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August 25, 2006

A Brand New Turkish Snack...Murat Boz

Every week we are gonna try to inform you about Turkish Pop Culture includes design , music , fashion , photography etc. with the collaboration of our blogmate So Slowly. So Slowly is the perfect example of a blog that reflects the popular culture from our home country and abroad.
Mb02 Let us introduce you Murat Boz...a pop singer whose debut single "Aski Bulamam Ben" has just arrived.He is 26 , working in music industry for a long time as a back singer of most of the Turkish Pop Stars...He's the back singer of Tarkan for five years!He has a very nice voice , he can dance well and he is extremely hot! We first saw his music video on TV couple of weeks ago ; we had no idea who he was and the concept of the video was a Peep-show ; he was singing his song in the middle of a room that surrounded with windows , there were hot girls behind the windows and he was singing while undressing!!Actually the end of the video was a bit disappointment , he didn't undress enough!That's why we are waiting for his second video impatiently just like trying to sleep again when a horny dream interrupted...For more pictures of him check So Slowly.


April 02, 2006


NouvellestarAfter 3 years we've lost all hope about seeing a new hottie on French Nouvelle Star. We had a crush on Charles Cattaert in 2003 Nouvelle Star. Nothing for two whole years. Then one day we saw a post about Nouvelle Star 2006 auditions and Gael on Oh La La Paris.We asked our friends Steph & Alek if he still has a chance to participate , then he did it and voted out on the first night! Such a shame :( Next day they called him back because of a tele-voting system error and he'll be back on the show next week :)He's 18 and he's the second hot Gael we know after Gael Garcia...hopefully he'll be on the show for a long time and we'll be able to see his performances!
Via Oh La La Paris

March 20, 2006

12 Points to Dima!

24 years old Dima Bilan will represent Russia at the next Eurovision Song contest in Athens.Actually we saw him for the first time and never heard any songs of him.But does that matter?! We saw him and as far as we can see , that's enough:P He's gonna sing the song called "Never Let You Go". That's right baby , if we have you once , we'll never let you go....
Well both of the costumes are OK for the stage , tell us in which one do you guys prefer to see him on stage in Athens??!

November 08, 2005

Keremcem in B&W


Keremcem is 28 ; a singer and an actor from sunny Southern Turkey. He has a real nice voice and a cute face and a great body. He has the leading role in a TV serie called "Ask Oyunu/Love Game" and without a doubt he has lots of teen girl fans(also teen boys and not teen anymore boys too :)


Continue reading "Keremcem in B&W" »

November 04, 2005

Là où est il??


While having dinner and watching MCM , we suddenly noticed that haven't heard of Charles for a long time...Charles Cattaert was 16 when he participated "Nouvelle Star" in 2003. He was young and sweet with a nice body cause he was also a gymnast.We first saw him on MCM in video of "Au bout de mes rêves" with other participants and bookmarked him!He is 18 now and we haven't heard of him lately...Hope to hear his album and watch his hot videos on MCM again:P

Charles02 Charles03

October 24, 2005



Tarkan's new single "Bounce" will be in the stores on 25th of October. Single includes 5 tracks. 4 different remixes of his first song in English "Bounce" and a B-side track called "Shhh".

Click the image above to listen Bounce

October 19, 2005

Everyway That We Can!


22 October 2005 the great 50th anniversary show for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), called Congratulations will be held in Forum Copenhagen.
14 popular songs from earlier years of ESC has been selected to be performed. 10 of the songs has been chosen by fans from all over Europe and finally 4 songs has gotten a wildcard from the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group.
The show will be broadcast to more than 25 countries all over Europe, and during the night the European viewers will televote to choose the most popular song of the last 50 years of Eurovision Song Contests.The original videos of the 14 shortlisted songs will be shown, complemented by dancers, lightshows and other visual effects on stage.

The songs and the performers are huge!! Such as ABBA , Céline Dion , Cliff Richard , Helena Paparizou , Johnny Logan and Dana International...and Sertab Erener (Winner of ESC 2003)of course with her song "Everyway That I Can". 

Sertab is Turkey's #1 female vocal who is a collorature soprano. Her voice is sweet but strong. Besides the ESC success , she has some international works as a Sony International artist with Voice Male and Ricky Martin (Private Emotion duet)

We'll watch the show live on October 22nd , and vote for her...


Every Way That I Can MV

October 02, 2005

Precious and Fragile Things...


'Precious' is the addictive first single from Depeche Mode's eagerly anticipated eleventh studio album 'Playing The Angel'. The single is released October 3rd on Mute and the album follows on October 17th.Written by Martin Gore and produced by Ben Hillier (of Doves and Blur fame) the new single is quintessential Depeche Mode with a kinetic hook, hypnotic vocals and a glorious chorus.

Yeah...they're back.After 4 years they're gonna feed us with their music again. We listened "Precious" illegaly in early August and we really loved that song.

Precious Pta

Things get damaged/Things get broken/I thought we'd manage/But words left unspoken/Left us so brittle/There was so little left to give...

September 01, 2005

Rock'n Coke

Rockncokelogo Turkey’s biggest open air festival Rock’n Coke Music Festival takes place at Hezarfen Airfield on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th by the support of The Coca-Cola Company as the main sponsor.
With its content, musical vision and its structuring, Rock’n Coke stands alone among the other events in Turkey.Open air music events have become an integral part of many cultures in the world and the main field of attraction for the majority of population, especially for the younger population Bearing this simple fact in mind, Rock’n Coke Music Festival’s prior goal is to stimulate this “global” tradition in Turkey and provide a common platform for a wide range of people. Rock’n Coke Music Festival, where music is the basic motivation, aims to offer an alternative life experience to 50.000 people for two full days and to build a cultural and artistic town.

This is the 2nd Rock'n Coke in Istanbul.This year the program is very nice...powerful bands such as The Cure , Apocalyptica , Offspring and Skin is gonna rock the festival area...but again we'll be in España...LOL!

Festival_hk1 Festival_hk2 Festival_hk3