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August 25, 2006

Part 2

They came with their ship and enslaved us...that was the best slavery ever :P Here are Pirates of Mediterranean from Russia...
Two brothers...they look very innocent but if you guys were there with us and saw how they acted in the sea...all that wrestling , fighting and stuff with their hot and wet bodies...OMG ,even just remembering them is not good for our old hearts!!!LOL.There are more of them...
Here and after the jump!
And this one...he was a real piece of art! You guys should appreciate that how hard it was for us to take these photos without taking a bite :P There is one more of him....a seductive should definitely take a look at!
And have you missed Part 1??? It's still HERE

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August 24, 2006

Part 1

Our summer vacations are always good for relaxing , tanning , partying and stuff...but they are also a nice source for Casual in Istanbul. Our destination was the southern part of our country : Mediterranean shores where tons of hot guys from Russia and from eastern European countries lay down on the beach.On our first days we generally just look around and explore , finding some targets(lol...sounds like safari).Then the harder part comes...time for shooting. With cameras and sometimes with cell phones...
Here is Part One : Hidden or not...for your viewing pleasure ;)
Wetandhot01 Wetandhot02
This one was a tough work...he is a Russian boy in his early as hell!But always around with his family and a very protective older brother. We waited and waited till our last day then Mehmet lost all his patience and took those photos of him by the pool...
Wetandhot03 Wetandhot04 Wetandhot05
This is P. We became friends with him. He is a really nice guy from Switzerland. He is working as a bartender/model! A big guy with a hot body and a very warm smile. He had some naked photos of himself in his cell phone and he promised to send the hi-res ones to us via e-mail...
Wetandhot06 Wetandhot07
And some random can see the larger ones by clicking on them.
Wait for Part Two...very soon...

August 23, 2006


Alternative Holidays Events are a direct response to the diversity of gay community. We are all different. We have different tastes, different ideas about what we want to do and where we want to go. Fulfilling those different expectations is what Alternative Holidays is all about. This year's event takes place in the stunning resort of Bodrum ; Queen of the Aegean Sea - in exotic Turkey. A truly inspiring location!
We have been in Bodrum several times ; besides it's incredible climate , turquoise sea ; the city is 24/7 pure of the best ones in whole Europe...We hardly recommend to all of you guys. You can relax, explore, take time off, shop, be yourself, meet guys from around the world and party till you drop - it's your choice and it's in a completely safe, open environment, with staff primed to grant your every wish. Sounds like heaven?From 24th of September , to 1st of October...
Don't be late and book here!

November 18, 2005

Absolute Sultans...Discover Turkey with Luxury and Style !


ABSOLUTE SULTANS invite you to one of the most intriguing and stimulating places on earth.
Probably nowhere else has the has such diversity and allure. From the mythological legends of ancient ruins to the vibrant city of Istanbul where you can discover a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells, from the bustling harbour where the aroma of freshly fried fish and spices pervade the air to the tranquil serenity of the Blue Mosque. Here over 6,000 years of history comes to life with every street corner you turn. The skyline is a vivid mix of the ancient and modern and in the warm glow of a sunset when from the minarets the call to prayer drifts across the city, the magic is complete.You can be sure of a unique travel experience that you will stay with you for ever ......
With the attentive service, you will travel in luxury in a small group of like minded travellers. Your accommodation and meals will be of the highest quality. They select only the finest deluxe hotels and renowned gourmet restaurants, Turkey boasts some of the world's best where you can rub shoulders with the sophisticated jet set And with recommendations and guidance you will be able to experience more than just a holiday.
You will end your vacation with new friends, a wealth of lingering memories and aching need to return soon.


Istanbul has a blossoming and diverse gay scene and nowhere more evident than around the Taksim area of the city, where as dusk falls the young and beautiful, the rich and famous and the simply drop dead gorgeous come out for a hedonistic night of entertainment. Your gay guide on this tour will take to some of the most vibrant and exciting clubs and bars of Istanbul.

Managing director and the real Sultan , Serra sent us a very sweet e-mail with nice compliments about Casual in Istanbul. And after seeing Absolute Sultans ,we admired it. The most elegant Gay Travel Site in what are you waiting for check the site and come here???

September 23, 2005

Playa del Gurugú


After exhausting Barcelona walks we found peace and fresh and naked bodies in Castellón beach : Playa del Gurugú...At first there were kids and families but then here came the Español hotties!!Tanned , healthy and yummy :P


Then while walking towards the shore as a favour of Neptune a group of swimmers came out of the water and took our breath away...



