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July 18, 2006

This is Brent's birthday present for Casual in Istanbul(ok , that's a cool beginning but inside we're yelling , screaming and crying like teenage girls at Justin Timberlake concert!!)We've sent an e-mail to Brent recently and asked if he could send us a birthday present for our 1 year old lovebaby;)Here it is...And here are the nice words from him for Casual in Istanbul.
Birthday01 Birthday02 
This is the nicest  greatest hottest present we ever get. Thanks Brent  , for being so kind and sweet.
The image below is a pathway that will lead you to a magical place , you will leave all the sorrow and problems behind...
Brent is a dear friend and a really sweet guy. This nice gesture he made for us is a proof that how much he cares about his friends.To Avoid any unpleasent comments which will offend him and make him upset , comments are moderated by Casual in Istanbul. Your comment will be published after we have approved it.



Hey Guys, I put your link up last night. Hope you still celebrating! Ciao, John

Everybody should get a card like this for their birthday. I know I would love one! Especially if it was life-size!

Hey guys! It was my pleasure to do these pictures for all of you over here.

I toy with the idea of doing cards and all kinds of merch. Much of that stuff takes time I really don't have right away. I've got my hands full with boys these days!

I hope to see a good product line within the next 6 months though.

Thanks for the great response!

Hi Guys I think Brent should start a line of Birthday Cards! What do you guy's think? If he decides to, Casual In Istanbul will have been the inspiration! ;)

YAY brent!! :) Your an awesome guy.

gosh! such a personalised persent!

Happy birthday to you too!

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