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August 31, 2006

Missed the Casual Vacation Photos??Are you sad??Don't be...Click the links below to view each parts...
Part1 Part2
ps. All of the photographs in those posts have been taken by Ali & Mehmet...they are hot and REAL!

August 25, 2006

Part 2

They came with their ship and enslaved us...that was the best slavery ever :P Here are Pirates of Mediterranean from Russia...
Two brothers...they look very innocent but if you guys were there with us and saw how they acted in the sea...all that wrestling , fighting and stuff with their hot and wet bodies...OMG ,even just remembering them is not good for our old hearts!!!LOL.There are more of them...
Here and after the jump!
And this one...he was a real piece of art! You guys should appreciate that how hard it was for us to take these photos without taking a bite :P There is one more of him....a seductive should definitely take a look at!
And have you missed Part 1??? It's still HERE

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August 24, 2006

Part 1

Our summer vacations are always good for relaxing , tanning , partying and stuff...but they are also a nice source for Casual in Istanbul. Our destination was the southern part of our country : Mediterranean shores where tons of hot guys from Russia and from eastern European countries lay down on the beach.On our first days we generally just look around and explore , finding some targets(lol...sounds like safari).Then the harder part comes...time for shooting. With cameras and sometimes with cell phones...
Here is Part One : Hidden or not...for your viewing pleasure ;)
Wetandhot01 Wetandhot02
This one was a tough work...he is a Russian boy in his early as hell!But always around with his family and a very protective older brother. We waited and waited till our last day then Mehmet lost all his patience and took those photos of him by the pool...
Wetandhot03 Wetandhot04 Wetandhot05
This is P. We became friends with him. He is a really nice guy from Switzerland. He is working as a bartender/model! A big guy with a hot body and a very warm smile. He had some naked photos of himself in his cell phone and he promised to send the hi-res ones to us via e-mail...
Wetandhot06 Wetandhot07
And some random can see the larger ones by clicking on them.
Wait for Part Two...very soon...

August 22, 2006


Hey Guys , we're back finally...but as usual we left our brains , hearts and eyes there!!10 days of fun , sun , sea , sex and eye candies ;it's really hard to come back to Istanbul. After spending really good time together 24 hours a day ; today Mehmet began working and i already missed him while doing the laundry all by myself(sigh)...Gotta go now but no worries , we're gonna share the hot stuff with you asap!

August 10, 2006

Holiday Break


July 18, 2006

This is Brent's birthday present for Casual in Istanbul(ok , that's a cool beginning but inside we're yelling , screaming and crying like teenage girls at Justin Timberlake concert!!)We've sent an e-mail to Brent recently and asked if he could send us a birthday present for our 1 year old lovebaby;)Here it is...And here are the nice words from him for Casual in Istanbul.
Birthday01 Birthday02 
This is the nicest  greatest hottest present we ever get. Thanks Brent  , for being so kind and sweet.
The image below is a pathway that will lead you to a magical place , you will leave all the sorrow and problems behind...
Brent is a dear friend and a really sweet guy. This nice gesture he made for us is a proof that how much he cares about his friends.To Avoid any unpleasent comments which will offend him and make him upset , comments are moderated by Casual in Istanbul. Your comment will be published after we have approved it.

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July 17, 2006

Celebrating the 1st Birthday of Casual in Istanbul...A Year ago , when we decided to begin this we had no idea what would happen? By the end of our first month when we reached 1000 visitors , we were like "oh god?!". Now we reached 840,000 visits and 1,900,000 page views and we owe this all to you guys.Thank you.

"The best Gay Blog from Turkey ! We check it out regularly to see
what's happening in the most exotic european country. Love you guys, you are amazing...
We wish you happy anniversary!
Steph & Alek "

To Steph & guys are our inspirations and the best supporters for Casual in Istanbul.We are proud to consider you guys as friends...thanks for being so nice to us and for everything...


