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July 08, 2006


70x7_3 Seventy Times Seven is a poignant, sexy and romantic novel about a young man's struggle to integrate his religious beliefs with his sexual desires. The gap between sexuality and spirituality is punctuated throughout the novel with quotes from the Scripture, and from song lyrics from Prince and Madonna, artists who merged the two worlds in provocative and groundbreaking fashion.
70x7 by Salvatore Sapienza/Haworth Press , Southern Tier Editions

October 11, 2005

L'Odore Del Tuo Respiro


We love Melissa since we read her first novel "100 Strokes of the Brush before Bed".She is a naughty little girl from Sicily who reveals all her bedroom secrets.The book had a huge success , sold millions of copies and translated over 30 languages.Now after 2 years, she's back with a brand new book called "L'odore del tuo respiro/the odore of your breath" which is about a very jealous young woman who turns his boyfriend's life a living hell! We heard this one is kinkier than the first one...


October 03, 2005

Images in the Dark

Iitd01 Iitd02

This work documents the influence of gays and lesbians in the film world. Some people know about the artier side of gay cinema or that Rock Hudson was gay, but few people know that gay men directed movies like "Dirty Dancing", "The China Syndrome", or "Marathon Man". This book includes chapters such as Queer, Lesbian, Gay Male, Transgender, Camp, and Honourable and Dishonourable Mentions. It is fully indexed and cross-referenced.

  • Paperback 624 pages (November 28, 1996)
  • Publisher: Plume
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0452276276
  • Well , we know this book is a little out-of-date , but as fans of River Phoenix , love the cover with a sweet pic from My Own Private Idaho...

    You Can buy this book from Amazon