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May 14, 2006

Hot in da House!

Finally Commander in Chief on Turkish television...After reading lots of stuff from internet about the series , we watched the pilot and then the first episode on TV last week. And not surprisingly we had a crush on President's son Horace(Matt Lanter). Unfortunately we never had such a a first kid in our presidential palace in Turkey. We've first paid attention to him on Bravo's Manhunt. Now he's back with all his charm on TV...
One more thing...we've read about the forthcoming episodes and surprised that we'll able to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the series. We were kids while watching Saved by the Bell on TV , and didn't have any ideas why trembling when we saw Zach?!Now it makes sense ;)

April 25, 2006

The Real Big Brother...Kristian!

Most of you probably remember Kristian from Big Brother Norway/Sweden and from here.Yesterday we receieved an e-mail about him and his girlfriend. Actually it was in our spam box and generally we don't pay attention to that kind of e-mails but this time , after we saw the footage we decided to share with you. This is a video which has been probably shot by Kristian himself during a vacation with his girlfriend. It's obvious that he still has that bad perfect habit of showing every single detail of his body from BB house...well after the jump is only for adults...

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April 02, 2006


NouvellestarAfter 3 years we've lost all hope about seeing a new hottie on French Nouvelle Star. We had a crush on Charles Cattaert in 2003 Nouvelle Star. Nothing for two whole years. Then one day we saw a post about Nouvelle Star 2006 auditions and Gael on Oh La La Paris.We asked our friends Steph & Alek if he still has a chance to participate , then he did it and voted out on the first night! Such a shame :( Next day they called him back because of a tele-voting system error and he'll be back on the show next week :)He's 18 and he's the second hot Gael we know after Gael Garcia...hopefully he'll be on the show for a long time and we'll be able to see his performances!
Via Oh La La Paris

February 21, 2006

Big Brother Rulez!

This is Kristian from Big Brother Norway/Sweden. We've watched lots of BB versions but this one rules! Never saw that much action and frontal nudity in any of them. Unfortunately this week Kristian has been eliminated from the show. But here are some caps of him that'd never been forget...
A BJ on TV??Wow! Wanna see the caps without logo , jump to the next part...

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These are from One Tree Hill...Chad Michael Murray is adorable.After we saw these we thought about our highschool days. Damn no memories like that! There were lots of hotties around but all of them in their uniforms and couldn't see any balls like these wandering around...
Wanna see "the balls" ???

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January 08, 2006

One More Reason to Watch Nip/Tuck


Nip/Tuck,Season 3/Episode 11...we watched that episode last week and enjoyed it a lot.A U.S. Soldier went there to have the shrapnel removed from his face from Iraq. It was a really hot scene because he was really arrogant, racist and homophobic but all of a sudden finds himself having sex with a guy, which he had probably supressed his whole life. His line just before sex was "i'm not a faggot doctor ; i'm a married man , i have a wife..." then we saw what a married man can be capable of...LOL. Dr.Quentin Costa is a very lucky guy!

See the clip from Malcontent

November 27, 2005

Style on Butt!


TV ad for Lacoste Pour Homme is amazing! Ian Lawless(an Aussie model) is neither concerned about being seen nor trying to hide his nakedness.He's totally naked , sitting , holding a cup of tea. His posture and expression are confident but with a provacative sparkle in his eyes.Yeah , that's what "Lacoste guys" said about the ad on their website. He really has that provacative sparkle that makes you want to throw that cup of tea and bite his butt!..

Lacostea Lacosteb Lacostec Lacosted Lacostee Lacostef Lacosteg Lacosteh Lacostei Lacostej Lacostek Lacostel Lacostem Lacosten Lacosteo

Download and watch won't regret it!!


November 17, 2005

Football Icon


The perfect recipe...put 12 hot youngmen in a house , add some football , some shower scenes , training , ambition and sweat...what do we have?? This is something beyond our imagination. SkyOne TV channel brings that football fantasy to your home(not ours , your home unfortunately , we need a second satellite dish for this damn it) Football Icon airs on Sundays at 7pm(local time) on SkyOne.12 lads aiming for the 1 professional conract available with Chelsea football club.But we already pick one of them. His name is Mark , an 18 years old lad from Essex , England. He's a midfielder and hope he'll be a star in few years and we can able to see him frequently on TV.Enjoy him guys...

