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August 25, 2006

A Brand New Turkish Snack...Murat Boz

Every week we are gonna try to inform you about Turkish Pop Culture includes design , music , fashion , photography etc. with the collaboration of our blogmate So Slowly. So Slowly is the perfect example of a blog that reflects the popular culture from our home country and abroad.
Mb02 Let us introduce you Murat Boz...a pop singer whose debut single "Aski Bulamam Ben" has just arrived.He is 26 , working in music industry for a long time as a back singer of most of the Turkish Pop Stars...He's the back singer of Tarkan for five years!He has a very nice voice , he can dance well and he is extremely hot! We first saw his music video on TV couple of weeks ago ; we had no idea who he was and the concept of the video was a Peep-show ; he was singing his song in the middle of a room that surrounded with windows , there were hot girls behind the windows and he was singing while undressing!!Actually the end of the video was a bit disappointment , he didn't undress enough!That's why we are waiting for his second video impatiently just like trying to sleep again when a horny dream interrupted...For more pictures of him check So Slowly.


August 07, 2006

(Ha)Luk Piyes

Haluk aka Luk is a new generation Turkish actor from Cologne /Germany. His acting career is not a huge one yet , he's taking the steps slowly but very strong. First of all he is already a fabulous actor. He took classes from Actors Studio. He starred in five movies and now he's everywhere in Turkey because of his new TV Series..."Fake Princess".
He's 31 years old at the moment. As all the Turkish hotties , his photos(especially the naked ones) are impossible to find on the internet but as far as we can see from a swimming pool scene at the TV Series , he has a fit and a hot body.
As a Law School Graduaute and an actor his acting career started in 1997 in a German TV-Film called "Mädchenfalle". After some more TV-Films for various German TV Channels , his first acting performance on big screen was in a German Gangster movie called "Kanak Attack" in 2000.He played some leading parts in four other more movies , then came back to Turkey for a TV-Series...

March 22, 2006

Every year since 1640 Turkey’s best wrestlers – men and boys – have gathered for their national championships on a grassy field near the capitol of the old Ottoman Empire (Edirne). The tournament is called “Kirkpinar,” or “Forty Springs,” in honor of a 17th Century wrestling  legend.Nearly 1,000 barefoot athletes compete, oiled up and stripped to the waist. The all-out style and the oiled trunks go back to the world-famous Janissaries, an elite fraternity of body guards to the Imperial Sultans. The modern stadium is located on the former site of the Sultan’s palace, and Turkey’s president crowns the champions.For three days the field is crowded with simultaneous matches in eleven divisions, ranging from school kids to forty-year-old masters. The sun is hot, but the fights are long.(Source)
Oil01 Oil02
Earlier , we've made a post about A Turkish Wrestler bringing a suit against British photographer Terry George. For this post we've gotten some accusing comments and e-mails for betraying our traditional/national sport and introducing the Turkish wrestlers as gay people to the world! Well all we tried to say was this is an "eye-candy sport" for gay men. Just look at these pictures and tell us we're wrong!
Oil03 Oil04
Oil05 Oil06
And have you ever wondered what do they do at home?? After the jump...

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January 25, 2006

Mr.Ripley on the Ferry!

Well well , Istanbul is still snowy and the most comfortable way from work to home is Bosphorus. As you all know sometimes we saw nice things on the way home. Well yesterday was the day. Younger version of Matt Damon was sitting next to us with his girlfriend. And we shoot them with our Casual Cell phone....

And now...Casual in Istanbul proudly presents : Mr.Ripley on the Ferry

November 29, 2005

A Depressive Monday and a hottie on the ferry AGAIN!


It was a depressive Monday night and guess what? We saw another cute boy who seems like a basketball player going back home after training. He was tall , fresh and firm ; with a cute face. We sat next to him and took all the risks just to share with you that cutie. You'll see a very non-action short clip but all the excitement about that is , it's real and candid!...And now Casual in Istanbul proudly presents...Basketball on the Ferry.

Click here to view the short clip

Ferry01 Ferry02 Ferry03 Ferry04

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November 10, 2005

Guess Who's Back?!


Well , He's Ilhan Mansiz ; Turkey's famous football player. He did great works in Turkish National Team in 2002 World Cup. People used to call him Beckham of Turkey , he has lots of Japanese fans , his nickname is Samourai. He left Besiktas to play in Japan but he had some unfortunate accident during a game and couldn't play long there , he went to Germany for the cure and now he's back in Turkey and plays for Ankaragucu F.C. First time on Turkish TVs , a football player is in a women pantiliners commercial...with a hot Brazilian model...Mansiz01 Mansiz02

You're just a click away for more(!)of him...

