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September 02, 2006

Lord of the Flies is a thought-provoking novel authored by William Golding in 1954. The book describes in detail the horrific exploits of a band of young children who make a striking transition from civilized to barbaric.The book shows that man is inherently tied to society, and without it, we would likely return to savagery.Well we would like to thank to Out Magazine for saving us from that pessimistic outlook and showing us what really happens when a band of teenage boys are stranded in the woods?Something delicious has happened that made us said "Oh Gorgeous Lords , we are your humble flies..." Photography by Cass Bird / Styling by Anda & Masha
Behind the scenes photos after the jump...

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August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Steph!


Missed the Casual Vacation Photos??Are you sad??Don't be...Click the links below to view each parts...
Part1 Part2
ps. All of the photographs in those posts have been taken by Ali & Mehmet...they are hot and REAL!

Anthony Boccaccio

Anthony Boccaccio began his career with National Geographic Magazine in 1971. Since then, his camera has taken him to over thirty countries in as many years. Boccaccio's very first photograph was of a man, the figure of Hercules in the Orion constellation. He was 13 years old and had just purchased his first camera, a Mark IV plastic box camera. The first male nude photograph was in 1976, in the Mohave desert.In 1978 he began Dreams, portfolio of color images taken directly from his own dream diaries. Black and white photography of the male nude came late in his career and in 1992 he began creating a series of fine art portfolios on various themes. The sensual for Boccaccio is more interesting visually than the erotic. Though no one could deny that this collection of beautiful bodies calls forth a certain erotic tone, it is an echo of innocence and purity.


"Swimsuit Models Wrestling" is a hot name for a website!Well if you add a sentence like "Looking for two Speedo models who wrestled in highschool for a filmed speedo wrestling match" under that title the temperature will rise a bit more...
Ok , still not enough?? Add some pictures of a hot twink in your attention?Come on people you still want more???Eat this!
It seems that someone is trying to start a new video series with young wrestlers who will fight in speedos. Maybe we have to check back in a few weeks to see what will be there.
Via Wrestling Blog

August 30, 2006

2 in 1

The hot football player from Serbia&Montenegro ; Mateja Kezman is now playing for Fenerbahce FC. He is 27 , a father. And he is really hot!We are following his hot body career since he was playing for PSV Eindhoven FC.No more words or stats about him...just enjoy him(with his shirt on or off...that's up to you!) ;)


Marat Izmailov , born ,September 21 1982 is a football player currently playing in the Russian League for FC Lokomotiv Moskva . He is a midfielder and wears the number 7 shirt.
Having made his international debut aged just 18, he has gone on to make 26 appearances for the russian National Team and was a member of the Russian Squad at the 2002 World Cup Finals. One of the most talented(and the cutest) Russian players of his generation, he is pacy and has the ability to beat defenders(he can beat anything he wants with that looks), but can also shoot from distance(wow). He usually plays in the hole behind the strikers or sometimes as a winger. Promoted from Lokomotiv Moscow B-team to the starting lineup of the National team in 6 months.

August 25, 2006

Part 2

They came with their ship and enslaved us...that was the best slavery ever :P Here are Pirates of Mediterranean from Russia...
Two brothers...they look very innocent but if you guys were there with us and saw how they acted in the sea...all that wrestling , fighting and stuff with their hot and wet bodies...OMG ,even just remembering them is not good for our old hearts!!!LOL.There are more of them...
Here and after the jump!
And this one...he was a real piece of art! You guys should appreciate that how hard it was for us to take these photos without taking a bite :P There is one more of him....a seductive should definitely take a look at!
And have you missed Part 1??? It's still HERE

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Murat Sargın - Photographer

Murat Sargın is a fashion/portrait photographer from Istanbul.He's doing lots of photoshoots with Turkey's top models for fashion magazines , also he's well-known with his album sleeve photographs...Click here for more info.
Casual in Istanbul/So Slowly

A Brand New Turkish Snack...Murat Boz

Every week we are gonna try to inform you about Turkish Pop Culture includes design , music , fashion , photography etc. with the collaboration of our blogmate So Slowly. So Slowly is the perfect example of a blog that reflects the popular culture from our home country and abroad.
Mb02 Let us introduce you Murat Boz...a pop singer whose debut single "Aski Bulamam Ben" has just arrived.He is 26 , working in music industry for a long time as a back singer of most of the Turkish Pop Stars...He's the back singer of Tarkan for five years!He has a very nice voice , he can dance well and he is extremely hot! We first saw his music video on TV couple of weeks ago ; we had no idea who he was and the concept of the video was a Peep-show ; he was singing his song in the middle of a room that surrounded with windows , there were hot girls behind the windows and he was singing while undressing!!Actually the end of the video was a bit disappointment , he didn't undress enough!That's why we are waiting for his second video impatiently just like trying to sleep again when a horny dream interrupted...For more pictures of him check So Slowly.