We went back home with speedos on our minds and sand in our ears :)


September 16, 2005

What Would Us Like To Have For Lunch?


Here are some Valencia stuff...After walking everywhere , did some shopping we were exhausted and hungry , so we decided to have something to eat and we found that nice place called " La Taberna de Marisa". Very well decorated with perfect food and a cute waiter(again??).He had that "i'm ice-cold" look with a girly attitude. He served the best meal with his provocative arms and cute face with that "fuck you" looks(LOL).God knows when he asked if we have some dessert , we'd almost tell "you":)


September 12, 2005

1st Day , next window...


We woke up early on our first day. Our friends from Castellón were going to come to show us around. I went to the window to see how is the weather and what's up out there and found out that the building across the street is a youth hostel!! A hot guy was sleeping on the bed , shirtless with a hot body. Here are some digital close-ups for your viewing pleasure (LOL)


Click on the images to see him closer(am i a pervert or what!?)


The Arrival


Our plane landed on Barcelona International Airport at 7.40 p.m.(local time) , got our luggages very quick and took the train from airport to Pl.Catalunya , got off the train and walked with our heavy bags throughr La Rambla to find our hotel "Husa Oriente". The building was very nice (i couldn't tell the same for the rooms but who cares?!) and the location was perfect. We checked in the hotel , took shower and walked directly to Port Vell to MareMagnum to eat something.


We found the Tapas Bar which was good. Ordered some beer  , patata bravas and chicken wings with paprika. The waiter was really cute with dark skin , tall and hot body (damn it , it's very bad to be on vacation with some friends who have no idea that we're gay) , we just stared at him a lot and that's it .(the story about him will be on our last day in Barcelona).Sat there almost two hours and enjoyed the perfect weather and the port view(i called Edu ,he was at a party , we decided to meet on Saturday night) , planned our next day. Then we walked through La Rambla again and took a short preview of Pl. Reial which was packed with people. Coffe on Ramblas and got back to our hotel...It was love at first sight we fell in love with Barcelona from the moment we saw it.


Cuándo Quedaremos Otra Vez ?


We're back yesterday night! With some sadness but with lots of good memories , photos and stories. We're in love with Barcelona and left some pieces of our hearts in La Rambla. Spain is a very nice country with very nice people. We really had a wonderful Saturday night with Edu , he is a good friend with a warm heart. Muchos gracias Amigo!We're going to share every detail about our Spain vacation with you patient :)

And a last note for the cute waiter in Tapas Bar in MareMagnum , if he could be able to read it(well that's another story we're going to tell you): me gustarìa conocerte mejor , escríbanos por favor...

August 28, 2005

Gay Bed and Breakfast in Paris


Bed & Breakfast is situated at the historical Place de la République, in the 3th area of Paris, at the edge of Le Marais, the gay center of Paris.
Hosts are a young gay couple of French and Dutch nationality. They speak French, Dutch, English, and are always willing to give you suggestions and directons of where to go for side seeing, dinner, clubbing and other entertainment and are happy to share their knowledge of historical facts and interesting anekdotes about various places and times in beautiful Paris and Le Marais.

The offered accommodation has a surface of about 12m2 and contains a double kingsize bed, a little sitting corner and television with video. Two double doors give access to a long balcony, overlooking the Place de la République.
The room comes with a private bathroom with shower and bath, and a separate private guest toilet. Towels are provided.
The breakfast is self made. However, they provide the guests with coffee and tea facilities, a diversity of bread, confiture and orange juice.

Our friends Rob & Yann(the hosts) sent us an e-mail about B&B. They also started a blog today called "Beautiful".

Well holidays in Paris sounds very romantic. If you stay in République we bet it'll double your romanticism. We already began to make some plans about a trip to Paris after seeing République.


August 27, 2005

Casual in Barcelona!


Countdown to Barcelona...we are going to leave for Barcelona on Friday. Couldn't wait to see the city , friends and Edu...

August 23, 2005

WANTED....Robinson Guy....alive


Actually he is everywhere...on the newspapers , magazines , billboards.This is an ad photo of Robinson Club . He's extremely hot. Anyone knows who he is ? We are thinking seriously to travel to Robinson Clubs in Southern Turkey , find him(surely throw that bitch to the sea) and take off that tiny trunk , give him the comfort he wants and...