"They say everything has a start. Casual in Istanbul started off a year ago and look at it now. Makes you go Wow. Well, they also say everything has an end too but it is definitely not now. You guys keep it going. Make it worthwhile for all your readers out there. Congratulations Ali & Mehmet on celebrating its first birthday!! Jay & Kay"

To're the best"online"buddy a person can have. It's good to know that you're always there for us and never forget that we're always here for you.


To MK of Popbytes...we feel very lucky to meet you.You're one of the sweetest persons of all blogosphere. Keep on wiping up the culture when it pops ;)


To Best Gay Blogs Staff...It's a privilige and an honour to be listed under the title"Best Gay Blogs".Thank you for everything and for this :)

"In a world full of blogs and sites, it takes courage to start another blog, and deserves respect and admiration to continue. Ali and Mehmet, congratulations with your one year anniversary. We are almost there to join your celebration. Isn't that BEAUTIFUL.
Kisses from Ibiza
Yann & Rob"

To Yann & Rob of Beautiful...You're doing a brilliant job and we're gonna celebrate Beautiful's 1st Birthday in few months together. Thanks for everything buddies.

"Ali & Mehmet, I want to have your children!  Come to Miami and break my hymen! 
Daniel Renzi"

To Dan...You're the only and hottest celebrity we know ;)And the sweetest for sending us an "actual postcard" for Christmas.Thanks Dan.      

"Dear Ali & Mehmet ,We wish you a happy birthday !I hope to see you again very soon.Best regards Christopher"

To Christopher and all Préf Magazine...Christopher,David,Stephan and Scarlette :We love you guys. Thanks for the perfect day in Istanbul. We are hoping to see you again soon...

"Awww!! It's your first! Hope it's a great day! Glad you managed to keep Istanbul alive for me for a year - since I'm already missing it.

To Paul of Bedtime Stories...Hey Doc. thanks for nice and long chats and loving our city as much as we do. You definitely deserve all the Turkish Delights in Istanbul...

"Congratulations on your 1st year!  Here's hoping for many more years to come.  Your blog is the best! Todd"

To Todd of Paisley Punch...You're the real master of this universe! Thanks for the good wishes and the links.

"Congratulations!!I love your blog and the best word to describe it, for me, is a reference!!!Hugs from NUBA"

To Nuba...Thanks for all of your nice comments and sharing Portugal(which is one of our "fetish" countries).

"Happy Birthday to this great website that remains one of my favorites !
Boys, boys, boys, you're the best. ;-)

To Brice...Thank you , we're really flattered...

"Hey guys,Congratulations on the one year!As always top quality from a top site!Keep up your great work on keeping the world uptodate on the hip and hot Istanbul !

To Koos...Sorry for couldn't meet you in person in Istanbul ; we are waiting for you soon...

"Happy Birthday to Casual in Istanbul!  Yours was the first blog I ever saw that had real class.  It is the blog that inspired me to get started, and it continues to inspire me to improve mine.  I love visiting Casual in Istanbul every time!  You guys are amazing!  Thanks so much for supporting me as my blog grows, and for being such good friends! 

To Matty of Debriefing the Boys...Thank you for being such a good friend too.You really have good taste for picking up the boys to debrief and you're a talented writer...


"Congratulations for the wonderful 1st anniversary,you continue to shower us with much more photos and ideas. and i am looking forward more in the future.From the city of Bulls and Paella, Spain...Box of Recollections"

To Neil of Box of Recollections...we are admirers of your beautiful country and read every single thing about it on your blog...Thanks for your kind words and more bulls and Paella please ;)

Special thanks to our dear friend and photographer Terry George...Terry your brilliant works really inspired us to do this and thank you for the infamous "kissing couple"on the header of Casual in Istanbul .

Our words can describe your contributions to Casual in Istanbul.THANK YOU VERY MUCH , we love you all!

And finally A HUGE THANKS for our visitors all around the world...We love what we have...and we're glad to see that you all do...