August 24, 2006

Part 1

Our summer vacations are always good for relaxing , tanning , partying and stuff...but they are also a nice source for Casual in Istanbul. Our destination was the southern part of our country : Mediterranean shores where tons of hot guys from Russia and from eastern European countries lay down on the beach.On our first days we generally just look around and explore , finding some targets(lol...sounds like safari).Then the harder part comes...time for shooting. With cameras and sometimes with cell phones...
Here is Part One : Hidden or not...for your viewing pleasure ;)
Wetandhot01 Wetandhot02
This one was a tough work...he is a Russian boy in his early as hell!But always around with his family and a very protective older brother. We waited and waited till our last day then Mehmet lost all his patience and took those photos of him by the pool...
Wetandhot03 Wetandhot04 Wetandhot05
This is P. We became friends with him. He is a really nice guy from Switzerland. He is working as a bartender/model! A big guy with a hot body and a very warm smile. He had some naked photos of himself in his cell phone and he promised to send the hi-res ones to us via e-mail...
Wetandhot06 Wetandhot07
And some random can see the larger ones by clicking on them.
Wait for Part Two...very soon...

August 23, 2006


Alternative Holidays Events are a direct response to the diversity of gay community. We are all different. We have different tastes, different ideas about what we want to do and where we want to go. Fulfilling those different expectations is what Alternative Holidays is all about. This year's event takes place in the stunning resort of Bodrum ; Queen of the Aegean Sea - in exotic Turkey. A truly inspiring location!
We have been in Bodrum several times ; besides it's incredible climate , turquoise sea ; the city is 24/7 pure of the best ones in whole Europe...We hardly recommend to all of you guys. You can relax, explore, take time off, shop, be yourself, meet guys from around the world and party till you drop - it's your choice and it's in a completely safe, open environment, with staff primed to grant your every wish. Sounds like heaven?From 24th of September , to 1st of October...
Don't be late and book here!

August 22, 2006


Hey Guys , we're back finally...but as usual we left our brains , hearts and eyes there!!10 days of fun , sun , sea , sex and eye candies ;it's really hard to come back to Istanbul. After spending really good time together 24 hours a day ; today Mehmet began working and i already missed him while doing the laundry all by myself(sigh)...Gotta go now but no worries , we're gonna share the hot stuff with you asap!

August 10, 2006

Holiday Break


August 07, 2006

(Ha)Luk Piyes

Haluk aka Luk is a new generation Turkish actor from Cologne /Germany. His acting career is not a huge one yet , he's taking the steps slowly but very strong. First of all he is already a fabulous actor. He took classes from Actors Studio. He starred in five movies and now he's everywhere in Turkey because of his new TV Series..."Fake Princess".
He's 31 years old at the moment. As all the Turkish hotties , his photos(especially the naked ones) are impossible to find on the internet but as far as we can see from a swimming pool scene at the TV Series , he has a fit and a hot body.
As a Law School Graduaute and an actor his acting career started in 1997 in a German TV-Film called "Mädchenfalle". After some more TV-Films for various German TV Channels , his first acting performance on big screen was in a German Gangster movie called "Kanak Attack" in 2000.He played some leading parts in four other more movies , then came back to Turkey for a TV-Series...

August 02, 2006

See the Stars they're shining bright...

It's over again...after months of waiting with excitement it ended in almost two hours.17,000 Turkish fans shouted , sang the songs , waved hands...No need for fancy words this is Depeche Mode and they were great as they always be.The show was at one of the greatest spots of Istanbul : between Bosphorus and the trees. The atmosphere was great(we don't want to mention the Organisation Company sucked).Oh god it's too hard to wait for another five years.

What's new at Brent Corrigan Online?


One More Time with Jason

Jason has a special place on Casual in Istanbul , we couldn't help ourselves to make a post about him when we saw something new...After two motion pictures(Starsky& Hutch and A Cinderella Story)where he played a hot dancer as well and Kylie's Showgirl Tour he was vanished. Now the announcement of Kylie's coming back with Showgirl Homecomig Tour  , he is back on the track!These photos are shocking...male strippers...
We have no idea what is this for ?Anyone has any idea? All we know is every single stripper except Jason doesn't care to take off everything. Besides we think he doesn't have to...he is extremely hot already and our hearts aren't strong enough to see him without his clothes!
Related::Jason...not so casual this time :: Jason Beitel...casual this time

July 27, 2006

Karaoke in Istanbul!

Klub Karaoke , Istanbul's one and only club for karaoke lovers is now open in Taksim.Has four different concept rooms : 3 of them are for reservations (Tokyo , Fetish and Zoo) , you can make reservation and have fun all nite with your friends. Central room is open to everybody for hanging out at the bar , have fun with karaoke and for happy hours...The place has special nights such as Turkish Night , 80's Nİght and Pink Freud Night (a special GLBT event).

Hugo Vieira

We've seen this guy months ago in GQ Magazine.Unfortunately there wasn't any information about the model in the mag not even his name...So we kept GQ for further investigations ;) Ta daa: here he is...Hugo Vieira.We still have no idea where he is from but his stats are delightful as you can see in the photos.185 cm height with dark brown hair , brown eyes and a breath taking body.
I won't tell anything more(actually these are the only things i know about him)just look at the photos they tell everything ;)

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July 26, 2006

Countdown to the Angels!

Depeche Mode Concert in Istanbul will be on this Sunday...we're extremely happy and impatient. We got our backstage passes and ready to meet the band!Till then a tribute to Depeche Mode...a hottie singing Somebody...he is a real eye candy...just ignore the guitar skills and voice ;)