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July 08, 2006

Edgar Javier by Terry George

This fine looking specimen of man is Edgar Javier , our dear friend Terry George spotted him whilst at Gran Canaria Pride earlier this year.Edgar works as a dancer.Recently he won Mr. Gay Gran Canaria which means he will compete in the European final hoping to win Mr. Gay Europe.
Edgar01 Edgar02 Edgar03 Edgar04
Terry is one of the best photographers in Europe and he's very sweet to send these pictures of Edgar for us to post. He is also Editor-In-Chief of British Gay Magazine Bent. And Edgar is on the cover of the magazine. Oh!One more thing : almost one year ago , when we decided to begin Casual in Istanbul , first thing we did was creating a header for the blog...and the infamous "kissing couple"on the header is a Terry George photography.Thank you Terry for being such a sweetheart...
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they are very hot ! i can't imagine that i can have a date with them.

they are very hot ! i can't imagine that i can have a date with them.

they are very hot ! i can't imagine that i can have a date with them.

Very sexy! = )

This guy is really hot! sean likes him more than i do since i gave him an 8.5 (Sean gave him a 9.25). but we both agree that the pictures taken by Terry are super sexy and very well taken, he is def one of the best.

-david and sean

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