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November 08, 2005

Keremcem in B&W


Keremcem is 28 ; a singer and an actor from sunny Southern Turkey. He has a real nice voice and a cute face and a great body. He has the leading role in a TV serie called "Ask Oyunu/Love Game" and without a doubt he has lots of teen girl fans(also teen boys and not teen anymore boys too :)


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You know him from here as well as in Il Bagno di Turco(Steam Bath/Hamam). Still hot and yummy in an Italian movie called "L'Italiano". A Ennio de Dominicis movie about illegal Albanian immigrants in Italy. We saw the movie last year(not a good movie actually) but it's obvious that we've missed a very important part(!)during a love scene...Just a click away... :P

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October 22, 2005

A Little Bit of Freedom

Baran (Cagdas Bozkurt) is a Kurdish boy from Turkey whose relatives have helped him to come to Germany after the death of his parents. His asylum application was rejected just shy of his sixteenth birthday. No stranger to hard work, he survives by running errands for a Turkish fast-food restaurant, which take him from the finest apartments to the lowest clip joints - confronting him with the district’s many realities.
Not until Baran encounters the seventeen-year old Chernor(Leroy Delmor)- also an illegal and stateless immigrant – does his life gain impetus. The two are drawn together. But while Chernor tries to finance his future by dealing drugs, Baran’s past catches up with him…


Kleine Freiheit/A Little Bit of Freedom(2003) is a very good and a touching movie about two young illegal immigrant boys. It's a very catchy plot and makes you think a lot even after it ended. Besides Cagdas and Leroy are hot as hell. During the film you always want to see them both naked and in same bed...well they don't let you down ;)

Highly Recommended...

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October 21, 2005

Casual on a Manhunt!


A Turkish Model; Tolgahan Sayisman has won this year's Manhunt in South Korea. He's 24 , a graduate student and a model in Turkey ,France and Italy. After winning the Manhunt he signed for Mercedes-Benz/Asia add campaign. No more words , just look at the hotties around the world...


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October 15, 2005

A Casual Friday and a hottie on the ferry!


It was a casual Friday...worked hard , checked time every 10 minutes...we met at the ferryport to go back to asian side to home. A beautiful weather ; warm and clear , Istanbul's spectacular view during sunset...then we noticed there was somebody else who also enjoying the weather and the view. He was a hot teen with a cute face and a shy attitude. We followed him all the way to home in ferry. Thanks to 3G cell phones ; we captured something to share with you guys. Well it isn't a high quality video but at least you can enjoy his shyness as well as we did...


Watch the short clip!

If I wasn't that shy , i'd tell "f*ck-off to those two old perverts 

July 27, 2005


Scan0024 Kivanc_tatlitug_5_max

Kivanc Tatlitug is 2002 Best Model of the World from Turkey. He's a nice and totally straight guy from Adana. But as you can see he's hot and already has a good career in fashion. You can see him in Fall Winter 2003 ads of Morgan.He began his acting career recently in a Turkish TV series called "Gumus(Silver)".




July 21, 2005

Mehmet Gunsur

Mehmet02 Mehmet Gunsur...a former DJ , he's a very well-known actor. He lives in Rome and do some movies and series for T.V. We first saw him on Hamam , a Turkish-Italian co-production. Movie's director Ferzan Ozpetek had discovered Mehmet and thanks to him gave him an in the closet gay part .Hot  water , steam and Mehmet and nothing but a piece of cloth called "pestemal" on his hot body...just imagine!Do yourself a favour and rent/buy this movie on DVD!!Hamam03

Back to the subject ; he's now hotter and a better actor.


July 17, 2005

The nicest thing on the way to Istanbul!!


Recently we've mentioned about how bad our trip from Antalya to Istanbul well there were few good things also...In a place near Istanbul the bus stopped for some rest and we saw that gorgeous waiter who brought us some drinks ; we still had our camera in our back-pack so we decided to take some photos of him.  He seems very HOT and innocent. If one of us had any connections with George Duroy , we'd love to call him and offer that waiter for "Frisky Summer 5 : Waiter"(lol)

Just because of him we had tons of liquid :))