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July 18, 2006

This is Brent's birthday present for Casual in Istanbul(ok , that's a cool beginning but inside we're yelling , screaming and crying like teenage girls at Justin Timberlake concert!!)We've sent an e-mail to Brent recently and asked if he could send us a birthday present for our 1 year old lovebaby;)Here it is...And here are the nice words from him for Casual in Istanbul.
Birthday01 Birthday02 
This is the nicest  greatest hottest present we ever get. Thanks Brent  , for being so kind and sweet.
The image below is a pathway that will lead you to a magical place , you will leave all the sorrow and problems behind...
Brent is a dear friend and a really sweet guy. This nice gesture he made for us is a proof that how much he cares about his friends.To Avoid any unpleasent comments which will offend him and make him upset , comments are moderated by Casual in Istanbul. Your comment will be published after we have approved it.

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July 17, 2006

Celebrating the 1st Birthday of Casual in Istanbul...A Year ago , when we decided to begin this we had no idea what would happen? By the end of our first month when we reached 1000 visitors , we were like "oh god?!". Now we reached 840,000 visits and 1,900,000 page views and we owe this all to you guys.Thank you.

"The best Gay Blog from Turkey ! We check it out regularly to see
what's happening in the most exotic european country. Love you guys, you are amazing...
We wish you happy anniversary!
Steph & Alek "

To Steph & guys are our inspirations and the best supporters for Casual in Istanbul.We are proud to consider you guys as friends...thanks for being so nice to us and for everything...


"They say everything has a start. Casual in Istanbul started off a year ago and look at it now. Makes you go Wow. Well, they also say everything has an end too but it is definitely not now. You guys keep it going. Make it worthwhile for all your readers out there. Congratulations Ali & Mehmet on celebrating its first birthday!! Jay & Kay"

To're the best"online"buddy a person can have. It's good to know that you're always there for us and never forget that we're always here for you.


To MK of Popbytes...we feel very lucky to meet you.You're one of the sweetest persons of all blogosphere. Keep on wiping up the culture when it pops ;)


To Best Gay Blogs Staff...It's a privilige and an honour to be listed under the title"Best Gay Blogs".Thank you for everything and for this :)

"In a world full of blogs and sites, it takes courage to start another blog, and deserves respect and admiration to continue. Ali and Mehmet, congratulations with your one year anniversary. We are almost there to join your celebration. Isn't that BEAUTIFUL.
Kisses from Ibiza
Yann & Rob"

To Yann & Rob of Beautiful...You're doing a brilliant job and we're gonna celebrate Beautiful's 1st Birthday in few months together. Thanks for everything buddies.

"Ali & Mehmet, I want to have your children!  Come to Miami and break my hymen! 
Daniel Renzi"

To Dan...You're the only and hottest celebrity we know ;)And the sweetest for sending us an "actual postcard" for Christmas.Thanks Dan.      

"Dear Ali & Mehmet ,We wish you a happy birthday !I hope to see you again very soon.Best regards Christopher"

To Christopher and all Préf Magazine...Christopher,David,Stephan and Scarlette :We love you guys. Thanks for the perfect day in Istanbul. We are hoping to see you again soon...

"Awww!! It's your first! Hope it's a great day! Glad you managed to keep Istanbul alive for me for a year - since I'm already missing it.

To Paul of Bedtime Stories...Hey Doc. thanks for nice and long chats and loving our city as much as we do. You definitely deserve all the Turkish Delights in Istanbul...

"Congratulations on your 1st year!  Here's hoping for many more years to come.  Your blog is the best! Todd"

To Todd of Paisley Punch...You're the real master of this universe! Thanks for the good wishes and the links.

"Congratulations!!I love your blog and the best word to describe it, for me, is a reference!!!Hugs from NUBA"

To Nuba...Thanks for all of your nice comments and sharing Portugal(which is one of our "fetish" countries).

"Happy Birthday to this great website that remains one of my favorites !
Boys, boys, boys, you're the best. ;-)

To Brice...Thank you , we're really flattered...

"Hey guys,Congratulations on the one year!As always top quality from a top site!Keep up your great work on keeping the world uptodate on the hip and hot Istanbul !

To Koos...Sorry for couldn't meet you in person in Istanbul ; we are waiting for you soon...

"Happy Birthday to Casual in Istanbul!  Yours was the first blog I ever saw that had real class.  It is the blog that inspired me to get started, and it continues to inspire me to improve mine.  I love visiting Casual in Istanbul every time!  You guys are amazing!  Thanks so much for supporting me as my blog grows, and for being such good friends! 

To Matty of Debriefing the Boys...Thank you for being such a good friend too.You really have good taste for picking up the boys to debrief and you're a talented writer...


"Congratulations for the wonderful 1st anniversary,you continue to shower us with much more photos and ideas. and i am looking forward more in the future.From the city of Bulls and Paella, Spain...Box of Recollections"

To Neil of Box of Recollections...we are admirers of your beautiful country and read every single thing about it on your blog...Thanks for your kind words and more bulls and Paella please ;)

Special thanks to our dear friend and photographer Terry George...Terry your brilliant works really inspired us to do this and thank you for the infamous "kissing couple"on the header of Casual in Istanbul .

Our words can describe your contributions to Casual in Istanbul.THANK YOU VERY MUCH , we love you all!

And finally A HUGE THANKS for our visitors all around the world...We love what we have...and we're glad to see that you all do...

Hugs and Kisses from Istanbul



May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Frank


May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Kay

Kay of Story of Jay Kay celebrated his birthday yesterday.Dear K , we wish you a very happy birthday. Hope this year will be full of joy and happiness unlike last year. Remember we're always here(on the other side of the planet) for you...
Ali & Mehmet

February 14, 2006


January 01, 2006



We wish you all the best for 2006. We hope 2006 brings you joy and happiness.

In almost 6 months , Casual in Istanbul is in a place far beyond we can imagine and we owe this to you. Thank You for your support , and we like to thank all our mates over the world who were really helpful and gave the courage to us. We love you so much and we'll always be here for you...

December 25, 2005

Here comes the groom...


Our favorite sweet guy on the fields "Kaka" got married on Friday , December 23rd in in Sao Paulo, at the international headquarters of the Evangelical Church "Renascer em Cristo".The bride is Caroline Celico , an 18 years old college student. She looks really sweet and they just look like the perfect match for each other. We wish them a long and a happy life together...

Wedding02 Wedding  Wedding03

December 21, 2005

Red Blooded Woman


Pink is the New Blog posted these nice photos of Kylie last week. We were very concerned about her till we saw these.Now we're OK cause she seems pretty well with his lovely big smile on her face.We missed her a lot , her songs , shows and everything. Hope 2006 will be a better year for her...Go on girl , all our best wishes are with you!

December 05, 2005

Holiday Greetings from Lee Andrew


Holiday Greetings from Lee Andrew ; photographer of Angeli del Rugby MMVI Calendar with a very special Christmas Gift...

Santa Clause's already in town...and he's hot ;)

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December 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Alek


Happy Birthday , wishing you all the best Dear Alek...

November 27, 2005

Belated Birthday Wishes


On November 25 , Jay of Story of Jay and Kay turned 28. This is a belated birthday celebration from us to him. Also see Kay's check-list for Jay's birthday. Thier blog is really one of a kind ; very intimate and fun to read. We wish you all the best dear friends...