Hugs and Kisses from Istanbul



July 04, 2006

Last week the editors of Préf Magazine from Paris were here in Istanbul. We had a lunch together with Christopher , David , Stephan and Scarlette. That was really nice and we love them a lot. They were really friendly and without a doubt hot! ;) On the September/October issue of Préf , there will be a special section for Istanbul. We're waiting for the fall impatiently and we'd like to thank to Préf guys(and Lady Scarlette) for the perfect day...

April 15, 2006

Magical, mystical, demure but sexy, funny, touching, and ever so crazy...
December 25, 1960: Zachary Beaulieu comes into the world, fourth in a family of five boys. An ordinary suburban family with a loving mother and a dad who's a bit gruff, but proud of his sons. The beginning of a beautiful childhood, where Christmases and birthdays follow one after the other to the ubiquitous solo of the elder Beaulieu singing Aznavour's Emmène-moi au bout de la terre, washing the car in the fresh air and trips to the snack-bar for Zac, his father's favourite. But not for long, alas!
That's the lead-in to C.R.A.Z.Y., the story of a special little boy who grows into young manhood and ends up even denying his inner self to attract his father's attention.
A portrait of a family that depicts the often-extraordinary lives of ordinary people in search of happiness.
From 1960 to 1980, surrounded by his brothers, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, between motorbike escapades to impress the girls, cigarettes smoked in secret, minor and not-so-minor disagreements and, particularly, a father that he searches desperately to find, Zac relates his story. Through music and rebellion, and also with humour, down to a mystical voyage to Jerusalem–"to the ends of the earth" as his father was always singing–where perhaps in such a far-away place he finally succeeds in finding him...
A gripping tale from the creator of "Liste noire", Jean-Marc Vallée, starring Michel Côté, one of Quebec's leading actors ("Le Dernier tunnel", "Sur le seuil", "Cruising Bar"). Also starring Danielle Proulx and Marc-André Grondin, and introducing Émile Vallée.
C.R.A.Z.Y. A love story between a father and a son. A mystical and whimsical fable on the human soul, beautiful, foolish and lyrical.
Well this is the synopsis and as you can notice it's a bit formal!!We saw the movie tonight at Istanbul Film Festival and it was really good. Marc-André Grondin is a real hottie! A 22 years old actor from
Crazy02 Quebec.He's playing a gay character in the movie. The encounters between all the characters is sweet but especially the ones between Zach and his father are delightful. We highly recommend this movie to all of you guys...


March 31, 2006

Alain Delon in Istanbul

Tonight is the night! We'll be at the opening ceremony of 25th International Istanbul Film Festival.And the guest of honour is Alain Delon and he'll be awarded with a special Lifetime Accomplishment Award!We are really excited to see him in person finally. This will be his first time in Turkey. Especially Mehmet is extremely excited because of his obsession to Alain Delon since his childhood(by the way , he's one of the best Alain Delon collectors in the world...yes we have a room almost filled with AD stuff!).Well we need to go now , we have a date with the most beautiful man on the world tonite...See you guys ;)
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January 04, 2006

Tired in Istanbul!


This is the fourth day of the new year and we're already tired of everything...From this Saturday we'll be on a religious holiday for 8 days and we couldn't wait for that cause we're exhausted with work and all the remodelling and moving stuff. We just want to look like the "thing" above ; fresh , healthy and hot , crawling half naked on the streets but unfortunately nowadays we just look like the one below...Countdown to Friday...only 2 days left...


December 26, 2005

Daddy's B-day Present!


Huh?!These sheets look so familiar...actually these are the sheets i bought last month ; so this supposed to be our bed , in our own's like a dream : a hot goalie on our bed , naked...just with his gloves and a ball! Wait a minute that body also looks familiar. A body that i know every inch of it very well ;)

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December 23, 2005

A Casual Touch on Best Gay Blogs!


