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May 26, 2006

What Are You Waiting For?

Johan Lindeberg , creative director of 21st Century lifestyle brand J.Lindeberg has designed Dave Gahan's stage clothing which Dave is wearing throughout Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel World Tour , music videos and press appearences.The designs include sharp suits , waistcoats , t-shirts , shirts and belts and feature exclusive graphic prints inspired by Dave Gahan's tattoos.
In addition , Dave together with Alison Mosshart of The Kills are the new faces of the J.Lindeberg 21st Century Statements campaign for spring-summer 2006 , shot by photographer Steven Klein.
Dave has recently celebrated his 45th birthday and he's still one of the hottest guys on the planet. We're hoping to see him in(and hopefully out of) his J.Lindebergs at the end of July in Istanbul...

February 03, 2006

Dior Summer 2006 Ad Campaign

For his Spring /Summer 2006 Dior advertising campaign, Hedi Slimane found a muse that followed his aesthetic perfectly. To shoot the images above, Slimane studied the work of Paul P., a Toronto-based artist who bases his "homoerotic and deeply romantic" images on young men in pre-70's porn.
Via Towleroad

January 07, 2006



Turkish female photographer Bennu Gerede has reflected the femininity of clothes and drapes on a hot guy with masculine attitude on January issue of DISHY Magazine. Italian hunk model Da Veiga undressed , then dressed up for this session and the result is perfect!

Mirror_bw  Mirror_smoke

Men in dress...sounds like a queen , but surely not for this guy. We think those fancy dresses expose his masculinity more...

Mirror_red  Mirror_marilyn  Mirror_reddress

Well these dresses are nice but we prefer to see him with less clothes on!


December 07, 2005

Kakà : Season's Inspiration of AJ


Kakà is the inspiration of Armani Jeans for fall-winter season. Giorgio proved again that he has a really good taste on men. And Kakà has really fitted in those gorgeous clothes with his gorgeus bodyKakaaj01  Kakaaj02 Kakaaj03 Kakaaj04

November 27, 2005

Style on Butt!


TV ad for Lacoste Pour Homme is amazing! Ian Lawless(an Aussie model) is neither concerned about being seen nor trying to hide his nakedness.He's totally naked , sitting , holding a cup of tea. His posture and expression are confident but with a provacative sparkle in his eyes.Yeah , that's what "Lacoste guys" said about the ad on their website. He really has that provacative sparkle that makes you want to throw that cup of tea and bite his butt!..

Lacostea Lacosteb Lacostec Lacosted Lacostee Lacostef Lacosteg Lacosteh Lacostei Lacostej Lacostek Lacostel Lacostem Lacosten Lacosteo

Download and watch won't regret it!!


Louis Vuitton Boy

Louisvuitton_splash Lv01

October 27, 2005

Tween 2005/2006 - City Dreamer


This season Tween collaborated with Spanish Model Christian Santamaria truly portraying this season’s Tween Man in a humourous yet flamboyant and brave.Throughout the catalogue the adventures of the Tween Man is observed with specially animated illustrations where a Beautiful Angel and a Sexy Devil is accompanying him wherever he goes.

Citydreamer Citydreamer2

October 11, 2005

Tom Ford on W


This month on W Magazine : The first fruits of Lauder's curious marriage with Tom Ford, the man for whom sex and style are virtually synonymous. "We've always tried to position ourselves where we're selling something that's really sexy," says Leonard Lauder, the company chairman. "That's the cornerstone of Estée Lauder."


W: You look pretty terrific—even unretouched.

TF: My butt is naturally hairless, by the way.

W: For the record.

TF: For the record.

Read interview

And for the naturally hairy butts...Tommyboy has gadgets LOL


Estée Lauder's new anti-perspirant...


COMING NEXT... his position in bed!!!

Via Salsa&Pimenta and Towleroad

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