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May 19, 2006

SanDisk Boyz!

Whatever your life's passion may be(hot boys probably), SanDisk has the right memory product to suit your style.Store your world in ours...
Well we want to store the SanDisk boys at home if it's possible...Hot Ad Campaign!

May 10, 2006

Confessions on My...

Conf_1Australian fashion designers MAK & MULVANY have released a limited edition range of mens underwear , celebrating Madonna's 2006 Confessions World Tour.Available exclusively online at their site. The Y-Front briefs are available in two sizes. Wearing their designs themselves at an Australian stop on the tour is now looking unlikely with no dates being announced.

March 20, 2006

PREF Special Issue

PREF Magazine's first special issue will be on the shelves on March 29. This first special issue is a succession of portfolios of French or international photographers who collaborated with the magazine the first two years.We are impatiently waiting to see the photos of François Rousseau , Dino Dinco , Joe Oppedisano , Brian Finke, Simen Johan, Bernard Faucon , François Burgun , Slava Moguti , Anthony Gayton and Arsen Savadov...

March 19, 2006


Last Night ,while most of the city was sleeping , something amazing happened just out of sight.People were climbing onto the rooftops of their apartments , stripping down to their jeans and basking in the moonlight...
Moonbathe01 Moonbathe02
A handsome young man(Ricardo Santos) lies on his bed , waiting until the time is right to go out.He gets up and pulls on his Levi's Jeans...
Moonbathe03  Moonbathe04
And while he's pulling on his jeans you can enjoy his cute ass and tasty bulge...
Moonbathe05 Moonbathe06
It makes you think , what other things do people get up to at night??!!Do you wanna know and do you also wanna see the "hottest ever" Levi's commercial?? Click here

December 25, 2005

PRÉF Magazine


We know you've all heard about French Gay Magazine PRÉF recently from our French blogmates OhLaLaParis and Beautiful. Actually we never had a single copy of the magazine , but this weekend we got a very sweet e-mail from the co-founder/general manager of PRÉF Magazine and we had a nice conversation with him. After that we decided to subscribe on the magazine...actually we can't imagine what will happen if the postman wonders what's inside that huge envelope and open it but we don't care...we'll have great articles , breath-taking photos and maybe a "F*ck-off Fags" writing on our door...who knows :) Anyway , #12 issue of PRÉF is a collector's edition issue with three different covers. The cover story is "Checkpoint Charlie" and we couldn't wait to have the magazine.(By the way , our cover choice is the third one from the left above)

November 27, 2005

Style on Butt!


TV ad for Lacoste Pour Homme is amazing! Ian Lawless(an Aussie model) is neither concerned about being seen nor trying to hide his nakedness.He's totally naked , sitting , holding a cup of tea. His posture and expression are confident but with a provacative sparkle in his eyes.Yeah , that's what "Lacoste guys" said about the ad on their website. He really has that provacative sparkle that makes you want to throw that cup of tea and bite his butt!..

Lacostea Lacosteb Lacostec Lacosted Lacostee Lacostef Lacosteg Lacosteh Lacostei Lacostej Lacostek Lacostel Lacostem Lacosten Lacosteo

Download and watch won't regret it!!


November 03, 2005

Lord Vader...RISE!


We have him at home for 2 days. Happy about that but also sad for knowing that this is the last one. No more waiting for May 19th s , no more searching the internet for spoilers and photos , no more heart beats in the opening sequence of the movie...Actually we grew up together , i saw all of them at least three times(ok , i admit that i'm a geek :) , i noticed Luke is hot when i was a teenager , always dreamed of being a Jedi and have a real light-saber...After watching the second DVD the"Making of"stuff , i appreciate their hard working and Lucas' imagination.

Thanks for the universe that you've created for us and for wonderful 28 years...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU...


October 23, 2005

Package Delivery!


October 06, 2005

Attitude Annual Porn Issue!


In October 2005 issue , Attitude deserves every penny you pay!Besides lots of gorgeous photos and articles about gay porn , it also includes news and photos about Big Brother , Bruce LaBruce , Dean Phoenix , Patsy Kensit and more...

Lukassebastian_5 Attitude_pic

Actually we love Roman Heart on the cover and also as a centrefold model! Thanks to the editor(and also to Josh Van Gelder the photographer) for the cover with a very nice surprise...!