Best Gay Blogs has a new look!We dare to participate their "We Dare You Logo Contest" and now proudly present the New Best Gay Blogs with our logo design on the top...We love the new look ; what do you think?? Just click the image or the link above and make comments.

December 17, 2005

Back Again(Hopefully)

Edit : Hey Guys , it seems everything's back to normal-hopefully-. Thank you for your patience and your concern. We'll be back with "Happy Hour" soon. Loves

Casual in Istanbul

A & M

Well , i'm normally a patient guy but seeing Casual in Istanbul with "Image being restored this weekend" tags instead of our delicious guys' pics was too much even for me. So i restored my pics before you do...


December 15, 2005

Bye bye Twenties...


For almost an hour i'm not twenty-something anymore...feels weird , cause i'm not feeling like i'm thirty. No i'm not depressed about that , but it's still weird. Remembering my childhood , we used to call "uncle" to the guys in their thirties. Now am i an uncle?? Thank god , i'm not. I feel like i'm still in my twenties. Most of the best things happened in my life during my twenties...But the most important thing is as long as i'm happy and healthy and as long as i'm sharing my life with someone i really love and care , age is not important...Here's a serious post from your elder blogmaster...LOL

Birthday Boy's Edit:Thank You guys...It's good to know that i have very nice friends like you all around the world. And to M : You're my love , my best friend , my everything...i'm the luckiest 30 yo person on the planet...thank you for sharing the life with me , i love you!

November 29, 2005

A Depressive Monday and a hottie on the ferry AGAIN!


It was a depressive Monday night and guess what? We saw another cute boy who seems like a basketball player going back home after training. He was tall , fresh and firm ; with a cute face. We sat next to him and took all the risks just to share with you that cutie. You'll see a very non-action short clip but all the excitement about that is , it's real and candid!...And now Casual in Istanbul proudly presents...Basketball on the Ferry.

Click here to view the short clip

Ferry01 Ferry02 Ferry03 Ferry04

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November 28, 2005

In Depth : Casual in Istanbul

Bestgay_2Casual in Istanbul on Best Gay Blogs! We had an online interview with them. Click on the image and discover us ;)Thanks to BGB guys for this !

November 07, 2005



Tonight we're celebrating the 100th post on Casual in Istanbul...we made lots of very good friends all over the world in 4 months.We'll keep on sharing the life and the beauties(!)of life with you:))...thank you guys , we really appreciate your visits and your comments...


A & M

October 15, 2005

A Casual Friday and a hottie on the ferry!


It was a casual Friday...worked hard , checked time every 10 minutes...we met at the ferryport to go back to asian side to home. A beautiful weather ; warm and clear , Istanbul's spectacular view during sunset...then we noticed there was somebody else who also enjoying the weather and the view. He was a hot teen with a cute face and a shy attitude. We followed him all the way to home in ferry. Thanks to 3G cell phones ; we captured something to share with you guys. Well it isn't a high quality video but at least you can enjoy his shyness as well as we did...


Watch the short clip!

If I wasn't that shy , i'd tell "f*ck-off to those two old perverts 

October 08, 2005

Goal Kuno Goaall!


Tonight , we saw "Goal - the movie" in our favorite movie theatre Sureyya in Kadikoy.WOW! We love the movie as a huge football/soccer fans and also we love Kuno Becker who plays leading role Santiago Muñez in the movie.


He's 27 , a latin TV star from Mexico. His most rememberd role is the traitor boy in "Remembering Argentina" opposite to Antonio Banderas. He has very good skills in football and he really plays the game as an actual player. At first filmmakers has thought to give the part to Diego Luna(we like him a lot )then Kuno got it. We think he deserves it.

Kuno_goal Kuno_onthefield01

He is really breath-taking in lockerroom and shower scenes :) Highly recommended!

Watch trailer and some clips here!


