season 90/91. After joining the Club and Iker02 step by step, this goalkeeper from Móstoles has gone through all the teams in the Real Madrid’s Sports Complex (“Ciudad Deportiva”). His dreams came true in season 98/99 when he was called for the first team. He played in the Third Division team that season and a year later he made it into the Real Madrid’s second team. He found his reward for this unstoppable promotion when he was called for the lower squads of the National Team. He was one of the key players for the Under-21 National Team’s achievement of the World Championship in 2000. He has been part of the Real Madrid’s first squad since season 99/00 when he has settled down as if he was an experienced player.

Iker Casillas is very committed to the people around him. He enjoys going out with his friends and listening to Spanish music. One of the things he likes the most in his private life is to have some fried eggs with potatoes made for him.
(via Real

Casillasaction Now i am ready to go shopping for some Spanish Music cds , a pan , some eggs and potatoes! I can make some fried eggs with potatoes for him...well i can do more than that!

Iker is one of the hottest guys in Spanish National Soccer League. Unfortunately he's a goal keeper and we don't have any chance to see some "cloth malfunctions" of him.

July 29, 2005

Viva España !

Nachoozalla02 Nachoozalla05 Nachoozalla04

This is Nacho Ozalla...5'11" tall with green eyes and chestnut hair...a spanish model from Group Model Management. What else could we say but Viva España ?! We are planning to go to Spain on September for holiday. Hope we could see lots of those hot spanish guys around in Barcelona. Just Can't Get Enough of them...go and check the site.Thanks to Peter Pan from Gayya Kuyusu


July 27, 2005

Gaspard Ulliel


Well not only from Turkey ; the world also has adorable guys like Gaspard. We first saw him in "Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles" , he was playing next to Audrey Tatou and he was fabulous! We love his charm and his innocence .Yesterday we saw "Les Egarés/Strayed" ,he was playing next to Emmanuelle Beart and he was hot with that shaved head and very good at kissing!!We're hoping to see "Le Dernier Jour" and also "Paris , je t'aime"(which is still in production and we don't know what is it about but the title includes both Paris and Love which sounds kinky!!)

Gaspardaffiche_1 Strayed2_2

Gaspard1_1 Gaspard2_1