Continue reading "Attitude Annual Porn Issue!" »

October 04, 2005

Eau d'Ernest


Ernest Hemingway, one of the prominent figures of the 21st century literature, became source of inspiration for one of the works exhibited in the 9th International Istanbul Biennale.

While Hemingway highlighted his fear of death in some of his books, he ended his life by shooting himself in 1961. Setting off from the question, “What kind of smell may express his paradoxical identity?” Bulgarian origin artist Daniel Bozhkov produced a perfume of which its dominant smell is “musk”. The name of the perfume meaning powerful, independent, but turbulent and sensitive is “Eau d’Ernest” and it is marketed under the slogan “elegance in difficulty”.

Bozhkov, combining the smell culture of the Ottoman period with today’s world in terms of the cultural and political atmosphere of 1920’s, explains the genesis of the project: “I had come to Istanbul to participate in the Biennial in 2003 and stayed in the Great London Hotel which had a big influence on me. Then, I learned that Hemingway also stayed in this hotel while he was a war reporter for the Toronto Daily Star newspaper in 1922. While I was staying in the hotel, the world was tense as well as in that period. I was interested in designing something to reflect the emotional state of that lonely man who was under pressure.” The artist recorded hundreds of Hemingway look-alikes a competition held in Key West in Florida every July and used the images for his advertising film.

The perfume will be launched on the market after the biennial, and has passed all clichés of the capitalist system. All processes like designing the bottle, writing the story of smell, shooting the film of the story and working with a musician have been realized. The situation carries the art and art work being to the verge of turning into a commercial object; however, the most delicate part of the issue says: “A promotional campaign composed of banner and ad films may direct people to think in that manner. But, when reading the notes in bottle’s label, they will understand this is not the same; because, they will find a complex and deep text.”

Those who want to find Hemingway’s both masculine and fragile personality in the perfume including anise and basil beside musk should visit Antrepo Number 5 until October 5. Visitors will be able to watch the ad film showing a young Ernest drinking a cup of Turkish coffee writes notes in the Great London Hotel lobby in 1922 and can buy the perfume at the biennial area.

Iksv Biennial

September 25, 2005

Looking for a Personal Trainer!


Well our plan for tonight was order something to eat and watch DVDs but while checking Belami Online we found out that the final episode of "Personal Trainers" is out. The movie called "A+" . Our favorite personel trainer Sebastian Bonnet grades his top students in a final exam with his colleague Dano Sulik. He is always hot and we think he is already a Belami legend like Johan , Ion and Lukas.


Again we worshipped George Duroy as a beauty explorer. The trailer itself is very good , go and watch it.Highly recomended! Sebastian is like out of this world , he's like a fresh baked cookie :)


Sebastiantour Sebastian is the best personal trainer ever and with his training we have Danny Saradon , Tim Hamilton , Matt Philippe and Tommy Hansen :)Damn ,we missed him when he was in Antalya,Turkey for a vacation in 1998...Bad Luck.

September 21, 2005

Who Wanna Play Tic-Tac-Toe?!


Nowadays on Istanbul streets we have eye candies everywhere. Thanks to Diesel , their 2005 Ad Campaign took us back to our childhood :) Tic-Tac-Toe , Matrushka , Pinball...such a shame we didn't have that kind of buddies to play...these bitches are very lucky


July 31, 2005

The original T-box from Istanbul


It all began with a t-shirt squeezed into a tiny cube.This t-shirt gave T-box its name.Then T-box became the owner of our hearts and the meaning of our lives.T-box with its squeezed and therefore wrinkled but ergonomic packaging , is a practical , fun and absolutely fabulous brand that perfectly fits the I-buy-fast-and-I-consume-fast attitude.

3medialarge_1  Those little things are real life-savers when you need something to wear , something to do(!) instantly and don't have anything with you. You can find them everywhere; in a gas station , a grocery store , a mall , even when you're in a boat trip , there's a mobile sail-boat which sells them! T-shirts , boxers , towels , flip-flaps , bags , swimming gear even condoms!!!All of them squeezed and packed carefully with really funny names and using instructions inside.Donquixote

And now they're available in different countries like France , Italy , Spain , Russia , Australia...You can buy T-box online from Bascuda , e-Store , Boyner

Go and check out T-box site and play Condom Game...