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August 25, 2006

Murat Sargın - Photographer

Murat Sargın is a fashion/portrait photographer from Istanbul.He's doing lots of photoshoots with Turkey's top models for fashion magazines , also he's well-known with his album sleeve photographs...Click here for more info.
Casual in Istanbul/So Slowly

June 17, 2006

Rolling Stone Türkiye

Finally , Rolling Stone Magazine in Turkish! Yes there are too many music magazines in Turkey but they are far from being satisfactory. Rolling Stone Turkiye on the shelves with three different covers as a collectors' issue. We picked the one with Mor ve Otesi(our favorite alternative rock band from Turkey) on the cover. The magazine has exactly the same quality with the US version. Tons of interesting articles , interviews with the bands and breath-taking photos...
Rollingstone01 Well , while writing about photos and Mor ve Otesi , the lead singer of the group : Harun is really hot , he has a nice voice and a certain point of the view to the world we live in. We love their songs ; there are very few bands here that the lyrics and the melody match together perfectly and combining with the high musical levels of the members.Their latest album Buyuk Dusler just hit the market and one of the best selling alt. rock albums ever...

March 14, 2006

Rafael Navarro Duran : El Toreador

Cenk Gencdis is a 33 year-old photographer from Istanbul. He has several National/International awards in photography. His latest project was Rafael : Matador...He took photos of an 18 year old Catalan boy/Torreador. The photos are breath-taking so the boy is.
"...i go upstairs to room 104 , the door is open.Two young matadors are dressing up for an hour later fight.Rafael's coming out of the shower...fully naked..."OMG sounds really kinky!
Well if you're a frequent reader from a long time you must know how we love everything about Spain , especially about Barcelona. And this boy really rocks.
We'd love to be his "ayudante" *!!
Ayudante is a personal dresser for the matadors who helps for everything(!!) while they're getting dress.

January 23, 2006

Nihat Odabasi

Nihat Odabasi was born in Urfa , 1968...He started his professional career as a copywriter in a multinational advertising agency and later as a photographer in 1999.He has photographed many Turkish and international celebrities such as Tarkan , Elizabeth Hurley and Heidi Klum...Well he really has an artistic eye of human form , and we love his works with male models.
Unfortunately no reverse angle of this...we're curious what kind of beauty lies behind that LV bag?? Totalimage

For more information visit Nihat Odabasi website...

January 07, 2006



Turkish female photographer Bennu Gerede has reflected the femininity of clothes and drapes on a hot guy with masculine attitude on January issue of DISHY Magazine. Italian hunk model Da Veiga undressed , then dressed up for this session and the result is perfect!

Mirror_bw  Mirror_smoke

Men in dress...sounds like a queen , but surely not for this guy. We think those fancy dresses expose his masculinity more...

Mirror_red  Mirror_marilyn  Mirror_reddress

Well these dresses are nice but we prefer to see him with less clothes on!


October 22, 2005

Kenan Yarar


Kenan Yarar is Turkey's one of the best known comic artists. Works for Lombak ; the best selling monthly comic magazine in Turkey. He recently published a book under the title "Hilal (Crescent)" about a naughty highschool girl who's been desired by Satan itself. Kenan is very good at drawing teen girls but after we got his book , we found out that he's good at teen boys too...