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September 27, 2005

10.000 Kisses :)


September 25, 2005

Thank You Guys

We're really flattered...two of our blogmates A Guy Site and Holligay honored Casual in Istanbul in their blogs and made us their featured sites!


A Guy Site

Thank You Nate .And also we're really happy to hear that no danger for TX from Rita !



And thank you Holger. We really have similar tastes. We'd pick those pics too...LOL

September 18, 2005

Goal Keeper from Behind!


While walking back from Port Olympic(after seeing bunch of hot guys on the beach) ,trying to find some shortcuts to Port Vell ,we found the stadium of C.F.Barceloneta...the final match of Torneig Ciutat Vella between C.F.Barceloneta and C.E.Pubilla Casas. We decided to take a short break and watch the game(good decision :). Trying to find a good place to seat , then we saw a holy light that was coming from Pubilla Casas' goal keeper and we went directly to that light. He was young , firm with red cheeks.And surely he seems very delicious(yummy).Although Pubilla Casas couldn't won the game but their goal keeper won our hearts. Unfortunately no information about him or the team in the internet , we just have these photos of him. If there are any visitors of us from Barcelona have any info about him , for god's sake please let us know(LOL)


La Noche Del Hermano

This movie poster was the first thing we saw when we left the airport and waiting for the train to Pl.Catalunya.Actually it was everywhere...everywhere but movie theatres!!We wanted to see that and asked every single movie theatre in Barcelona we saw. But it seems like American Cinema Industry has won the fight in Barcelona. In Port Vell , Cineplex the girl who was selling tickets had no idea even about the name of the movie!!Well we're waiting for its DVD release.

September 16, 2005

What Would Us Like To Have For Lunch?


Here are some Valencia stuff...After walking everywhere , did some shopping we were exhausted and hungry , so we decided to have something to eat and we found that nice place called " La Taberna de Marisa". Very well decorated with perfect food and a cute waiter(again??).He had that "i'm ice-cold" look with a girly attitude. He served the best meal with his provocative arms and cute face with that "fuck you" looks(LOL).God knows when he asked if we have some dessert , we'd almost tell "you":)


September 15, 2005

2nd Night in Barcelona


After enjoying the guy next window ; we had a very good day in Barcelona.We saw lots of places and had dinner , then we called Edu and met him on Pl.Catalunya. He took us a gay bar , we had couple of drinks with lots of curious eyes who were staring each other :), then after a long walk in gay town(LOL) we found the "G Cafe" which was very quiet and peaceful. While walking back to the hotel we saw Sauna Buenos Aires , we decided to go there the day after...and what happened the next day?!well that's our little secret :)

September 12, 2005

1st Day , next window...


We woke up early on our first day. Our friends from Castellón were going to come to show us around. I went to the window to see how is the weather and what's up out there and found out that the building across the street is a youth hostel!! A hot guy was sleeping on the bed , shirtless with a hot body. Here are some digital close-ups for your viewing pleasure (LOL)


Click on the images to see him closer(am i a pervert or what!?)


The Arrival


Our plane landed on Barcelona International Airport at 7.40 p.m.(local time) , got our luggages very quick and took the train from airport to Pl.Catalunya , got off the train and walked with our heavy bags throughr La Rambla to find our hotel "Husa Oriente". The building was very nice (i couldn't tell the same for the rooms but who cares?!) and the location was perfect. We checked in the hotel , took shower and walked directly to Port Vell to MareMagnum to eat something.


We found the Tapas Bar which was good. Ordered some beer  , patata bravas and chicken wings with paprika. The waiter was really cute with dark skin , tall and hot body (damn it , it's very bad to be on vacation with some friends who have no idea that we're gay) , we just stared at him a lot and that's it .(the story about him will be on our last day in Barcelona).Sat there almost two hours and enjoyed the perfect weather and the port view(i called Edu ,he was at a party , we decided to meet on Saturday night) , planned our next day. Then we walked through La Rambla again and took a short preview of Pl. Reial which was packed with people. Coffe on Ramblas and got back to our hotel...It was love at first sight we fell in love with Barcelona from the moment we saw it.