Icon8 Icon22

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November 10, 2005

Guess Who's Back?!


Well , He's Ilhan Mansiz ; Turkey's famous football player. He did great works in Turkish National Team in 2002 World Cup. People used to call him Beckham of Turkey , he has lots of Japanese fans , his nickname is Samourai. He left Besiktas to play in Japan but he had some unfortunate accident during a game and couldn't play long there , he went to Germany for the cure and now he's back in Turkey and plays for Ankaragucu F.C. First time on Turkish TVs , a football player is in a women pantiliners commercial...with a hot Brazilian model...Mansiz01 Mansiz02

You're just a click away for more(!)of him...

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November 08, 2005

Keremcem in B&W


Keremcem is 28 ; a singer and an actor from sunny Southern Turkey. He has a real nice voice and a cute face and a great body. He has the leading role in a TV serie called "Ask Oyunu/Love Game" and without a doubt he has lots of teen girl fans(also teen boys and not teen anymore boys too :)


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November 04, 2005

Là où est il??


While having dinner and watching MCM , we suddenly noticed that haven't heard of Charles for a long time...Charles Cattaert was 16 when he participated "Nouvelle Star" in 2003. He was young and sweet with a nice body cause he was also a gymnast.We first saw him on MCM in video of "Au bout de mes rêves" with other participants and bookmarked him!He is 18 now and we haven't heard of him lately...Hope to hear his album and watch his hot videos on MCM again:P

Charles02 Charles03

October 19, 2005

Everyway That We Can!


22 October 2005 the great 50th anniversary show for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), called Congratulations will be held in Forum Copenhagen.
14 popular songs from earlier years of ESC has been selected to be performed. 10 of the songs has been chosen by fans from all over Europe and finally 4 songs has gotten a wildcard from the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group.
The show will be broadcast to more than 25 countries all over Europe, and during the night the European viewers will televote to choose the most popular song of the last 50 years of Eurovision Song Contests.The original videos of the 14 shortlisted songs will be shown, complemented by dancers, lightshows and other visual effects on stage.

The songs and the performers are huge!! Such as ABBA , Céline Dion , Cliff Richard , Helena Paparizou , Johnny Logan and Dana International...and Sertab Erener (Winner of ESC 2003)of course with her song "Everyway That I Can". 

Sertab is Turkey's #1 female vocal who is a collorature soprano. Her voice is sweet but strong. Besides the ESC success , she has some international works as a Sony International artist with Voice Male and Ricky Martin (Private Emotion duet)

We'll watch the show live on October 22nd , and vote for her...


Every Way That I Can MV

October 14, 2005

Tommy or Filip?


Lots of talk about him nowadays. About his past in Bel Ami , his part in Müller commercial as an acrobat and his participation in Big Brother's Czech version...Not only breaking his contract with Bel Ami , by doing all that things ; he endangered his and his Bel Ami fellow models' privacy.


He confessed that he's ashamed of his porn past but was seen at Pride in San Francisco (June 2005) at the Falcon/Colt booth auctioning off underwear.Some people thinks that he's a bit paranoid and some people supports him...well who knows who's right?!

Tommyswimsuit Come on people...he's just a 23 year-old confused kid. Don't be too hard on him.He's a bit greedy and he really wants to be a celebrity like every kid wants. But that's it , it's not a big deal.After his confession on Big Brother , Müller pulled the spot off the air , and it's been said that Czech people doesn't want to watch a gay porn star on it's quite obvious that he is left with nothing to go back to, unless Bel-Ami want him again. But hey! he's just 23 and he has time to do something else , he has a chance to try , to start from scratch.

More news hotties from Big Brother...

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August 06, 2005



Sometimes I wonder why we should live in Istanbul, why we don't have MTV-US and why MTV Europe sucks?! Thanks to emilyn of Musings of a Virgin we discovered MTV's Undressed a little late!

Undressed05_1 Undressed04_1 Undressed03_1

"Not getting enough action before you go to bed? Undressed will definitely be changing that! This season is sure to titillate your senses--so tune in!"

We'd love  to tune in please make mtv europe air this show!