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August 31, 2006

Anthony Boccaccio

Anthony Boccaccio began his career with National Geographic Magazine in 1971. Since then, his camera has taken him to over thirty countries in as many years. Boccaccio's very first photograph was of a man, the figure of Hercules in the Orion constellation. He was 13 years old and had just purchased his first camera, a Mark IV plastic box camera. The first male nude photograph was in 1976, in the Mohave desert.In 1978 he began Dreams, portfolio of color images taken directly from his own dream diaries. Black and white photography of the male nude came late in his career and in 1992 he began creating a series of fine art portfolios on various themes. The sensual for Boccaccio is more interesting visually than the erotic. Though no one could deny that this collection of beautiful bodies calls forth a certain erotic tone, it is an echo of innocence and purity.


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