Cuándo Quedaremos Otra Vez ?


We're back yesterday night! With some sadness but with lots of good memories , photos and stories. We're in love with Barcelona and left some pieces of our hearts in La Rambla. Spain is a very nice country with very nice people. We really had a wonderful Saturday night with Edu , he is a good friend with a warm heart. Muchos gracias Amigo!We're going to share every detail about our Spain vacation with you patient :)

And a last note for the cute waiter in Tapas Bar in MareMagnum , if he could be able to read it(well that's another story we're going to tell you): me gustarìa conocerte mejor , escríbanos por favor...

September 01, 2005

Stay Tuned Guys!


We're leaving tomorrow for Spain for 10 days.Be back on September 11th.

Take Care you guys. We'll be back soon with lots of photos and news.


August 28, 2005

Get Well Soon...


One of our best friends had a car accident last week. While we were at home last weekend , almost 1 a.m. we had a call from her. She told us that she had a car accident and still in her car. We were shocked and drove there as fast as we can. The view was horrible ; her car looked like a piece of junk and the drunk bastard with a Range Rover stood next to her car with his fancy clothes without any idea what's going on?! thank god she was OK...well a little bit shocked but OK. Paramedics was there. She had an operation from her neck and we were at the hospital all week after work. Yesterday night we were there with a bottle of wine and some snacks. We really had a great time , celebrating this thing is over. Sure it's forbidden to bring wine in a hospital room but we sneaked in.


August 27, 2005

Casual in Barcelona!


Countdown to Barcelona...we are going to leave for Barcelona on Friday. Couldn't wait to see the city , friends and Edu...

August 25, 2005

Good Taste in Neighbourhood


Fauna is a small cafe with home made delicious pasta. It's located in the next street to our apartments.When we're tired to cook after work(like today) we generally go there to eat or have a cup of coffee.The owner of the place is a professional photographer and he is a very briliant cook in the same time.He has a very good taste and he really enjoys cooking. Fauna is a peaceful place.We really have great time there.


August 11, 2005



I know this looks weird...lots of blogs around could have 1000 hits per day , but we're new ; only 26 days and we almost reached 1000 hits.Thank you guys. We really appreciate it. The one who saw the number "1000" under the "visitors" , please let us know.We wanna know who you are...actually we wanna know who the everybody are!

Edit : Salute to Mark...our 1015th visitor! Thanks. Keep reading us :)

August 09, 2005

Everything's OK :)

Sorry_copy Everything's O.K. :))

August 07, 2005

Istanbul Under Heavy Rain


Last night the weater was terrible in Istanbul. Thunder storm , heavy rain and stuff.Problems with electricity , cable services...but the view was spectacular. We lighted candles , headed to the terrace with our drinks , watched the lightnings (some of them were scary), rain and breathe fresh air.That was really nice. (images from


July 17, 2005

A Week After...

Marti_1 2 Weeks ago we were at that paradise on earth and last Sunday we came back to Istanbul , back to boring work and people...That was our second time in Tekirova-Antalya which means our second "back from holiday syndrome"! Surely we're not sorry just for leaving the nature , perfect location , fabulous food and fun but also leaving the perfect bodies from Russian and European countries...Still had some contacts with some of them ; but having contacts is not as same as seeing them in real like the one below!!All you have to do is looking around and have a camera in you back-pack!!Stanislav_beach01_copy Well...sometimes a cell phone with a built-in camera is OK also.

We meet very nice guys from Switzerland also. We're not sure if they're gay but their friendship was good enough. We really had great time with them and we are really hoping to see them again. The trip from Tekirova to Istanbul was really bad. We hated all the people around and sunday morning in Istanbul was bad also. Still talking about good days in Tekirova and hope to be there next year too!!